55 percent of Americans have “unfavourable” view of Islam

57 percentA�of Germans think that Islam is “threatening or very threatening to German society.”

A PEW poll from 2011 (before Islamic State) shows that “Europeans believe their relations with Muslims are bad: France (62%), Germany (61%), Spain (58%) and Britain (52%).A�The poll also shows that most Europeans believe Muslims in their countries do not want to integrate: Germany (72%), Spain (69%), France (54%) and Britain (52%).A�The Pew survey shows that almost 60% of Europeans believe Muslims are “fanatical,” 50% believe they are “violent” and only 22% believe they are “respectful of women.” In response to the question “Which religion is most violent?” 90% of French say Islam, as do 87% of Spaniards, 79% of Germans and 75% of Britons. The poll also shows that more than two-thirds of Germans (73%), Britons (70%), French (68%) and Spanish (61%) are worried about Islamic extremists in their countries.”

And the aversion against Islam is not because of “Islamophobia”. It is because of Islamonausea.

Via Huffington Post:

“Overall, 55 percent of Americans had either a somewhat or very unfavorable view of Islam, while one in four said they were not sure how they viewed the faith. Just 7 percent said they had a very favorable view of the religion, and 14 percent said they saw it somewhat favorably.”

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