Constitutional expert: Merkel breaks the law by opening the borders

Translated from The European:

Angela Merkel’s opening of Germany’s borders is a historical breach of the law. The eagerly awaited legal opinion of the constitutional lawyer Udo di Fabio shook political Berlin. …

The report is a hard blow for Angela Merkel. The constitutional lawyer Udo di Fabio comes to a shattering conclusion after legal examination of the current migration crisis: The federal government breaks the constitution. The report states: “Constitutional law obliges the Confederation to resume effective controls of the Federal Border if the common European border security and immigration system is temporarily or permanently disrupted”.

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  1. Well Why the f*ck have they not done a Ceausescu on her Bolshevik ass? There needs to be a purge there that would make Stalin blush.

  2. There’s a simple, easy solution..come autumn the German people can simply vote Merkel and her evil CDU out..but they won’t.

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