63 percent of Germans: “Islam does not belong in Germany”

(Graph above: From the survey published in Die Welt)

a�? Surveys: Majority of Europeans is against spread of Islam
a�? Survey: a billion Muslims want Sharia law
a�? Study on a�?Muslims in Germanya�?: 94 percent is against integration, 24 percent of young Muslims inclined to violence, 51 percent think Islam will prevail on Earth
a�? 55 percent of Americans have a�?unfavourablea�? view of Islam
a�? Austria: Only 7 percent think a�?Islam is part of Austriaa�?
a�? Holland: 60 percent feel a�?threateneda�? by Islam, only 5 percent open to having contact to Muslims

Translated from Welt:

Does Islam Belong in Germany? No, say two thirds of Germans – even though millions of people of Muslim faith live in Germany. According to a representative survey conducted by the Institute for Allensbach only 22 percent think that Islam belongs in Germany.

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