Denmark: Muslims who whipped woman in face with iron chains laughs in court

Denmark: Muslims who whipped woman in face with iron chains laughs in court

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More descriptions of the attack here. The attackers are “second generation immigrants” (a ‘Danish euphemism for Muslims) – several of the Somalis.

(Nanna Skovman, 23 years, after the attack.)

(Nanna Skovman, 23 years, after the attack.)


Translated from EB:

“Accoording to the indictment the assault began at approximately. 00.10 at Vesterbro in Copenhagen night of Christmas Day as Mads Schøllhammer received a major blow to the head with a glass bottle that splintered.

Then he received several blows to the head with a chain lock and wire lock and the accused gave him ‘countless’ punches and kicks to the head and body. Mads Schøllhammer fell down, but the defendants continued to beat him in the head and body with fists and the chain lock, and they kicked him on the body and head.

Then the four youths pushes Nanna Skovmand to the ground and beats her ‘several’ times in the head with the chain lock.”

Translated from EB:

There were both laughing and high fives when a group of young men today sat in the court, accused of a serious assault on Nanna Skovman and Mads Schøllhammer at Christmas night.

A few times during the reading of the indictment the defendants broke out in laughter – partly because conditions around the vandalism was read. …

According to 23-year-old Nanna Skovmand the four defendants started the attack by beating her boyfriend as they were walking in Vesterbro at Christmas night.

As she tried to interupt the attack, the group went berserk at her and struck with both chains and wire locks. She was also knocked down and kicked.”

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  1. Shaniqua mohamed April 22, 2015 at

    Muslims own Denmark now.

    • G Mane April 23, 2015 at

      What a primitive & mindless religion with a dark age dogma. Islam is pathetic, worshipping a fallen angel.

      • Nij May 1, 2015 at


        • Joe June 17, 2015 at

          That’s right. Much evidence supports a Satanic root to Muhammad’s channeling of “Allah”. Surprised to see this comment as not many people know about this. As far as I can tell, Islam is just Satanism in disguise. Lucifer’s chess move against Christianity.

          • Doug L September 25, 2015 at

            100% correct

          • Mark January 6, 2016 at

            Your no Englishman your a Nigger

          • Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at

            NO, NO AND NO!!!!!!!

            Atheism is just Satanism in Disguise.

            Conservatism is just Satanism in Disguise.

            GO DIE!!!!, YOU FUCKING ISLAMOPHOBIC PIG!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!.

          • me May 16, 2016 at

            What about learning to write first!!!

          • TERRY HARRIS June 18, 2016 at


        • Greg January 16, 2016 at

          You speak as though Christianity’s roots arent just as bloody. Its believed that over 7 million people were killed just during the Inquisitions and Crusades in the name of “God”. All religion is a crock of shit designed to control the masses and rob them blind in the process.

          • C. Rodriguez - Madrid January 17, 2016 at

            over 7 million people and more were killed since Muhammad in Mecca in the seventh century to the fifteenth century to built the Arab empire in Asia, Africa and Europe. In Spain were killed millions during the occupation of almost 800 years. the comparison is not possible

          • Robert Hutchings January 17, 2016 at

            Little bit of perspective needed here

            1) Islam is responsible for over 270 million deaths since 632ad
            2) The crusades only started after nearly 500 years of Islamic invasions, slaughter, enslavement and church burning.
            3) The Spanish Inquisitions were Spains way of removing the Islamic forces that had invaded the country.

          • Jo January 23, 2016 at

            None of that has any bearing on this particular situation.

          • Suzy Que January 24, 2016 at

            Greg, that comment is monumentally ignorant. The Crusades were a reaction to islamic incursions. No equivalence at all.

          • Sandy January 25, 2016 at

            100% wrong
            Crusades lasted for centuries, fewer people died, than last year by islamics.

          • Jerry February 19, 2016 at

            You leave out a lot of information in your delusional counterpoint.
            1.) The crusades were a response FOUR HUNDRED YEARS in the making to Muslim aggression! That’s right, 400 yerars of slaughter, raping, pillaging before the Christians even responded!
            I’d say they “turned the other cheek” quite enough! Pick up a history book sometime, it’ll do you good.
            2.) Christianity went through a REFORMATION, and moved away from stone-aged behaviors such as, stoning adulterers, beheading captives, burning witches, etc.
            Can you say this for Islam?

            You need to take your ultra-liberal talking points, shine them up really pretty, turn them sideways, and insert them squarely up your rectum.

          • John H.Montgomery Jr. February 27, 2016 at

            There were over 500 Jihads before the Crusades. There were 13 crusades over 400 years. Not one was to convert anyone to Christianity, All were for protecting Christians. Churches were use as stables for Mohammed’s horses.Syria, Iran, Jordan, Eygpt, Palestine, Iraq,Turkey was all Greek, and Jews and Christians. 250 million people have been killed by muslims. Millions sold into slavery. they wipe out one town or city, the next town converts.

          • John May 17, 2016 at

            Please don’t talk like an idiot. It makes you look stupid. No one is talking about 500 years ago. We are talking about today. Why are you defending such violent people ?

          • al January 17, 2017 at

            greg go kill yourself.

        • Paul Birkin January 16, 2016 at

          Shut your filthy mouth. You’re just another keyboard commando who’d cack his kecks if he ever met a real man.

          • shots January 17, 2016 at

            Greg is right religion is nothing but an excuse for the evil to do evil in the name of their god…Christianity is just as bad as Islam

        • Jon May 17, 2016 at

          allah is NOT an Angel. It’s the name of the Egyptian moon god. Ra is the sun god.

      • EINHANDER808 July 9, 2015 at

        Without the women YOU ARE NOTHING quite literally how else would YOU be able to make children to continue your HATE… you shame them, beat, rape, and MURDER them (aka honor killing) you nothing but a coward sorry let me rephrase that you are not a man your not EVEN a little boy YOU ARE A NEVER WAS you are in a room with four corners a floor and ceiling with no door to continue your future not even a window to scurry out of your hole… if I were you I would stop what I am doing at this very moment or someone will pay you the same kindness that the girl was shown and believe me YOU WOULD NOT LIKE THAT if you were to come to the U.S.A. you would not survive

      • al January 10, 2016 at

        youre full of shit nigger,fuk gucci mane you homo.

      • Judge dread February 27, 2016 at

        fallen angel? piss off its a fake religion made by a pedophile war monger

      • Kevin "BONES" Brown June 23, 2016 at

        Muslim filth secretly butt fucks each other then blows each other to wash the shit off their gay dicks!!

    • Me April 24, 2015 at

      Don’t be so ridiculous. Muslims don’t own Denmark. All they have are shitty little 3rd world countries. They have never amounted to anything, nor will they. They are sneaky little cowards. The world will unite against them. Jewish, Christians, Buddhist, Hindus, etc side by side.

      • richard June 11, 2015 at

        i believe that muslims do own not just denmark but switzerland as well and are well placed to own most nordic countries by 2020,simply put they are using our culture of live and let live against us

        • Swiss Person January 12, 2016 at

          I highly doubt that. Do you recall the ordeal with the minarets being banned? If it were actually an Islamic owned country, then yes, you would see gentrification take action and a culture and townscape would be lost. The Swiss, French, and British alike have deported many undocumented/illegal immigrants without a second thought. I do not know where you get this rhetoric, but double-check your facts, if you know what a “fact” is. If you are the one stating such frivolous nonsense, no wonder why prejudice still effects the Islamic community.

          • Constance Kendall April 14, 2016 at

            I agree, Sweden Denmark, Finland, Switzerland are lost, they still believe Muslims will work and pay their social retirement.. It’s a fools dream that is going to get them all killed

        • John H.Montgomery Jr. February 27, 2016 at

          Hitler and the King felt the same thing. you own the cities, you own the what happen if you stop letting things in the city, they starve. Stop their welfare checks.

      • Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at


        • Carlin May 16, 2016 at

          What a waste of space you are! You know nothing about history or you would know that everything said against islamists is true.

        • Paul C Hedman May 17, 2016 at

          ha ha what a joke,,, no brain and cant spell correctly… zero IQ

    • g wilders April 24, 2015 at

      Moslims only one the sheep they fuck

    • John derumg April 26, 2015 at

      Muslims come to the west because they are not happy from countries of origin! Once arrived and experience the west, they want the west to become where they are from???? Strange ?? Not happy there not happy in the west?? If you look real hard,, they are not happy ANYWHERE!!! And make everyone miserable!! They do cause problems to other cultures!! So this means they should return back to where they came from and stay MISERABLE there!!! Revoke citizenship of these miserable a holes

    • peterfoster May 2, 2015 at

      I’m definitely not muslim, because im against pre-humane, barbarian, retarded darkages degenerated sh*t.
      but the most similar fashion to islam is : the female’s psyche and behaviour.
      So i want to add this :

      L O L !
      the’s stroing and independent, she can take it, no worries. LOL ! hahah

      • Loretta July 3, 2015 at

        Hey, Peter Foster, you stupid cunt-mouth-boy!

        Did you even read the fucking article, you stupid asshole?!

        She’s not a Muslim, and neither was her boyfriend, and they both more or less had nothing to do with Islam, but Islam insisted on attacking them anyway! They were both MINDING THEIR OWN BUSINESS AND celebrating Christmas when some god-damnable rabid fanatical and psychopathic pig-thug Muzzies viciously attacked and tortured and disfigured both of them!

        But you are too buzy making a joke of all this, laughing-boy, are you?

        You must be either a “radical” (fanatical) Muslim yourself or a homosexual faggot who hates women and likes to see them suffer. Go do what you do best, you Muslim homosexual: go eat a dick and die of Syphilis !!!!!!!!

      • Mike January 16, 2016 at

        Peter Foster what an idiot,

      • Theda Barlow January 23, 2016 at

        Weird, hypocrites… they should be booted back into the middle ages where they belong!

    • Usa visitor May 7, 2015 at

      Last summer I visited Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
      You Scandinavians are too nice. All around me I saw upper class beautiful and nice Scandinavians surrounded by dirty and angry Muslim filth.

      I am surround to say, but every little ugly thing that you have imported in your countries from the middle east you deserve.

      Everything ugly about Islam you have adopted and now is running your streets.

      Once you invite a culture one immigrant at a time, you will never be allowed to cleanse yourself from it no matter how ugly it is.

      There are two ways to conquer a nation and society. First is by war and bullets like Hitler tried.

      The second way is by infiltrating the enemy and using their own laws and freedoms to slowly take over.

      It may take up to 3 generations for Europe to be the next Lebanon, but it eventually will. 3 generations is less than 60 years if these filthy Muslims reproduce at the age of 20.

      I am disgusted as you countries and will never visit again.

      If I wanted to visit mecca I would of gone there directly, I came to visit Scandinavian culture and got a filthy taste of Islam.

      Shame on you for letting Islam rape your culture and heritage, Shame on you.

      The culture who invited a sick culture is more dock than the invited sick culture.

      I have no sympathy for the Scandinavians

      • mary hughes June 9, 2015 at

        peter foster your a born inbred piece of muslim vermin. i hope you get beheaded asap.

        • Constance Kendall April 14, 2016 at

          I feel for their children who never had a chance to see their country clean

      • Mayflower1978 December 28, 2015 at

        Most Violent Country in Europe is Kosovo and Albania and They are Majority Muslim

        70-80% of Albanians are Muslims and They do Drug Dealing, Trafficking, Rape, Prostitution and Abusing Womens

        Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia have the highest murder rate in Europe.

      • Antony Gaffney January 23, 2016 at

        Coming to a state near you soon! Muslims have doubled in number in the UK in 10 years and the majority children being born now in Uk are Muslim too-from 5% of the population more children being generated than from the other 95%. This will be replicated in the USA too increasing Islamic influence as it is in Europe and Uk.

        • John H.Montgomery Jr. February 27, 2016 at

          I doubt that with the increase of muslim voilence the USA. They should have the “creep on” like they did in Europe before they show their hand. It’s planned the over populate as we kill unborn 125,000 daily.Counties don’t get it. They have the police and the military. start kicking people out. No go zones in your own country. how that happen.

    • Bee June 9, 2015 at

      Digusting scum!!!!!!

      • Vini January 11, 2016 at

        I am Albanian and I’m a Christian and I bloody hate what these people are doing to our women you can’t say that !we are civilised people there is maybe a minority that are radical like that but generally even the ones who sell drugs and do prostitution and guns etc are not as nasty as these Muslims are !

    • mary hughes June 9, 2015 at

      mohamed you own nothing. as you must know muslims are the most hated people in the world. millions loath you. im glad islam is dying in the west now we know what your up to. get yourself a job and grow up.,you silly litle person. islam is not a religion its an ideology that only knows hate. there is no peace in islam. your bk tells us exactly what islam is and it is not peace and its not a religion.

    • Mike September 27, 2015 at

      Waiting for you to try it in America. >:) We have people that are much crazier than you Mooslims and very well armed.

    • Hajjii Headhunter December 23, 2015 at

      But in America we would shoot Moslems in the head in such an attack! We all carry guns! We are waiting and ready!

    • Jay January 11, 2016 at

      No they THINK they do, what a good day it will be soon when we throw you muslims out from our countries. Very soon.

    • Basileus January 12, 2016 at

      An example of these sub human scum infesting Europe like a cancer, helped and assisted by corrupt politically correct vermin. timne toi hit back and do unto THEM what they are doing to us.
      The above scuimbag an example

    • Zhandramas January 12, 2016 at

      And your fagget known as Mohammed are a joke and like a dog full of flies..You fucking muslim dogs are dead

    • Zhandramas January 12, 2016 at

      and you are dead soon…you fagget ape

    • crusader January 13, 2016 at

      one day a Nuclear bomb will snap you ragheads out of it that uou dont own shit. Your kind needs to be massacred. Including women and children

    • Something January 13, 2016 at

      Fuck moslims!

    • JoeInSouthernCalifornia January 14, 2016 at

      Cultural suicide right before my eyes. My grandfather, who fought and was wounded in Northern Europe during WWII, is spinning in his grave.

    • david January 16, 2016 at

      Allah is a pig humping camel piss drinking pedophile murder war monger… allah is the dog shit that sticks to ones shoe.he is the shit that pigs excrete every day…he is satan death to islam

    • Fighter January 16, 2016 at

      Why you never try on someone who could give back, ha?

    • Ali's Snackbar January 17, 2016 at

      you wish! The only thing muslim pigs “own” is a retarded brain (pardon the exagiration of the last word…)

    • Lord Lindley January 22, 2016 at

      We will kill all muslims. Our vigilantes are now forming to stop you all. The Crusade has begun?

    • rasmusen nordbane February 1, 2016 at

      I piss on allah and that pathetic excuse of holly book i whipe my ass with it

    • Required February 15, 2016 at

      Muslims own my §£ck,fuckin bastards u all should be locked somewhere.. Have no worries, your time in Europe will end soon,u fuckin cowards,leaving your countries cuz there’s a war and everywhere u only fight women and kids.Fuck you all “moe ham heads”!!!

    • John H.Montgomery Jr. February 27, 2016 at

      They don’t have guns. They own nothing but an ass whipping. The US and British military have been there over 40 years.

    • John H.Montgomery Jr. February 27, 2016 at

      No they don’t. Cut welfare. Plus the British and US military is there

    • belita william May 14, 2016 at

      THis is NOT Islam or Muslum..the Koran teaches respect for Women..children,even animals! it is an ugly idea of Muslums that is simply not true.I lived in Saudi Arabia for 6 years,had a lot of Saudi friends,,if anything,they were protective of their women and spoiled them!!

    • annemarie Mcdonnell May 16, 2016 at

      Pieces of PIG shit< I hope these freaks get killed too, what the hell a few less mussies is best

    • Glenn May 16, 2016 at

      Death to scum and their false prophet

    • John Morrison May 17, 2016 at

      Why dont you come over to the Uk and try that Shit-iqua? You a woman so according your religion you shouldnt even be talking so shut the fuck up dumb bitch.

    • JOHN LANGSTON June 11, 2016 at

      Of course it does….Enjoy your happy thoughts because you wont be happy when your day of reckoning arrives…Pathetic racists

    • Fred June 26, 2016 at

      fuck you. Muslims don’t own shit

    • al January 17, 2017 at

      wake the fuck up you muslim cunt,denmark is still 99% white and we are at the point of slaughteringyour asses for all the problems you are apathetic bunch of beggers and freeloaders who are only tough in large groups otherwise you have your big hook noses stuffed up white asses.have you ever even been to Denmark?no,so don’t make stupid comments its understandable since youre a colored moron.but try not to make it will never own any white country will die by the thousands and be exposed as the fucking cowards you are.

  2. Shaniqua mohamed April 22, 2015 at

    Hey Danes, pretty pathetic of you. Let in some more to rape your womens.

    • coral April 22, 2015 at

      Pathetic nothing. These over-civilized Scandinavian cowards have lost all their fight so they deserve to be treated like dogs. Whip them some more and turn them into real slaves. Easy meat for the taking now. Anyway their governments, their politicians have abandoned them.

      They are the Baltic keepers of NATO? Putin must be laughing : he was right about the western weaklings.

      • Danny higgins April 23, 2015 at

        If that was me I being attacked I one Qld not stand there and let these vile scum Muslims do this to me nor any other western person so coral go get f??? You filthy dog.. No one deserves this but Muslims are all a pack of filthy pigs can only fight in packs

        • belinda April 23, 2015 at

          CORAL….. your a mutt mate.
          You should of been a stain on your mums chin.
          You will get yours …. what kind of man are you to sit there and say “Pathetic nothing. These over-civilized Scandinavian cowards have lost all their fight so they deserve to be treated like dogs. Whip them some more and turn them into real slaves”.
          AHAHHAHAHAH go back to your own country , or better yet wait till you get treated like the shit that dribbles outta that mouth of yours…

        • belinda April 23, 2015 at

          CORAL….. your a mutt mate.
          You should of been a stain on your mums chin.
          You will get yours …. what kind of man are you to sit there and say “Pathetic nothing. These over-civilized Scandinavian cowards have lost all their fight so they deserve to be treated like dogs. Whip them some more and turn them into real slaves”.
          AHAHHAHAHAH go back to your own country , or better yet wait till you get treated like the shit that dribbles outta that mouth of yours…

        • John H.Montgomery Jr. February 27, 2016 at

          Everytime I hear of these beatings, where are the people.

      • Fuckyourrequiredname April 23, 2015 at

        Alllright you dumb fucking cunt. Noone should have to put up with the animal like instincts these fuckers show. If anything you deserved to be whipped and beaten. Cool cool <3

      • Stafford Fernando April 24, 2015 at

        I feel extremely sad and sorry for Danes. But blame is on your leaders and too liberal elements in the Danish society. When you invite the “devil” for supper, what do you expect? Yes, as another commented, all Scandinavia belongs to Muslims.
        Danes, wake up, take your blinkers off and save your free and liberal values before all your women become slaves and men beheaded.
        It may be too late, but try to reverse your stupid thinking.

      • annemarie Mcdonnell May 16, 2016 at

        can you speak Danish you piece of SHIT, otherwise they should leave in the shithole country you crawled of

      • Fred June 26, 2016 at

        You talk tough but you sound like a real pussy

      • al January 17, 2017 at

        like they don’t do it in America you fucking shit talking pussy,you openly let your women fornicate with negroes and any other colored scumbag on the my friend are the pathetic ones,denmark is white and always will be white,we can easily eliminate this cancer,which is more than I can say for are destined to become a colored shithole.

    • Jimi April 23, 2015 at

      Muslims own nothing, it’s impossible for a virus to own anything! Muslims are nothing more than goat shagging pedo scum

    • Barney Rubbles April 23, 2015 at

      Shaniqua Mohamed, everyone knows that your prophet mohammed was a pig fu cker and that all muslims are desendants of pigs,thats why you dont eat them because it would cannibalism.. It wont be long before the next Crusade starts and this time we will make sure all you muslim dogs are wiped off the face of this earth,. (only to become a bad memory).

      • Lord Valve July 3, 2015 at

        @Barney Rubbles – PLEASE don’t refer to the filthy musloid scumwads as “dogs.” The dog has served at mankind’s side for tens of thousands of years longer than the musloid pig-fuckers have existed. To call a musloid a “dog” is to elevate him far beyond the status he deserves, which is that of a disease – and it denigrates a far nobler creature. You may think my tongue is in my cheek as I write these words – please do not, as I am deadly serious. A dog is not going to rape your wife or daughters. A dog is not going to cut your head off. A dog is not going to fuck your little boys up the ass (as Mohammed, piss be upon him, was known to do). A dog will not invade your country, foul your neighborhoods, demand that your laws be changed to suit him or demand that you act in a fashion he approves of. In fact, properly trained, dogs can help rid any country of the nasty musloid scourge. Dog’s are God’s creatures. Musloids come from Satan. Never mention the two in the same sentence again. Please.

        • Fuckoffbob January 16, 2016 at

          Your an ignorant fuck buddy…

        • annemarie Mcdonnell May 16, 2016 at

          I agree, pig fuckers they are , those arseholes can’t get a real woman so that SHIT resorts to animals, who’s the idiots now mussies pig fuckers

    • Jonathan June 10, 2015 at

      You can not and never win against the European. You might think you are strong but you are just weak. We Europeans will beat you any day since you Muslim dumbs have pea sized brains. Your strength will never match our intelligence. Once it comes to the fight, you will be wiped out fast and back to your hell hole third world countries. But meanwhile we appreciate you clean our streets and shit. Enjoy it.

    • Loretta July 3, 2015 at

      Shaniqua Mohamed, ma’am, you are a whore, a filthy pig-faced Muslim whore!

      So, here you are, Shaniqua, you vile Muzzie slut, you Muslim she-pig, you filthy sow, cheering on the very idea of your fellow Muzzies entering other countries to rape more and more women.

      Damn you! Damn you, you filthy sow! Damn you, you filthy Muslim sow! Damnable she-pig! Islamic Khamzheer! May God rebuke you sternly!

      Eternal shame on your parents for allowing you to become a fanatical Muslim (a Muslim so fanatical that you actually sympathize with those Muzzie pigs who rape others) — and eternal shame on all the parents of fanatical Muslims — including you, seeing that you are soulless enough to side with rapists!

      Shaniqua, you’re a dirty Muslim-rapist-sympathizing whore, and it shows! Eternal shame on you!

      You dirty “radical” (fanatical) Muslims are all inbred, cousin-fucking pigs who deserve to die all alone in that very sick evil hopeless dystopian society that your vile dick-sucking pig-faced prophet, the evil prophet Muhammad/Mahomet/Mohammed (may he, the Prophet Muhammad/Mohammed, be eternally cursed and damned in everlasting Hellfire and Sulfur and Shit and Eternal Damnation!), yes, that goddamned evil prophet Mohammed who helped the pig-demon “god” named Allah to form (actually, DEFORM Muslim-dominated society into what it is today!) through simply his demonic, prophetic act writing those vile satanic verses known as the Koran! Allah and that evil prophet Muhammad are both pigs and filth and evil and ugliness and ignorance and loathsomeness personified, and they both deserve to be thrown into an endlessly vast ocean of dark-blue flames of burning sulfur for all of eternity for what they had done to the human race!

      (Those two, both the evil Prophet Mohammed/Muhammad/Mahomet and his pig-demon “god” named Allah, deserve to burn and rot for all eternity because they have made rotted meat out of the world and reeking diarrhoea-shit out of all human societies that their goddamned religion had touched!)

      And once they (Mohammed/Muhammad and Allah) are thrown into the most eternal incarnation of Final Hell (the endlessly vast ocean of sulfur-stinking dark blue flames and burning sulfur) — then (at long last!) the rest of the universe can finally read books and listen to classical music and look at fine artwork — and have a righteous and lavish feast, a Hawaiian Luau (Loo-ow) in which pineapples will be accompanied with delicious meats, including the sumptuous roasted flesh-meats of all sorts of animals with cloven hooves!

      (A feast that your rape-happy fanatical Islamic terrorist psychopathic boyfriends, and your many Muzzie whore-tricks, would probably never be able to enjoy — but don’t worry, their filthy ilk are not invited to such an everlastingly sumptuous feast or divine Luau, anyway!)

      But sorry, you Muslim slut, you probably won’t be there, because you have aligned yourself on the same side as the side of a certain evil religion that likes to rape and torture and murder and mutilate and maim and enslave — and it looks like you will never repent of your vile and vicious alignment with the evil pig-demon-“deity” Allah and his evil prophet Mohammed (also known as Muhammad). As long as you mock the innocent victims of Islam’s many vicious attacks, you will (as the result of your vile, mocking depravity) deserve precisely no better than to roast and rot for all eternity along with your evil “deity” (that pig-demon named as a “god”: Allah) and that evil cock-sucking pig-faggot Prophet named Mohammed or Muhammad (may his empty soul burn and rot and roast in Hell, along with his evil “god” Allah, for all endless eternity)!

      — Loretta

      • Constance Kendall April 14, 2016 at

        Europeans will not win against the Muslims until u vote out your leftest govt, dissolve from the EU, and protect your borders by shooting and killing them. Until u do, the Muslims win!

        • annemarie Mcdonnell May 16, 2016 at

          Couldn’t have said it better, that she pig deserves the worst

  3. Incanada April 22, 2015 at

    Moslems are brain damaged.

    • jerry April 23, 2015 at

      Yes! All of these muslim scum should be killed or driven back to the third world shitholes that they come from. If Europe wants to even have a chance at saving itself from yet another Islamic crusade it had better start warring with these inbred psychotic sub-humans now, before it is too late. Fight back! Now!

    • coral April 24, 2015 at

      Correction : doctrine wise the Muslims have their brains intact – that’s why they have been so successful in overwhelming all cultural and political systems worldwide ( other than communist nations ). Consider what they have achieved with only 10% of the host countries’ population :

      — they’ve hoodwinked most nations, even some American states, to accept Sharia Law in court
      without the host nations realizing that it goes against their own constitutions

      — they’ve hijacked the Education Systems to enable Islamic indoctrination of the masses and at
      the same time lowered the standards to retard the mental capabilities of students to think
      coherently regarding democratic concepts. History has also been attacked by Islamic
      Revisionists to establish the Muslim legacy of the entire planet and therefore their Right to
      inherit it
      — cultural norms have been subverted, with participation of local PC leaders to encourage
      citizens to accept Halal food that has already been prayed over with Muslim incantations;
      audibly intruded by dissonant prayers amplified to intolerable levels; dressing in clothes that
      pose identification problems for security; removing the symbols of religions other than their
      own and displaying Arab culture at every turn

      The non-Muslims and their elected reps are the ones suffering from dementia. These pictures and many others from around the world are heart-wrenching indeed but where’s the anger directed ? It should be towards the Politically Correct leaders and the stupid citizens who chose them – the violence is the end result of their policies and choices.

      Most people, other than Muslims are still not bothered about what’s happening to this world : they just want their MTV, the soap operas, their sports and superstars and the good life whatever to bury their heads in.
      How many of you are sharing, distributing articles like these to shove it in their faces and make them face the truth ? Remember the grim, determined mother in Terminator ? We don’t shed the tears anymore in today’s situation – just prepare for Armageddon if the cowards keep on ruling these countries.

      • annemarie Mcdonnell May 16, 2016 at

        those assheoles are not afraid of dying, they are SCUM to be HATED!!!!!!!!!!!!, of course you don’t understand english, pigshit!!!!!!!!

  4. Ksetay April 23, 2015 at

    LOL,,yeah,,they try that in the States, they’re liable to get a bullet to the head.

    • Suckacock May 7, 2015 at

      Yeah, totally… Oh wait. The same shit is happening over there, but with niggers. You’re just as pussy-whipped as Denmark, you yank faggot.

      • Thatguy May 7, 2015 at

        yeah black people can get away with everything in America , I heard so many stories of white american women getting pregnant with African immigrants and end up marrying them , it’s sick

      • Thatguy May 7, 2015 at

        yeah black people can get away with everything in America , I heard so many stories of white american women getting pregnant with African immigrants and end up marrying them.

      • Mayflower1978 December 28, 2015 at


      • annemarie Mcdonnell May 16, 2016 at

        it’s open season on them go get them

  5. Dally April 23, 2015 at

    These Muslims must all be put to death.
    Time to Muslim HUNT as they HUNT us.
    Let’s STOP being the Victims. Time to give to them what they give to us.
    Hide in the bushes as they do then beat them to A bloody pulp as they would.
    Keep doing and doing till they realize it’s on and were not taking it up the ass No More !

    • Thatguy May 7, 2015 at

      yeah black people can get away with everything in America , I heard so many stories of white american women getting pregnant with African immigrants and end up marrying them , it’s sick

  6. Dally April 23, 2015 at

    Try that in Canada Muslim scum bags
    Lock N Load

  7. barry April 23, 2015 at

    What happened bet they got let off

  8. god April 23, 2015 at

    To all muslims forgive me for a saying fuck your mumma.fuck your sister….i didnt really mean it. Now i have brain fucked morons to whoreship me.

  9. jerry April 23, 2015 at

    You Muslim pieces of shit come do that in Texas. Please! I dare you. Islam and its followers are the scum of the earth. If the world had an asshole, Islam would be the asshole’s asshole. All of Europe had better start fighting. Muslims, aka psychotic pieces of shit, infect and defile everything they touch as well as everywhere they go. They are like the earth’s leprosy… They stink, ooze their filth everywhere they go and slowly rot away portions of the world. The only cure is annihilation.

    • Loretta July 3, 2015 at

      Damn straight and spot on, Jerry! I’m nauseated and tired of those psychopathic fanatical Muzzie pigs, also!

      I also call the (evil, vile, vicious, lowlife) prophet named Mohammed (AKA “Muhammad” or “Mahomet” — may his empty soul both burn and rot for all endless eternity in an endlessly vast ocean of dark-blue sulfur flames and hellfire and burning sulfur!) and his filthy pig-demon-“deity” Allah a pair of (damnable) pigs, also!

  10. muzzykiller April 23, 2015 at

    Fucking typical muzzies…. beat women up, get away with it as governments are to scared to stand up to this scum.
    The time is coming where the people will stand and then muzzies will be fucked

    You try that shit with me, I’d break your fucking legs in half, rip ya head off and shut down ta neck, you fucking muzzies paedophile. . The lot of ta

  11. DiGregorio April 23, 2015 at

    Islam is a plague, a scourge, essentially sanctioned Satanism. The best thing we can hope for in some states is that these followers of the pedophile Muhammad (may he rot in hell) to come onto our property to threaten our safety so that we may fight back and “reduce” their numbers. Muslims are dangerous, murderous, animals. The modern mosque is no more that a modern day place for satan worship. We need to stop making exceptions for these people. There are far more Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and Atheists in this nation than there are Muslims. The way to stop Islam is to get involved with you local government: write in building codes that prohibit most elements of Moorish/Middle Eastern design to make it increasingly harder for mosques to be constructed in our communities. Also, make it difficult for Muslims to open small businesses in our communities, and when they do, boycott them or report every single infraction and violation of codes to the city or health department. Often, these vile people also franchise other businesses: tell these businesses you won’t patronize locations owned by Muslims by going to non-Muslim owned locations of the same shop or restaurant. Islam may be here in the United States, but Muslims believe in oppression and horrible, hateful tactics. Everybody MUST come together to fight Islam head on: white, black, Hispanic, Protestant, Jewish, Catholic, Democrat, Republican, gay, straight: because Muslims want to kill all of us! We need to stop them and swiftly. Teach your children not to acknowledge Islam, pull them out of classes that want to teach them about Islam. Tell your children to NEVER repeat anything in Arabic, especially if asked to. We can stop Islam, but not until we begin ignore it. Don’t hold doors for these people. Don’t make eye contact. Don’t let them ever feel we support them. Treat Muslims as an invisible evil!

  12. Christian April 23, 2015 at

    All this sick drivel about islam is a religion of peace its not a religion its a disease and needs to be wiped off the face of the earth filthy muslim pigs

  13. pppfffffttttttt April 23, 2015 at

    They say you can’t make a wild animal a pet and tame it so how does the western world believe that we can integrate these animals into our world and expect them to live as we do. It’s not possible. They want one thing and one thing only. Our land and privileges.

  14. Ian April 23, 2015 at

    how many times do we have to read about incidents like this and then be told Islam is a religion of peace before people stand up and say enough is enough then give them a taste of there own medicine

  15. jesusbuiltmyhodrod April 24, 2015 at


    You try that shite in Scotland and we will tear you a new arsehole, you tried to blow up glasgow airport and failed, you muslim pricks were lying on the ground on fire, and we were kicking fuck out of you hahaha.!!!

  16. Phuq Obama April 24, 2015 at

    Africans are primitive humans and even when you try to educate them they will still fall back to their primitive animal brains. There is a derogatory term that is appropriate for creatures like these. It is Nigger and it fits these animals.

    • Michael Mazur May 2, 2015 at

      That was an intel job. Those Muslim fellows had nothing to do with the gas cylinders in the back of the Cherokee Jeep set to go off on remote switch to flare furiously – but not explode.

      The usual ra ra terror terror everywhere to keep up the hate against Islam generally, so that USUKNATO would continue to have public support for gratuitous assaults on targeted Islamic countries – Iraq and Afghanistan were very much ongoing then.

    • annemarie Mcdonnell May 16, 2016 at

      LOL, LOVE IT!! kick their arses back to hell where they belong

  17. Camilla April 24, 2015 at

    Insane n barbaric “people”.

  18. robert palmer April 24, 2015 at

    What the hell is wrong with the courts in Denmark ? Are the judges stupid idiots, islam supporters or what? Pathetic …. totally sickening PATHETIC . The moment that muslim braindead trash laughed in court, they should have been immediately charged with contempt of court, and instantly EXECUTED. Are the Denmark court judges that totally STUPID they can’t see what that islam trash is doing ? how their laughing is in pure contempt to the pathetic lefty, do gooder laws of Denmark ? Get a grip, muslim pieces of stinking pig trash assaulted Danish originals ….. grow some balls and EXTERMINATE THE ISLAM , MUSLIM TRASH.

  19. Charline Montgomery April 25, 2015 at

    Time to deem Islam a terrorist organization.
    You’re Muslim… you’re out… done! Primates!

  20. Alena April 26, 2015 at

    Muslim men are undignified, dishonest, hypocritical cowards- thats what their religion and culture brings them up to be. They are very ‘big and brave’ when 3 against 1, or when against a short woman or a child. But would kiss the ass of anyone who’s physically bigger than them or of more authority/power. When the police comes, they start playing victims and would cry and beg not to go to jail, cause they know that there, they’d have to fight and survive amongst other men.
    When these come to live in European countries, they must abide by the laws and norms – sorry, but that’s the way it is. This is not discrimination, this part of the constitutional obligation tied to the right to reside in a country. Their other option is to leave. Why cant they change laws and adjust the system/law however it suits them, isnt that discrimination?! NO, it is not discrimination, but it is INHERITED RIGHT THAT COMES WITH BEING NATIVE NATIONAL e.g. my ancestors have been dying protecting this land and building this country, that is why I OWN IT and only I and others like me can determine it’s future. Someone doesn’t like that – they can leave, but certainly can invite me to change their country according to my views…..

  21. Alena April 26, 2015 at

    The Court is not doing anything because it has to go along with the goverment policy. Goverments cant react, because this could lead to unveiling the ugly truth about the SPONSORSHIP EU countries have been receiving from USA for many years in order to receive and integrate muslim and other Asian/African emigrants. What would USA gain from that – settling the environment for ethnic conflicts leading to 3d WW…. Who do you think is the aggressor in the war in Ukrane -Russia?! But then why the biggest number of Ukrainian refugees have escaped to Russia?!!!! There are no Russian armies in Ukrane btw. I bet you havent heard these kind of news on TV. The agressor is USA and if you doublecheck with history and a bit more in-depth analysis, you would be UNpleasantly surprised that in their approx. 300 years of existence, the USA has started over 200 wars, including civil wars and local conflicts with severe armed interventions – 211 wars, if I remember the exact number correctly. Read more alternative news and think, its for free (no offence). Don’t go with the flow. If we, Europeans, let things escalate, nothing good will follow. I hate war. I am also disgusted by obnoxious primates trying to behave as if they are in their native jungles, pardon me – countries. These should suffer severe legel consequences and roth in jail, which should also be a warning and prevention. Muslims learn from punishment well, and in the above case these need the cure urgently.
    Now that we already have thousands of muslims, the best option seems to be to try to educate and integrate them as much as possible, without giving in to this ‘discrimination’ bulls**t -sorry, but my land=my rules.
    There are a lot of muslims intrested in reforming/updating/upgrading islam (google Ayaan H Ali, somalian activist for womens rights and critc of islam). If we educate/civilize muslims (as much as possible), it would help thouse muslims who want a reform of islam. So one day they will go back and reform their own countries. And most would HOPEFULLY leave Europe. After all, we -Christians, dont kill the ignorant ones, we educate them/help them. Thats one of the basic differences between Christianity and islam.

  22. Infidel April 30, 2015 at

    fucking scumbags. i hope they get life and then get raped in prison.

  23. "Meh" May 1, 2015 at

    Oh look, european Generalization….

    is it okay to say that Hitler is christian then and all christian are like hitler.

  24. Adviseur May 1, 2015 at

    Here in France our gouvernement and our quislings ministers decided to make a “plan to fight racism” with our 100 millions €.
    But the true resistance is rising. Europeans, we must unite for the 1st time in history all together to fight and defeat the Muslim ennemies who are already here.

  25. Astonished May 1, 2015 at

    True these young people have committed a crime and they should be punished for what they did. Hitting a women , all the more so in her face . One the other hand, one should not hold a grudge against Islam in general. I find it very racist to use the word “muslim” to depict these kind of animals. Some people’s “irrational” fears led them to write such non sense comments (let’s get rid of muslims , they worship the devil…). People should first understand what are the true roots of Islam before making such comments. Back in the 12th century for instance, Muslims conquerors made significant advance in every field of science and triggered the seek of knowledge that Europe knew in the 14th . Plus, they allowed people in the conquered countries to keep their religion . This contrasts with the cruality of the Inquisition and so it does with the reconquista which claimed thousands of lives among muslims and jews…. the inquisition leaders were christians but do we have to blame all the Cristians or the Christian religion in general ? I could also have taken the example of Jesus Christ which death was ordered by Jewish people. Should we then blame Jews in general? I’m done with history lessons. The bigger problem is that people make hazardous generalisations. The problem of two animals cannot be the problem of a whole religion. There are millions of law abiding Muslims in Europe living peacefully thus underlying their willing to get integrated. Now that European countries are hard hit by the slump , every crime is used to demonize minorities – and this is wrong. People have to stop mistaking Muslims with these animals (and also with ISIS, …).

  26. THULEGESELSCHAFT May 2, 2015 at


    • Shazza June 10, 2015 at

      What a load of crap. Muslims are living in the dark ages and have NEVER done anything good EVER.

    • Shazza June 10, 2015 at

      What a load of crap. Muslims are living in the dark ages and have NEVER done anything good EVER.

  27. lucas May 2, 2015 at

    Why the fuck is she whining ?! them femtears. LOL.
    suck it up, cunt, u’re strong and independent ! #parasitegender

    i hape NO man stands up to help her. Because “all men are evil”, #killallmen,, lol.
    she is strong and undependent, so she can deal with it and stop being a deadbeat (lol wordplay:D) useless looser !


    • Loretta July 3, 2015 at

      Lucas, you cunt-mouth-boy —

      The young woman was with her boyfriend, you cunt-mouthed pig!

      They were minding their own business when a bunch a Muslim pigs beat and disfigured both of them!

      But here you are, mocking and laughing at her because she is a woman, and you hate women!

      By the way, I understand that Muslims hate women, and homosexual faggots also hate women! So, which one are you, a psychopathic Muslim cocksucker or a misogynistic homosexual faggot or some creepy combination of both (psychopathic misogynistic Muslim homosexual faggot cocksucker)? So what are you any way?

      But either of those already-mentioned possibilities, you still are a worthless pig that both needs and deserves to be sliced up into bacon and fried in a hot iron pan and then mercilessly devoured! Just die and go to Hell, already, okay?!

      • HeatheNo October 25, 2015 at

        Hah, Lucas thinks he knows this woman is a feminist. What a man she was with, needed the WOMAN to intervene. I heard a similar story in Sweden, a Turkish Swedish female, who remembers what it was like to be harassed in Istanbul, stood up to attackers when a bunch of immigrants started in on them in public. She said her boyfriend (now ex BF I’m sure) was a big pu**y and did nothing, she’s the one that pulled a knife on them. Talk about a bunch of emasculated idiots.

  28. Jean Valjean May 3, 2015 at

    So, man gets seriously beaten and a woman gets hit a couple times and the headline is “woman beaten”.

    The man is just an afterthought. One of the minor details that they include for flavor but not really essential to the importance of the story.

    We’re all equal. It’s just that women are more equal.

    • HeatheNo October 25, 2015 at

      Yeah, the best part, though, is when it said the woman intervened. Woman intervened. WTF.

  29. Midas Touch May 25, 2015 at

    Just wrap yourselves in bacon and they will leave you alone…. Too bad we can’t drop a nuclear pig on the lot of them.

    • Loretta July 3, 2015 at

      Shades of Admiral/General Pershing? Bury their rotting carcasses in pig-skin? Gorgeous idea, and I gotta love it!

  30. shane June 9, 2015 at

    we have the same problems in Australia and we have to suffer abuse of being called a raciest or bigot , mostly from the greens party and the ‘bambi’ brigade who have never had these animals and low life bacterial pond scum pollute our society , abuse our social welfare systems and take pride in having the highest crime rate and highest users of long term welfare ………its really time that action begin starting with the African refugees and the filth that destroy our western culture

  31. mary hughes June 9, 2015 at

    theres to many negative comments on here about scandinavians. are you forgetting its not the people that let this vile non religion into thier countries its the corrupt leaders . and it isnt just happening in scandinavia . its also happening in the usa( dearborn just one example) and all eu countries by the corrupt eu and corrupt leaders. the people have NO SAY. now is the time for some real demonstrating to get it stopped .we will eventualy have civil wars galore it takes just one country to get the ball rolling then this muslim ideology will be booted out and muslims will do as theyre told and know thier place. if they disobey our laws and ways they get deported to thier ancestors sand pits to live under isis and sharia law where this filth belongs.

    • mary hughes June 9, 2015 at

      its time for civil war shane before the corrupt greedy eu order us to take in the radical muslims landing in italy, and turkey is allowed membership of the eu. turkey, population 99.8% strict muslim, 72% of those sunni muslims – the ones buying the young girls for sex. on the borders of islamic state-isis, iraq, iran and syria. running alive with extremists from bordering countries on a mission to get to europe. turkey the new gateway to the west. they must be stopped and we must leave the useless eu who invite this vermin to our shores. we wont get the communist united states of europe , we will get the united states of islam as the eu bow to islam.all people should join anti islam groups and anti eu groups and march .tax cuts , more housing etc etc is petty compared to the survival of our countries. are you a traitor or a patriot?. does money matter more to you than your families safe future? do you wont your country to be islamised? march and tell your leaders NO MORE !! Ddont forget this demanding filth breed like rats . the sooner theyre stopped the less of them.

  32. Odinsdottir June 10, 2015 at

    Where you recognize evil, speak out against it; give NO truces to your enemies.

    ~Odin, Hávamál: Stanza 127

    If they stand behind you, protect them.
    If they stand beside you, respect them.
    If they stand against you, DEFEAT THEM.

  33. Shazza June 10, 2015 at

    This is why Christianity is the largest growing religion. Muslims are turning away from this vile cult of filthy snakes in droves.

  34. Abdullah Dar al-Islam July 2, 2015 at

    LOL. She was in clear breach of the Sharia’h. And so she brought this upon herself. You kaffiroun better get used to this, save up your pennies and cents, because soon you will pay the Jizya. The Ikhwan are here in Denmark.

    You will see. You will see.

    • Loretta July 3, 2015 at

      Shame on you, you goddamned pig-troll!

      She and her boyfriend were minding their own business, and it was Christmas, when they were attacked by those cocksucking muslim antichrists!

      By the way, Allah is a pig and the evil prophet named Mohammed (also spelled “Muhammad” or even sometimes “Mahomet”) are both demonic pigs and may their empty souls be most sorely accursed and burning and rotting in a giant ocean of dark sulfuric flames and sulfur-stinking fire!

      As for you, fella, shame on you for gloating about innocent people being attacked and disfigured by armed woman-hating cock-sucking Muslim faggots! All these woman-hating Muslims/Moslems/Muzzies are filthy pig-faced disease-riddled damnable faggots, for your information!

      And that includes you; I don’t care if you be a genuine Muslim pig or if you are just some pig troll from Hell that insists on trolling for your stupid pig-troll pleasure — you cock-sucker!

    • One who knows September 26, 2015 at

      what abdul is saying is the imams have told them all its time to conquer the world before they left the middle east, he is admitting its an invasion leading to global conflict

    • Shifa October 21, 2015 at

      I know this has been a quite long time since the article’s release, but to anyone here who is still willing to kindly read a comment without being blinded by rage:

      Abdullah, please do not refer anyone here as to being a kaffiroun, unless you are completely sure they are so. I mean, you don’t know what these people have done in their life. Some of them are perhaps good people, though may not be Muslims. Has not anyone told you before about hidayyah? Only Allah has it, and by His power only will a person gain it. When this happens there is a 100% chance a person will believe and finally embrace Islam. You know what happened to Ummar, one of the most merciless people at his time, right after he met prophet Muhammad, right? Your comment is what drives these people’s belief that Islam is all about raining down hell on non-believers. Dumping non-believers to hell is NOT anyone’s right; it’s by Allah’s judgment. You are just making our religion’s name ugly to everyone. Indeed, I know and believe that in the end, Islam is to be the one religion that stands still, the true winner, and that all people will embrace it. But this does not mean that nowadays we Muslims can say to non-believers bad words, much less do them harm when they do nothing harmful to us (literally, and please do not bring any Jews-Dajjal-cooperation-plan-to-reign-upon-the-world matter into this). How can we expect anyone to be interested to converting to Islam when the religion is doubted? Consider that the Jihad is meant to be performed only when we are ATTACKED. While in the CRUSADE this was true, hitting random non-believers in the street is NOT. We WON the Crusade, because Allah permitted us to (since our holy land was invaded). We DO NOT WIN the world yet, simply because we Muslims need introspection. Then again, our Prophet very much preferred diplomacy; resorting to war only when it was an absolute necessity. There is always a way to talk about matters gently, the word “negotiation” is there for describing this. We Muslims should let time answers. Allah will never let Islam be wiped out for good, but “Muslims” betraying His decisions may. Patience-the fundamental key to success in every aspect of life for Muslims (and everyone).

      I am a Muslim. A peace-lover. I bow to Allah, admire Muhammad. Al-Qur’an is my one bible that contains the truth. It says nothing about brutality, it shows only beauty, ask any competent one who has learned it thoroughly and you’ll know what I mean. I love people, and I consider good, religious non-believers my friends as much as I treat them equally. I am really hoping that non-believers will someday join our religion in this wonderful world. Do not be afraid, because there are good Muslims out there from whom you may ask the truth about Islam.

      Accordingly, please do not let your rage be triggered by a case like that discussed in this article.

    • Fuckoffbob January 16, 2016 at

      Your fucking idiot bro, I wanna stop your face in, read the Quran. You should be ashamed of yourself… I doubt your even Muslim prolly some hate filled guy with a fake account

  35. extiction level xian July 3, 2015 at

    Abdoolah I promise you one thing,. within the next 5 years you and your sand nigger compatriots will be smeared across the Arabian landscape and the vermin that are scuttling about in the West will be exterminated root and branch. Mosques will be levelled and mecca will be a parking lot.

    • Loretta July 3, 2015 at

      A parking lot, Xian?

      How about turning all those goddamned Muzzie Mosques into latrines and privies and public-access “rest rooms” and glorified shit-houses/out-houses.

      The decor can remain the same, just add a few toilets or a few hundreds of toilets to each and every (eventually former) mosque and there you have it: fancy out-houses!

      As for the word n!qq3r, as in the phrase “sand n!qq3r” Islam / Muhammadanism / Islamism is admittedly a religion of domination and enslavement. They want to make submissive, slavish meat out of the world, to please their disgusting pig-demon-“deity” named Allah and his stinking evil pig of a prophet Mohammed (AKA “Muhammad” or “Mahomet”, may his empty soul burn and rot and stink forever in Final Damnation!). Those two evil pigs, Allah and Muhammad, want to make slaves of everybody (except, of course, themselves), so it is probably reasonable to call Islamism / Muhammadanism / Islam a religion of slavery, and therefore a religion of n!qq3rdom, because the pig-demon Allah and his verminously evil prophet Muhammad both want us all to become their n!qq3r slaves, and that includes white n!qq3r slaves, which would be a horrible destiny for me and my family.

      We lovers of human freedom need to stop a religion that wants to make/turn us all into slaves!

  36. Ido July 7, 2015 at

    Can’t blame israel??? Never mind…..

  37. killer July 7, 2015 at

    Daet for evriting gjihadist,kill Muslim djihadist,God Bless Syria and Novorusia, Dondas

  38. Tom Cohen July 10, 2015 at

    Denmark deserves the muslims. I hope you islam takes over them, and all of europre, you killed the educated, peaceful and loyal jews, now irony slams you in the face you hypocrite nazis. Help yourself with some gang rapes, molesting, robberis, violence, and terror. Keep supporting hamas as if they are different then those muslims. What goes around comes around hypocrites.

  39. eee July 11, 2015 at

    europe should get rid of these parasites, all of them. they could laugh at their muslimandia not in denmark. MUSLIMS GO BACK HOME.

  40. Austin September 11, 2015 at

    Fuckin POS Muslims u will all die a painful slow death and grow a pair of fucking balls a women really, well that is all u can handle probably pussies and Peter foster u scared lil bitch u r the Muslims sheep u faggot and u stupid fucking Muslims go to a peaceful country to start shit u pathetic incompetent worthless cowards come to IDAHO U.S.A and see how far that gets u. Ur stupid muslim asses won’t even see a judge and I promise u pussies will die a SLOW PAINFUL DEATH

  41. One who knows September 26, 2015 at

    You have several choices, you can all convert to islam and purge islam of its killers, you can hide under a rock until they find you and kill you. or you can do the math, there are 6 billion non muslims and 1.5 muslims. doesnt it make sense that the most powerful powers in the world want islam destroyed and are presenting you with a fight or flight opportunity?

  42. Mike September 27, 2015 at

    I must say this is disturbing. Americans owe so much to Scandinavian Immigrants. You are such a big part of our history and our culture. Don’t give up. Fight back. Contact people in America and let them know what you are experiencing with too much immigration.

  43. Lucifer bro September 29, 2015 at

    If the gril wants to get revenge my email is I can tell you over the phone how to win against many men, and it’s legal.

  44. joyce September 29, 2015 at

    You all scare me. Believing a onesided article without reliable source that us clearly intended to spread hatred. And boy oh boy, does it! I see so much racism and violence and hatred here, fuelled by this kind of ’empty’ messages. Please open your eyes and see that there are people out there who benefit from your wild rage. And I don’t mean the wives and daughters that you think you are protecting in this manner. You broke my heart. Not the muslims.

    • HeatheNo October 25, 2015 at

      Right Joyce. Because this can’t possibly be actually happening. You need to read some Aftenbladet and do your research on rape in Scandinavia and what percentage of stranger rapes are done by immigrants….of course you should also do research on censorship. Mona Walters has a lot to say, and so did Amun Abdullahi until she decided she was safer and had better free speech in SOMALIA. If you do your research, you’ll find that these things are happening in huge droves. My Finnish GF the other day told me signs have gone up around the refugee camps telling FINNISH women to dress modestly in that area. WTF????? It can be the dumbest article on Earth but this IS an epidemic.

    • Penny Red January 11, 2016 at

      Open you eyes you retard. Cases like this, and worse than this, are now epidemic throughout Europe thanks to the open borders. Also hatred is a perfectly rational response to those who seek to destroy your nation and your people. Get your head out of the sand, grow up, and learn to defend.

    • ANGEL January 16, 2016 at

      One sided article??
      Are you kidding or what …. My Gosh you are Delusional or just Plain IGNORANT about the current SocioPolitical EU situation.
      It is simply irritating to read the ignorant comments of parochial American ideologues who have Never lived in Europe. Come over here and you will get a better understanding of the situation/problems. A section of the Muslim population is completely opposed to “assimilation” and regards our culture as kafir. English culture (in UK) is rapidly disappearing from many of the large cities. If you would come over here and live for a while you would see it happening.
      To deny that there is a problem with accommodating large numbers of young Muslim men simply shows complete Ignorance. My friend and have been approached by menacing young men in Italy who tell us “We are Hezbollah!”. Proposals such as “mentoring” are simply silly; there aren’t enough “mentors”, and they are regarded as shit. People out here are buying up personal defense weapons like pepper spray and tasers – which is a undeniable sign of public Distrust and Insecurity. I used to have some respect for Merkel, but not anymore. She has “underestimated the problem” Europe is facing.
      We must get real, and reality sometimes is ugly. Procrastination makes it worse. We have not just an refugee crisis, we have a Political crisis. We must regain control, and we need the world to support us with this. Articles like ‘”europe should do better on refugees”’ (Or, as we say “the RAPEUGES” ) are not helping. We need encouragement for tough decisions, or we will lose it all.

  45. Danny October 27, 2015 at

    Islam its the devil.. Now you gone to see soon what the arabs want’s
    Only to kill you in the name of muhamad!!
    Fuck islam!!

    • Mayflower1978 December 28, 2015 at

      Fuck Albania!!
      Fuck Kosovo!!
      Fuck Bosnia!!

      • Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at

        It was Joke, I’ve been Posted on 28 December, 2015.

        I’m a Proud Albanian-American Muslim.

        Kosovo is Free and Independent!!.

        Fuck Islamophobia!!
        Fuck Hate!!
        Fuck Sexism!!
        Fuck Homophobia!!
        Fuck Conservatism!!
        Fuck Serbia!!
        Fuck Russia!!
        Fuck Greece!!

    • Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at

      No!!!!, You Fucking Islamophobic Satanic Dipshit from Eastern Europe!!
      Conservatism is the Real Devil.
      I’ll Fucking Beat You Up and Torture You, Then You’ll Suffer so Badly!!.
      Fuck Conservatism!!
      Fuck Conservatives!!
      Fuck Islamophobia!!
      Fuck Islamophobes!!
      Fuck Homophobia!!
      Fuck Homophobes!!
      Fuck Sexism!!
      Fuck Sexists!!
      Fuck Racism!!
      Fuck Racists!!
      Fuck You!!

      Go DIe!!!!, You Fucking Islamophobic Dipshit!!!, Die!!!!!.

  46. Jacob October 29, 2015 at

    This is why the Baltic states and east European countries are against the immigrants. Because all minorities want to become a majority. It is enough to see how people in France Germany or almost anywhere in West Europe are treated by muslims. Native europeans are avoiding contact with them are afraid to say a word to them because idiots in Brussels will name them islamophobic , and not being a “true” Europeans. The Balts see the situation in west, and that’s why they do not want muslims. Wait until the Isis citizens will show themselves in Europe. Can you imagine how many of them came because of Merkel’s mercy?

  47. Facts first November 11, 2015 at

    There is a crazy amount of hate in here. Did it state what happened to those men? I could not find that part. But as civilised humans we need to be above the hate a look for a solution. First of all – stop the weapons being made from usa being avaliable to isis. Usa wants to destabilise europe by feeding weapons to crazy radical muslim parties to create turmoil. Those crazy radical muslims then create havoc in neighbouring muslim countries and as a result we have a mass migration of muslims who don’t belong at all in europe as they wont intergrate.. and not to mention Europe is not capable of sustaining large amounts of forigners and im talking about accommodation, jobs, re-education. This all takes a hell of a lot of time and money to set up. Look at the Netherlands, is a very small country with more than enough population as it is.. We all know usa wants a One World Power – and this is the result..
    So who should we be blaming?

    • Penny Red January 11, 2016 at

      Hate is a perfectly RATIONAL response to people who hate your people and are trying to destroy your nation. God, what is with this: “let’s just be nice and everyone will be nice to us” attitude. It’s bullshit. Grow some fucking balls and stand up for something for once!

  48. Penny Red January 11, 2016 at

    White people are pathologically altruistic. We do so much good, but the whole world hates us. It’s time to start thinking for ourselves — the future of our own people.

  49. paul January 15, 2016 at

    One on one with me anduou all fcker is a dead fucking muslim, buncha pussy Allah cock sucker idiots….attacked in group like coward idiots…you idiots just refugee that all u idiot are….god damn Allah lover idiots…..

  50. Fighter January 16, 2016 at

    Why you never try on someone who could give it back to you?

  51. Seth Tyrssen January 16, 2016 at

    These fuckers, and all like them, need to meet up with the Soldiers of Odin.

  52. John January 17, 2016 at

    Sorry for anyone attacked for no just reason. It is never right to feel unsafe to walk freely in the world, day or night.

    I do find it hard to beleive though, that when beated with a chan, that death didn’t happen? As usually more servre and usually death will occur from such structure on to human bodies. If the group had been in a frenzy of such to inflict harm. Then there should be more visual damage to the bodies from such impacts.

    I wonder as to the story, the pictures and the reasoning to this article. How do we know of its authenticity?

  53. Bill January 19, 2016 at

    If a god ever existed and he/she/it wanted earth forever punished by plagues these would be any number of religions…

  54. dlsjf sljkdfh February 15, 2016 at

    Feed them bacon only for prison food.

  55. Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at










    You Conservatives are treating Women worse than Dirt and Shit, you Persecute and Kill Homosexuals(Gays and Lesbians), Muslims, Jews, Atheists and True Christians(Lutherans, Episcopalians, Reforms, Presbyterians).


  56. Oliver May 14, 2016 at

    Great, another excuse for religious fanatics to punch each other….

  57. Jay May 16, 2016 at

    Nij – allah will shit on you and then wipe his ass on your generations of family for eternity.

  58. Lml June 6, 2016 at

    It is a fabricated story. Lies made by her racist boyfriend

  59. tweety June 11, 2016 at

    That is just disgusting, but after having read all the comments, I have to say that there is a lot of hatred between you all, and it all boils down to RELIGION yet again. YES, they way that those race of people conduct their lives is nothing short of ignorant and damn right contempt for women, but why are all of you whom are commenting have to be so evil with each other?? Isn´t this the way that most of these attacks and killings start from……think about it!!??!!

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