20 points: How to save Sweden, Germany and France

20 points: How to save Sweden
By: 10News
These 20 points may sound radical to the average West European, but they are actually old news. They are basically a mixture of Israeli security policy, Australian immigration policy and Central and East European policies on Islam.
West European countries need to built up real capacity to uphold and enforce safety and law everywhere in the country.
1) Mandatory military service for 1 year for all law-abiding male citizens with an education of two years or more (Israel has 2.8 years for non-Muslim men, 2 years for non-Muslim women).
2) Police, military and the National Guard must be strengthened greatly, and thousands of new prison cells needs to be built (likeA�France).
3) The military should assist the police in connection with raids, terror, unrests or serious threats. Soldiers should be posted on vulnerable areas (like inA�BelgiumA�andA�France).
4) Soldiers and police officers should be allowed to carry a conceiled weapon in public in their sparetime and use it to protect citizens against violence and physical threats (a light version ofA�IsraeliA�gun laws).

5) Self-supporting, law-abiding citizens with no connection to criminal gangs or radicals who passes a theoretical test in the country’s language on democracy and human rights and regular shooting tests (cost of tests should be paid by applicant) and who have passed military service without remarks should be allowed to own a weapon and use it for self defence in their own home.

6) The countries should seek agreements with neighbouring countries that can assure military assistance in case of formal declaration of civil war or reconquesting of seceded areas (eg. self-declared caliphates).
7) Curfew in no go-zones.
8) Increased physical surveillance (cameras, drones, automatic facial recognition) in no-go zones and strengthening of police and military intelligence.
Immigration laws
West European countries needs to radically change immigation laws to stop the inflow of people from non-democratic cultures and religions:
9) Immediate stop any non-Western immigration (incl. refugees and family reunifications), except for migrants having a contract on a well-paid work, can speak and write English and a basic level of the country’s language on entering (language tests paid by applicant).
10) Establish strict and permanent border control of all travellers.
11) No social benefits to non-citizens.
12) Non-citizens (including criminals with dual citizenship) committing crimes should be deported immediately (possibly to outsourced prisons or to a safe area rented in eg. the Third World).
13) All illegals must be deported and refugees relocated to safe areas abroad (likeA�AustraliaA�does it).
14) Immigrants having obtained recidence/permanent recidence but who is not integrated (language, self-supporting, law-abiding) should lose their recidence. Same goes for immigrants with dual citizenship who are not integrated.
Laws on Islam
Jihad, barbarous punishments, inequality between the sexes, violent persecution ofA�kafirsA�(non-Muslims), orders to physically fight man-made law (democracy and human rights) in order to establish the brutal Islamic law is all in the Islamic sharia. Without sharia, Islam is a peaceful faith religion, and not an imperialistic and genocidal political movement.
15) We must outlaw sharia (which the European Court of Human Rights hasA�deemedA�in conflict with democracy and human rights), any mosque or Islamic organisation that does not publicly and pro-actively reject any kind of sharia should be closed and its leaders and followers prosecuted. Entry ban on Islamic preachers and followers of Islamic organisations that is not rejecting sharia.
16) Any type of Islamization of the public must be stopped and rolled back. No islamic teachings or books in prisons.
17) Cancellation of citizenship and deportation (possibly to prisons or rented areas abroad) of people committing, planning or supporting terrorism.
18) No foreign funding of religious organisations and only preaching in the country’s own language (for better integration and easier surveillance).
19) Only state-approve Islamic literature (cleansed of the hundred of verses calling for criminal actions and promotion of criminal values) should be used in mosques and other Islamic places that publicly invites Muslims to worship.
20) Ban on halal, Islamic schools, and of religious symbols (including Islamic veils) in all places of learning (schools etc.) and public workplaces. Religious face-covering in public should be banned.

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  1. No muslims should have ever been allowed into Denmark or any European country. I think it is sad that people today are so ignorant of the past. The muslims have murdered and raped 250 million people in the past 1000 years. Remember? No you dont remember. Remember the muslims attacking Iceland in 1627? Took Danes to Algiers and sold them into slavery and raped them until they were dead. Boys and Girls. You are passive, and certainly do not appreciate Peace and what it takes to keep Peace. Muslims have never done one positive thing for the planet and never will. Muslims are hate filled disgusting people that want one thing- everyone dead. Wake up and deport every muslim out. If you feel guilty doing this then spend 1 trillion dollars and build them a new city in Syria and move them there while they laugh all the way to the bank. Take Syria’s Oil to pay for the new city.

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