How To Stop A Mosque

How To Stop A Mosque

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I will try and use this method myself in Copenhagen. I will let you know via our 10News newsletter how it goes.

Feel very welcome to translate and try yourself:

How To Stop A Mosque
By: Nicolai Sennels

First I want to stress that stopping mosques is absolutely possible. Gavin Boby’s organization Law And Freedom Foundation has managed to stop 20 out of 24 mosque projects in the UK – and counting (Law and Freedom Foundation). The below recipies is inspired by Boby:

The problems with mosques are that:

1) They spread fundamentalist, unmoderated Islam by not publicly and actively rejecting the Quran’s and Muhammad’s criminal incitement to violence and murder. Instead they preach the Quran (Allah’s revelations to Muhammad) and the Hadiths (Muhammad’s own deeds and sayings which are equally holy to Muslims) as faultless, even though they include hundreds of verses urging and even ordering Muslims to persecute, forcibly convert, rob, rape, harm, maim, enslave and kill non-Muslims, apostates and hypocrites (Muslims not fully subjugating to Islamic law, Sharia) and suppress, beat and rape their own Muslim women.

2) By spreading Islam, mosques spread Islam’s oppressive rules and regulations among Muslims and leads to radicalization. This does not only include Islam’s obligation to wage war, so-called Jihad, on non-Muslims on every level, including economical, cultural and physical. This also includes the many rules and regulations in the Sharia that revoke Muslims’ basic human rights to choose their own partner (e.g. a non-Muslim partner), women’s right to freely divorce (e.g. divorcing a violent partner), religion, clothing and life style. By strengthening the religious tenants of Islam in the Muslim society, Mosques contribute to the well-known social control among Muslims, which tend to radicalize vulnerable youths and put pressure on moderate, secular Muslims.

3) Mosque buildings, especially the dominating minarets, are not fitting into Western architecture and by allowing them in our cities and towns we Islamize the architectural landscape of our countries. All types of islamization, including changing our townscapes to accommodate to fundamentalists’ dream of building Arab style mosques and “cultural centers” in Western cities, is reshaping our society to make it easier for Islamic fundamentalists who prefer Islam to Western culture and values, to come and live among us. We do not need more of that, we need less. Every time we give into Muslims’ demands for special treatment and allow our countries to be Islamized, however little, our own culture is being pushed aside to some degree. None of this is counter-productive in the struggle against fundamentalist Islam and it is an affront to Western society and culture.

4) Allowing centers that promote classical Islam among Muslims is counter-productive to integration of immigrants. This is because classical Islam includes a long list of religious expectations and obligations that makes it more difficult for Muslims to integrate into non-Muslim societies and culture. This involves special rules for clothing, gender separation, women’s rights and obligations, fasting and Muslim children’s rights to enjoy and fully integrate into Western culture. Promoting mosques and Islamic culture strengthens the very aspects of Islam that lead to cultural segregation into religious societies where the surrounding, Western society has very little influence and where fundamentalist Islam can flourish and produce a stunningly high amount of jihad sympathizers. 

5) Allowing mosques in our cities can create traffic problems (increased traffic on Fridays, parking problems).

What can you do?

a) If you hear about a planned mosque (no matter what stage of the planning phase the mosque is in), inform local citizens about the function and effect of mosques and about Islam, and let them know where they can complain about the proposed mosque. Create a Facebook-group/page and a homepage/blog (with its own newsletter that people can subscribe to) where you write some basic information about why you are against the mosque and where and whom people can complain to if they wish to oppose the planned mosque. Both on your Facebook page and on the blog you should post regular news and updates on problematic situations where a mosque has been involved (this can be historical facts on how prophet Muhammad used mosques to plan violent attacks; how terrorists was visiting mosques before they attacked/their attack was foiled; excerpts from what is preached in mosques – the Quran and the Hadiths – etc.). Target the Facebook page to reach especially local residents in that area of the city – and call it something like “No Grand Mosque In Helsinki”. Also invite politicians and famous/semi-famous people to like the page. On every post on Facebook and the blog you should give an email and a link to a page with more email addresses and phone numbers to the responsible politicians and officials – so people can contact them and express their concerns. These contact data should involve: the planning committee (and every single person in that committee) responsible for deciding if the mosque should be allowed, relevant politicians and officials involved in such processes (including the local mayor, members of parliament and the relevant minister).

b) Make it easy for people to complain by writing a prefilled letter that they just have to sign and put a date on. A majority of people in most Western countries are worried about Muslim immigration and the advance of Islam, but many are not skilled in writing or expressing their concern – so you have to help them. Put the prefilled letter on your homepage etc. so people can easily download, print, sign and send it – or simply copy the text (use Word-format – not PDF) and paste it in an email to the planning committee etc. Use a diplomatic language that normal people like “Mrs. and Mr. Johnson” can identify with. Example:

“To whom it may concern/name

I hereby wish to object to the proposed Grand Mosque in Helsinki. Here are my reasons:

1) The organization behind the mosque/cultural center, NAME, does not publicly and actively reject the Quran’s and Muhammad’s hate speech against homosexuals, women and non-Muslims. Nor does it publicly and actively reject the Quran’s and Muhammad’s criminal incitement for Muslims to harm or kill non-Muslims, apostates, homosexuals and hypocrites (Muslims not fully subjugating to Islamic law, Sharia) and suppress, beat and rape their own Muslim women. Link to sources proving Islam’s incitement to hate, crime and violence: www.??.fi

2) By approving the mosque you support the spread of Islamic religion and culture in our city. As so many other citizens, I think we have enough Islam here. I think that Islam and Muslims’ demands for special treatment are given too much space in our country, and always on expense of our own culture. I do not see it as job for neither the tax payers nor our politicians to promote Islamic religion and culture in our secular, Christian society – and that is exactly what you will do if you allow this mosque. You have not been given your job so that you can further Islam in our city. It is not your job to do so on behalf of voters and tax payers. It is not your mandate.

3) A mosque will naturally attract more Muslims to live in that area. This will further the cultural segregation that is already taking place in our city. This is not healthy for a society and will strengthen the creation of Islamic, monocultural areas in our beautiful city. These areas have already proven to be a hotbed for criminals and violent, religious extremists. This development should be fought, not aided.

4) Should you decide to approve the mosque, in spite of being asked not to, in spite of warnings, and in spite of countless examples of the negative consequences of aiding Islam to take root in our country, I will see you as an accomplice if that mosque turns out to be involved in any kind of radicalization, crime or terrorism. And I will do my best to hold you responsible for it in public wherever I can.


name + date

c) Mail boxes

Put leaflets about Islam and mosques + the prefilled letter of concern in the post boxes of local residents warning them that a mosque is about to be build in their area and why they should be concerned – and how to help stop it and where to find more information etc.

Also urge people to write the responsible politicians and officials via Facebook.

d) Petition

Make a petition against the mosque. The petition should be online and announced on the Facebook page and on your blog. Also go on the street and collect signatures against the mosque. An additional benefit of collecting signatures on the street/door-to-door in the neighborhood of the planned mosque is that you get a chance to talk with people personally and inform them more deeply. And it can help attract media attention when people go around on in public to oppose a mosque.

e) Contact the press

If possible then find a person that does not mind going public as spokesman/woman. One of the weaknesses in the struggle against fundamentalist Islam is that only few people dare go public with their opinion. This does not only create a catastrophic lack of courageous role models, it also makes it difficult for the press to find people to contact to get statements, opinions and most important of all: facts. Whoever wants to go public as a contact person and as press contact for an anti-mosque project must at least be able to work in that field without anger and racism (which would makes the whole project unsympathetic). And if best also has compassion as his or her basic motivation. The three basic rules for such spokesmen/women: 1) To have good and sympathetic style. 2) Comprehensive knowledge about Islam, Muhammed and the consequences of immigration. 3) No mistakes: no anger, no false statements or accussations etc.

Find inspiration here: “Critisising Islam is compassion”  and here “Nicolai Sennels: Why We Fight Islam“.

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  1. Stanis August 2, 2015 at

    This is a good start, but it’s not draining the swamp.

    • lhecker51 March 10, 2016 at

      The only way to drain the swamp is to destroy the existing Mosques. Islam is not a religion. It is a form of government and a death cult that demands the overthrow and destruction of all non-Islamic governments. How does it make sense to even allow Muslims into any non-Islamic country? That is inviting your enemy into your home and giving them the knife to cut your own throat by allowing them to use Mosques to plan your destruction.

    • dinda March 17, 2016 at


      • Jaap Schaap April 26, 2016 at

        Excellent resoning. To many people and particularly governments and the so-called “elite” seem to think there is a moderate islam. But there is none: all brands are violent, even against their own brothers, not to talk about their own sisters. These are just slaves, which they can treat as they like. There will come a time that more people will wake-up and see the devastating influence of islam on our society, but it will take a lot of lives to turn this lunatic influence. I fear for the future of my kinds and their offspring.

  2. George August 2, 2015 at

    Bury a corpse of a pig into the building site. And tell about it in the media. The land becomes unholy and they cannot build there. I heard some Spanish people have done so, and it worked!

    • Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at

      I’m Muslim and I Eat Bacon, Pepperoni and Ham. So What. It Taste so Good and I Love it.

      • Marcel Bérubé May 16, 2016 at

        Don’t listen to this , this is taqiya . Taqiya is traditionnal muslim hypocrisy and deceiving so to make non-muslims to down the gard.

  3. Iftikhar Ahmad August 8, 2015 at

    Muslim community in all western countries need Masajid, state funded Muslim schools , Halal meat and Muslim cemeteries. West must learn to respect and tolerate those who are different. Don’t these hypocrites idiots know what their ancestors did to Native American Indians they slaughtered 150 millions of Native American Indians! and also do they know that Great Britain invaded 80% countries around the world? They should call them terrorist first and as well call their ancestors terrorist! British did the same to Native American Indians and sadly they still treat Native American Indians badly! So Americans Indians know how you Muslims feel! They stolen Indian land and killed 150 millions of Indians the British did! They were forced to go to the white man’s school and learn the language, culture and faith of the white man. Inspite of that, they are still the under dogs of the American society.

    Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. The West has never been at ease with Islam since the Crusades. It is unfortunate that huge oil supplies lie under the Arabian Deserts. It is the West that stirred the trouble that led to 9/11. That attack was a desperate act of by men prepared to lose their life. We need to get to grips on who is the terrorist? On 24 November 1963, Lyndon Johnson said, “the battle against communism… must be joined… with strength and determination. Some three million lives were lost in the consequential battles. The US had to pull out due to Public Opinion. Communism lived on. So who was the terrorist?

    The British establishment is wrong in thinking that Imams are to blame for extremism. Imams are not solution to the problem for extremism. Extremism is nothing to do with Imams. Extremism is not created from abroad, it is coming from within. Britain fails to help Muslim communities feel part of British society. Race trouble is being predicted by the Daily Express, because of an ethnic boom in UK major cities. Muslim communities need imams for the solutions of their needs and demands in their own native languages. Muslim parents would like to see their children well versed in Standard English and to go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. The fact is that majority of Muslim children leave schools with low grades because monolingual teachers are not capable to teach Standard English to bilingual Muslim children. A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brit.

    Terrorism and sexual grooming is nothing to do with Masajid, Imams and Muslim schools. Those Muslim youths who have been involved in terrorism and sexual grooming are the product of western education system which makes a man stupid, selfish and corrupt. They find themselves cut off from their cultural heritage, literature and poetry. They suffer from identity crises and I blame British schooling.

    The shocking level of targeting of the Muslim community of Birmingham is indicative of the normalisation of the dehumanisation of the Muslims of Britain. Under the pretext of “extremism”, criminal undemocratic and unethical abuse of public institutions and the Muslims of the UK can occur without much accountability. This pervasive attitude, especially amongst officials like Michael Gove needs to change. Our schools are truly trying to develop our children to do well at schools so later in life they are able to stand on their own two feet, but if we stop our schools from doing this than our country will have up rise of unemployment, benefit issues, crime levels high, I think its time for you apologize and allow practitioners to do their job right.

    • SabaiSabai August 9, 2015 at

      Ahmad, no, moslems don’t need special treatment. If they don’t like the west then just go live in some moslem paradise in the middle east. I could refute all of your arguments but couldn’t be bothered.

      • david wilkinson August 26, 2015 at

        Iftika ahmed.Your cult must not be allowed to promote itself in our education system.A few points .Everytime muslims do some awfull crime in our society you pass i off by.They were not real muslims.So easy isnt it you hypocrite.Your peadophile leader was not a muslim then.He would be given life in jail and torn apart by aishas parents these days in our civilised society which has paedophiles but which we constantly fight against.British murderers around the world?The muslim conquest of the indian subcontinent .Cities given the option convert or die.Slavery.!The muslims enslaved or killed hundreds of millions of indian, men women and children of all religions You burned, erradicated the history of the cities and cultures .The only reason that there is a pakistan now is because you were so hated that the hindus gave half thier country away to try and rid themselves of the virus in thier midst.The hindu as the buddist formula for peace and harmony are introspection.not beating up others to force them to warped cult ideology as yours.It is well understood throughout the world that the hindu -buddist people are the most easy to live with.It is also well understood by every country of the world exept the backward brainwashed people of the countries where you have forced your system on people by violence rape and the usual slavery.Isis is now following the same koran justified evil logic as did the invaders of India .Or were they not really muslims?You are a fool.In the strict sense of that word..In a sense it is not your fault since you were conditioned / programmed by your conditioned/ programmed parents.You need to deprogramm by a very strict daily meditation in which you gently(not jihad,that is violence)keep letting go of all thoughts ideas memories untill you arrive at the peace which is freedom.Idoubt if there are many muslims who would rather choose that path .The attraction of the passive ,obedient, subservient, woman is too great for the sexual needs of your sexually repressed males,and where rape is no crime.

    • Incanada August 9, 2015 at

      Moslems are and have been forcing their way into western countries for too long. The west does not want or need moslems. They and their partner left wingers will not be missed when they are kicked out of western countries. The sooner the better. Bye, don’t let the door hit you in the butt when you leave. Now get OUT!!

    • jeff August 29, 2015 at

      Iftikah Ahmad, listen muslims always try and talk about western countries to try and make them feel guilty,the fact is even the Native Americans dont like muslims lifestyle, they were always more civilised than that! If muslims need all those things then go to a muslim country! western countries dont have to do anything for you! you have to either change or leave or dont go,its that simple! Seeing as you bought up USA and Native Americans, sure they deserve special places for them before you then right?? theres so many countries in the world and no country bends over backwards for each and every one but the fact is every other country is more aligned to western countries than muslim places and you know it! Its so simple,you dont like the western countries ways dont go! If I could I would import millions of russians, hot south american women and in no time Im sure your kind would piss off! lastly its amazing how many atrocities occur in europe due to muslims,the fact is you all stick together dont you,no matter what happens..

      • Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at

        You Conservatives Almost Cost 2 Billion People Lives Since 4000 BC.

    • Lorn September 26, 2015 at

      +Iftikhar Ahmad- mohammedans need nothing. Separation of state and church. islum isn’t a religion it is a cult. Go to a moslem country and get your funding and instruction there. Leave the West alone. There’s a reason you want to go there because it is the best culture. But then you ruin it w/ those scummy mohammedan sharia laws. Look at how great the middle east is. A cesspool.

      • Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at

        SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!




    • Kieron October 29, 2015 at

      ahmad,you come across semi educated,except when it comes to the all Muslims like to do you drag up the past of your enemy.comparing past aggressions all that are non of your own people’s.did you not (Islam) at one point in history rampage right across Asia Minor even into Spain I believe for a time?then you were removed due to not being able,while in some one else’s country,to fit in or comply by their already existing cried poor you then are welcomed into far as I can see not many of you go hungry.before to long (as per everywhere else in the world) there is trouble,remember not just there everywhere.the police protect you while ordered to persecute their own,with all this political correctness are in a free country and you (Islam) show it absolutely no respect.hands out for money,hands out for rights,hands one British woman and sharia police walking around singling out British youth and forcing them to throw their alcohol away,like its your business.telling people in their country what they should and shouldn’t do is ridiculous and offensive amongst other I’m not an historian not a scholar but I do know right from wrong and good from bad and unfortunately your and your ideology are both wrong and more tit for tat white man done this and White man done that.either fit in,be quiet and contribute to society by other means than disturbing it.or simply go bloody home and not London or Sydney or Germany I mean where ever it is you came my opinion no western society should have allowed you to enter for any reason.if you lot were as good as (only) you believe you are,then you wouldn’t have the need to invade by migration at would desire (like myself) to stay in your home land.not the case because yours is a dump.thats the truth of the matter.jealousy is an ugly card to display,an even uglier one to combat with hatred and aggression.that being said,good luck to you and your mob because your going to need it.cheers.

    • richard short January 29, 2016 at

      Geh sterben, ziegenficker.

    • Wayne Keough February 5, 2016 at

      Allah is a figment of the imagination of the false prophet muhammed

    • Profit of Doom February 15, 2016 at

      iftikhar ahmad, please ask Qatar for state-funded masjids. As for ‘halal’ food or cemeteries, you better talk to your mozlem butchers to say a prayer so your food turn halal and to some contractors to bring you some body bags. I assume you want to stay long in your new country, long enough that you hope you are going to even die one day in that place. You are quite optimistic!

      You say: ‘Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods.’
      I say: The main role models for mozlem kids shouldn’t be the mere teacher, but mohomet him/herself’. He was a champion of women’s rights, a merciful illiterate and a a brave warrior, so brave that he missed a few battles behind the lines. Most importantly, he gave men an inspiring example of how to force a 6 year-old girl to marry a then 51 years old. After, the most enlightened-one showed men in his/her mercy how to consummate the marriage with a 9 year old virgin child when men get to the age of 54. Amazing prophecies! I am looking forward to the caliphate so I could implement this example in my life when I reach the same age of profit moo and thus turn my 6 yo girlfriend into a sex partner (apart from my 11 official wives and …zounds concubines)!

      You should not stop writing us your thoughts on how to rule our society. Continue to inspire us with your knowledge and that of your profit moo. Please, quit your day job (or welfare) and tell us more about i-slam from your i-pad or i-phone relentlessly!

      We will stage a Gee-had here for you in celebration of the all-wise, sallallahu-wa-salam.


    • lhecker51 March 10, 2016 at

      Answer these three questions:

      What does Islamic teaching demand be done with non-believers when their country is conquered by an Islamic army? There are three options for the conquered non-believer. What are they?

      Are Muslims not instructed that Islam must be established globally and the goal is establishment of global Sharia?

      How many Islamic jihadis did I personally send to Allah while I was deployed to Afghanistan AND Iraq?

    • Jaap Schaap April 26, 2016 at

      “West must learn to respect and tolerate those who are different”
      Who is saying that? Look what happens with non-moslims in islamitic countries.
      Why are so many moslims leaving the middle east? Mention me one, just one country, dominated by any brand of the islam where even a tiny type of democracy rules the country? There is just NONE, NADA ZERO. This disproves the statement there is a moderate islam. If you believe even a tiny bid of the Kuran then you know it is your obligation to hunt down ALL non-believers. Yes, I know our own encestors did a lot of bad things and even today there is a lot of bad behaviour, but that’s NOT ordered by any religion but by the islam. So, don’t talk about your right to have islamic schools, and repect and tolerance and much more. What do you think of the imam who suggests “quit your job and let those kafiers work for us.” My simple statement is: we don’t need and we don’t like the islam or moslims. Please go home and murder your own kind.

    • Marcel Bérubé May 16, 2016 at

      What muslims need most is a kick in the ass . A kick so big that will throw them back in the Middle East in the middle Ages where they belong .

      Muslims are parasites wherever they go . They suck western economy because they are lazy peoples. They don’t work hard , they do not really contribute to the wealthness of any country they went in . After they have took over any country in the world , the economy of this area of the world drop down , I never went up. So , they go to the next area to suck it to . Muslims have done so since Mohamed and even before him in pre -islamic times. Mohamed and his companions used to hijack caravans , take 10 % or more, enslaved womens or sell them . When it was Ottoman empire ( another name for muslim empire) they used boats to do the same . In Mohamed’s time they attack tribes . In middle ages , they attack european villages and as far as Iceland, where they would kill men and enslaved white women for turks markets.

      Atlantic black slavery market counters were all held by muslims . Muslims were the one who go in villages rapting men to sell them .

      Today , there have never be as much slaves on the planet than ever . Remember Boko Haram ( which means : western civilisation ( Boko ) is not permitted ( haram ) . If it would be , it would be called Boko Hallal . Remember Boko Haram # Bring back our girls with Michelle Obama . You will never see these girls again . They were sell as sex toys for pedophiles or slaves . According to wikipedia page on Slavery , there are sell from 25 to 138 euros each . That is how muslims earn their life.

  4. AtheistDude August 15, 2015 at

    People can call me an Islamophobe if they wish, but let’s talk Islam…
    First, I’ll be blunt:
    Stone Age savage animals trying to usurp reality and our technological civilization.
    I’ve had it up to here with Islam’s crimes against humanity!
    They are barbaric savages with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
    At the very least, Muslims are moronic assholes; poor brainwashed sheeple you could almost pity for not being given a chance at a decent life. Almost. At worst, Muslims are murderous maniacs born for destruction.
    Loons ruled through backwards religious dogmatic conditioning, they can’t even take a shit without going through a series of OCD-like rituals and prayers–and wiping their asses with their Left hands (not toilet paper) because that’s how Muhammad (“The Perfect Human Being” and Allah’s Apostle) Did It 1400 years go! A prayer to shit, a prayer to piss, OCD-here, OCD-there. Do it or you’ll be lashed for disobaying doctrine. Fucking Insanity. Compulsive prayers 5x each day for life.
    Yes, this is a battle of civilizations. If you can’t see it then you need a serious wake-up call and an education. You need to see where They stand and where We stand.
    Muslims have absolutely nothing to contribute to humanity whatsoever except hate, pain, horror, mass murder, and the utter destruction of science, art, history, and archaeology. Just to name a few. Literally all “idoltry” and anything which disagrees with the teachings of Muhammad The Prophet must go! (There is a faction even working on demolishing the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt, too! Idoltry is Idoltry. No exceptions!)
    They’re a cult of never-changing 7th Century lunatics with The lowest I.Q. on the planet (partly due to inbreeding) and next to no intellectual reasoning whatsoever (in fact, Intellectual Reasoning is Forbidden–they follow Muhammad’s teachings and that’s that!). They also don’t give a shit about contraception and outbreed even the most evangelical of Catholics! More kids to be raised under Sharia Law; brainwahed into psychotic submission and most probably to live in poverty (for the most impoverished under Islam are the first to reach Heaven, if you read their holy trash!).
    They hate progress and equality. The 7th Century is the Ideal era for them. They want it back.
    They build more mosques than schools or hospitals.
    Most are illiterate or near-illiterate, especially women (which nicely keeps them Isolated from knowing things in the Real World, and alternative ways of life).
    There are fewer books translated into Arabic than any other language anywhere in history to the present day.
    Their solution to everyone and everything Non-Muslim is death and destruction.
    Their term for this is Sharia Law. Read it and know it. Because everything they do is “justified” under their god. God’s Will! Their motivation is to haul their souls into Heaven–and they must Obey these strict rules perpetually throughout life. If they slipup they can take the easy way to Heaven: suicide-bombing Infidels!
    Sharia Law is a wonderful thing in which drinking, gambling, sex, music, and creativity are Forbidden. And those are just the more obvious items on the surface.
    Any kind of Learning is forbidden so it’s no wonder Islam society is not only backwards but Stagnant.
    Everyone under Islam is a slave to the imaginary slave master named Allah.
    Even Allah’s #1 man, “the perfect human being” Muhammad was His Slave.
    “Islam” literally means “Submission”–to Allah/God. You can imagine what “lesser” Muslims must be to Allah if his Favorite slave was Muhammad. Their compulsive prayer is actually compulsive pleading or begging to Allah not to be banished to Hell but be allowed into Heaven. This is a good example of the Fear instilled in Muslims.
    But back to Muhammad The Prophet…
    A pedophile narcissist who married a baby girl, a rapist, mass-murdering warlord, bandit…this schizophrenic who heard God’s voice in his head, Muhammad had it all.
    Their goal is to spread Islam to every corner of the planet and convert or kill anyone in their way. Remember that when you see all these people in the news dying from car bombs and beheading–it’s not per se about territory or resources or money–it’s about Spreading Their One-True Religion Across The Planet because God orders it!
    That is The sole purpose of all this killing. Allah demands that Islam be spread! That’s what Jihad is all about. Know it well.
    It is so written in their holy text the Qu’ran, along with lots of other gems such as how Non-Muslims are non-human and can be raped and killed at anyone’s leisure (in fact it’s common for a Muslim to pray to Allah before each rape!), to say nothing of being lied to and manipulated to further Islam. You never hear of Terrorists under Islam being persecuted–no, they’re Celebrated!
    Yes, their eligion even says that Lies towards Infidels is encouraged if it means furthering the Islamic agenda. Lies like how Muslims created civilization and take credit for countless inventions (mostly through Stealing them from conquered people–the ones the apologists didn’t simply make up!) and then there’s the infamous “religion of peace” label!!!
    Once Sharia Law is established and all are Muslims, Muslim turns against Muslim and they start to bomb each others mosques over different interpretations of their holy nonsense so there never is any peace even under the “religion of peace.”
    When you hear about such-and-such a mosque being bombed and littered with dead on the news–99% of the time the perpetrator was Another Muslim!
    In fact, there are so few “hate crimes” directed against Muslims–because these savages are protected in much the same way the Mafia is protected.
    NO OTHER religion kills and destroys like Islam. Oh, you can bring up the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades in regards to Christianity and other religions but there’s a big difference here. Islam hasn’t changed, all other religions Have Changed and Matured. Islam is still about jihad and killing and it’s never stopped in 1400 years time! Today it’s the only religion responsible for mass murder on a daily basis in the Mid East world. Brutal murder: chopping off peoples heads with hand-held knives (nothing so sophisticated and distant as an automated guillotine system!), stoning to death, hanging, throwing people off buildings, cutting off body parts, lashing people…
    They are Insenstive to this stuff because it’s Holy, Word-of-God, Allah-Commands BS.
    They actually Like doing this to get in good with Allah! So it should come as no surprise that you see kids playing with decapitated heads and posing for selfies.
    They seriosuly believe Muslims are the only Real people and everyone else is basically disposable animals…unless they convert to Islam.
    Furthermore, being brainwashed from birth, there is no reasoning with these people; no dialogue possible. They only Know they have the one true religion and everyone else does not and everyone else is therefore an Infidel… Their intolerance and anger is almost beyond comparison: riots and killing break out over a pig walked by a Muslim graveyard (since Muslims fear pigs for supernatural reasons) while in another country a Miss Piggy doll in a store window has a similar effect! The Most peaceful arrangement any Non-Muslim community can come to is being allowed to live alongside Muslims under a penalty tax called a gitza or something like that. They refuse to pay and they’re jailed or worse. This is again how Tolerant Islam is of other religions and peoples. 4 out of 5 Mulsims name themselves Muhammad after “the perfect human being chosen by God”–a school teacher names a stuffed teddy bear Muhammad and she’s jailed for this “crime!” And you already know the stories of people who attempt to Draw a picture or cartoon and call it Muhammad! “Insulting the Prophet” is easy–as is getting Punished or Murdered for it. These animals are hyper-sensitive with No self-control or Maturity. Indeed, an average American ten-year old has more self-control and maturity than an Adult Muslim. If you abuse a woman under Islam it’s no big deal, but if you mishandle or damage a dime store copy of the Holy Qu’ran–that’s a crime! Their various religious leaders declare death penalties against anyone who so much as violates the most childish of commandments such as men not growing beards! And again I want to emphasize that we’re not talking about a small cult of a dozen or so “radicals” who behave this way but The Majority Of Muslims of around one million!
    But wait, there’s more: during the Muslim super-holy holiday month of Ramadan these guys fast. The result is the number of terrorist attacks and insanity ramps up to something like 400% above normal around the globe… People who don’t fast are punished, of course, which can range anything from fines to years in prison to public flogging to having your lips burnt with a cigarette. You’ve got to Love these people.

    I know all this sounds impossible to believe by many, like a Hollywood horror movie. But it’s all true.
    Anyone who backs Islam should be considered an enemy of Humanity for backing crimes against Humanity.

    Okay, now let’s put this another way, a more Personal way…
    If you’re Black, you’re hated by Muslims in the Middle East since Black in Arabic literally means Slave. They are Heavily discriminated against there far more than in America or anywhere else. Arabs Started The Slave Trade centuries before any other countries. These guys make the KKK look like amateurs (and due to Sharia Law it’s all quite legal!).
    If you’re Jewish, you’re the automatic sworn enemy of Islam. The Qu’ran has some wonderful stories of Allah turning Jews into pigs, too, and Muslims hate pigs…
    If you’re Christian you’re their #1 opponent, being their #1 competitor.
    If you’re Gay they do a special on you by throwing Homos off of buildings to their deaths or just outright hanging them. If by some chance they survive the fall they shoot them.
    If you’re Atheist you automatically have the death sentence in 13 Islamic countries. Period. No If’s, And’s, Or’s, or But’s.
    If you’re a Woman you’re an automatic inferior to Muslim men, and not even human if you’re a Non-Muslim Woman. Islam buys and sells women as sex slaves! Muslim Woman can be legally beaten by their husbands. Non-Muslim women can be legally raped by anyone. Muslim women who don’t perform their function or violate Sharia Law can even get acid thrown in their faces or worse… They’ve got to wear these burqa things wherever they go, among other restrictions…or else!
    If you’re a Muslim already and wake up to the horrors of this cult and want to leave it (say convert to Agnosticism or Christianity)–your punishment is Death! This, in conjunction with their overbreeding and forced conversion, is why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

    Now tell me that Islam is a beautiful religion and a religion of peace. Tell me you support Islam. I want to hear it!

    Oh, I know what you’re thinking, U.S. citizen… You know a Muslim or two who live by you or work with you. They’re Nothing Like This you’re saying; Therefore what I’m saying is crazy propaganda BS. Americanized Muslims born and raised Here in the U.S. are nothing like True Arab Muslims in the East under Sharia Law.
    To put it another way, you’re only glimpsing watered-down Muslims. Muslims who aren’t under Sharia Law since there’s this thing called the U.S. Constitution standing in its way. Also, you’ve no idea what goes on “behind the scenes” in these Muslim families living here… Honor Killings (and beatings and…) aren’t exactly announced on the 5 O’clock evening news… But be it known, when the ISIS fight comes to the U.S., whose side do you think these Americanized Muslims will take? They have Nothing to lose under ISIS and Sharia Law–and Everything To Gain. They will turn on you just as they’ve turned on others in other countries where these so-called friendly local Muslims lived When The Fight Came home.
    Likewise you very, very rarely see Muslims taking up arms or protesting against so-called “radical” Muslim behavior. If they did that they would literally be announcing that they are Not True Muslims. That’s an Apostany crime in Islam and warrants death. See how this works?
    Americanized Muslims play the poor minority game and act victimized. This is the Power they wield over the naive and innocent who know nothing about Islam. This is what holds certain Democratic Lefties together and backing them–backing the underdog is standard procedure, too bad they don’t know what they’re doing here!
    (I should know because a decade ago I was one of them: “We supply Israel with weaponry and so naturally Arabs hate us” and “We must have done something wrong in the Middle East to offend these poor people.” Yeah, we Offend them by Not Being Muslim. Period!)
    Muslims are Muslims whether they play the book to the letter or not–they all Worship the same pedophile Prophet and consider the Holy Qu’ran to be the Words Of God. When ISIS or some other militant group comes knocking on our door, these guys Will become “radicalized” and join them. For they are all one and the same, and have more in common than they do with the majority Christian population.

    We’re not talking about a dozen cultists on an isolated island somewhere either. We’re talking about a billion bloodthirsty lunatics who could literally extinguish the future of humanity in good time.

    So why is no country taking action against these inhuman scumbags?
    Answer: THEY’VE GOT OIL! So kiss up to them, be friendly, and apologize for any Muslim agression for mistakenly Insulting them.

    SO just look the other way, Pretend that none of this is real (as we’ve been doing for 1400 frigging years) and that there’s only a few “radical” Muslims to worry about…
    Because when I say that the only solution is a nuclear bomb dropped on Mecca, you’ll think I’m Insane. You see, Islam is a Disease which must be stopped. It has to be amputated lest the whole body die–the body being Humanity. They glorify in killing, they’re mindless savages who Refuse education and Refuse to denounce their cult, and they Want to go to Heaven. So let’s help them with a flash, a mushroom cloud, dirty radioactive fallout, and glow-in-the-dark green glass from melted sand…
    Otherwise the killings are just going to go on and on, decade after decade, as ISIS and ohter militant Islamist armies invade and take-over other countries and build up their strength. Sending American troops to fight and Die in these countries–aiding Other Islamic factions–is laughable pointless! The very simplest of solutions is taking out the heart of their holy ground: Mecca. Show them that Allah can’t protect them because Allah is a Fantasy. There is no other solution to save lives but to take out the diseased core of Islam at the source. This is a straightforward numbers game to halt the spread of a mental illness: the ultimate religion of insanity.

    And people Must Learn that Islam is a HATE CULT worse than Nazism and Communism rolled into one. My Challenge to anyone reading this who thinks I’m a propagandist loon is to Do The Research Yourself and Read About Islam yourself. How life is under Sharia Law in other countries and the endless atrocities committed there in the name of Allah. Go ahead, don’t take My word for it.
    This shit is worse than a zombie plague!

    “Radical” Christianity made me an Atheist.
    Islam made me a Misanthrope!

    • Iftikhar Ahmad February 19, 2016 at

      “Islam and the West” or “Islam in the West”?

      Islam is, of course, a “Western” religion, sharing deep roots with Judaism and Christianity

      Muslims are also a strong presence in “the West”

      Islam is the second-largest religion in Canada, Britain, and France, and may well be the second-largest religion in the United States

      “Islam in the West” recognizes the entwined heritage of Islam and the West

      The West as we know it would not be what it is without the contribution of Muslims and Jews (and others as well)

      Are the ‘Western’ (cf. also ‘Christian’) and ‘Middle Eastern/Islamic’ worlds destined to……be in perpetual conflict with one another?…convert the ‘other’ to their way of viewing and living in the world (politically, culturally, religiously, economically, etc.)?…co-exist peacefully and even cooperatively with one another in the same world while allowing one another to retain their own unique worldviews and life ways?

      Native Brits must learn to respect and tolerate those who are different. The needs and demands of the Muslim community are different from those of natives. Muslims are in Britain not to give up their cultural heritage. They must integrate in their new home country, learn new languages and apply for political representation — without forgetting their cultural heritage. It is important to learn Standard English, but their languages should not be neglected. They need Masajid and grave yards. Muslim children not only need halal meat or Eid Holidays but they need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their development period also. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. This is nothing to do with a Islamic Madrassa in Pakistan. The needs and demands of British Muslims are different from Muslims living in Pakistan.

      A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brit. The whole world belongs to Muslims. He/she must learn and be well versed in Standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time, he/she must learn and be well versed in Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural heritage and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. For a Muslim English is an economic language and Arabic is a religious while Urdu and other community languages are their social and emotional languages.

      • lhecker51 March 10, 2016 at

        If I were a Jew during WWII it would be rational for me not to trust ANY Nazis.

        Why should any non-Muslim trust a Muslim? There are some common beliefs that all Muslims are in agreement with no matter if they are so called “Moderate” or “Fundamentalist”. It is these common beliefs that I will question you on and your answers will be more than sufficient to expose the intent of Islam and the evil it represents from a non-believers perspective.

        Here is one of them:

        If I were a citizen in a country that was conquered by an Islamic army and Sharia was established and I refuse to convert to Islam, refuse to pay jizyah and feel subjugated, then what MUST be done with me according to Islamic teachings?

        Let’s see how many replies it takes before you answer directly. I have posed this same question to all Muslims I debate and ONLY ONE answered it. All others refused and gave excuses such as “I will not debate an idiot” and other such evasions. The one that finally did answer took over 13 replies to finally do so, but the truth exposed Islam for the evil it is.

      • lhecker51 March 10, 2016 at

        You posted this on the site you are linked to:

        “There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.

        Muslim community would like to protect their children from the evils of the western society. You better educate your children and let Muslim community educate their children according the needs and demands of the parents.”

        You better? Or else what? You will throw on a suicide vest and blow up?

        Catholic churches fund and build Catholic schools that parents pay tuition to have their children attend. Why must the British government pay for Islamic Madras to be built and run? Build your own schools and indoctrinate your own children at your own expense.

        You blame the US for 9/11. Delusional. Although we lost over three thousand innocent lives, me and my warrior brothers responded by killing tens of thousands of Islamic jihadis. We are not Europeans that role over when you attack us. You may reply that all Muslims consider it the highest honor to die in the way of jihad. I have a solution for that as well. I would not let jihadis off that easy by ending them. I would make them a living example of why a rat should never mess with a sleeping lion:

        Upon capture of an Islamist that attempted a suicide bombing of civilians they will have the following actions performed:

        They will be blinded
        Their hearing will be destroyed
        Their tongues will be cut out
        They would be completely emasculated
        They would lose both right and left hands
        They would be branded on their forehead with “Mohammad is a goat effer”
        They will be in a bullet proof cage and put on display as a lesson to be burned into the eternal memories of all Muslims current, and yet to be born, that you do not mess with us. Martyrdom will elude them and they will live a fate worse than death. Anytime their family wants to see them they can go to the 24/7 webcam and see them in their agony and be warned that if their sons or daughters seek revenge, we have a cage for them as well. Any attempt at revenge will result in additional and equally horrific, but necessary punishment for the prisoner. Muslims ONLY understand brutality as I have come to learn during my deployments. If brutality is the only effective means to break their will, then brutality it will be.

        You want peace? I think you do, but only under an Islamic government. You state that your children must be protected from western influence, yet it is YOU that put them in that environment by immigrating or choosing to live in the middle of the country you find is so evil. You are insane.

        If this fails to be effective, the only other option would be turning your home countries into glass and deporting you all back to them.

        This is not because I hate Muslims. “How can this be?” you might be thinking. Consider this: I do not hate the rabid dog. In fact, if it were my pet and it contracted rabies, I would miss it, but I would put it to death just the same because it is necessary.
        Such is how I consider Muslims. I do not hate you because you are infected with incurable Islam but must deal with you out of necessity. I don’t want to, but to ignore the problem would ultimately place us at fatal risk.

    • realist February 27, 2016 at

      Is Iftikhar not a white British female convert?

    • Daniel April 8, 2016 at

      Excellently written AtheistDude. I wish more people could see this. I highly recommend pubblishing this in as many places as possible, and just on ‘islam awareness’ websites.
      keep it civil and without anger or hate and people will listen.

    • Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at


      You HATEtheists are the Biggest Hypocrites CommuNAZIS in the Whole Entire World.

      500 Million People were Killed by HATEtheists(Atheists).

      2 Billion People were Killed by Conservatives.

  5. zain khan August 26, 2015 at

    islam is peace relagian. ok and iam proud of to be muslim not other relagian.

    • Kieron October 29, 2015 at

      Atheist guy,although lengthy your comment was well worth reading and I’m glad I did.thank you for that.sad to say your 100% correct on every level and glad to inform you your not insane lol.keep up the good work my friend.before go I have a question for you.with the knowledge we have of this disgrace (Islam) and excluding the oil,because if we really wanted that,I believe we don’t need to kiss Arab ass to take it.Why are our politicians bowing to these grommets?do you believe it may actually be fear? Sorry that’s two questions lol.thanks and don’t stop with your input.cheers.

    • Alex LZR February 15, 2016 at

      Did you know that the profit moo used to wear Aisha’s clothes?
      He was a champion of transvestites’ rights, centuries ahead of our time!

      sahih al-bukhari 2442 (on moo wearing womens’ clothes)
      musnad ahmad 16245 (on moo sucking on young boys’ tongues)

  6. zain khan August 26, 2015 at

    i ‘m never alone allah is always there with me

  7. zain khan August 26, 2015 at

    Your always cheacking you whats app to see if there are masseges.
    But the quran has a lot of masseges your not opening it.
    so please one time you all read quran and tell me i say you change of your life

    • Lorn September 26, 2015 at

      +zain kahn. Lies. I read the koran and the only good parts in it were stolen/plaguarized from the Bible. The rest of the crappy book is full of killing “People of the Book” which means Christians and Jews. How is that peaceful? That book is EVIL! islam has no place in the world!

    • skai October 9, 2015 at

      Zain khan ” so please one time you all read quran and tell me I say you change of your life ” Your quran Sura 9:111”Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them paradise. They will fight for the cause of Allah they will Kill and be Killed ” Sura 2:193 ” Fight against them [ infidels/kafirs ] until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme ” Quran is a manual of evil doers . I too like Zain khan suggest all infidels/kafirs to read evil quran to know the evils of Islam .
      Loen You are right .” That book is EVIL Islam has no place in the world ”

    • Kieron October 29, 2015 at

      What the fuck are you on about???

  8. Vlad September 27, 2015 at

    iSSlam is a religion of piss.

    • Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at



      SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!




      Russia is a State of Piss and Hate.

      Conservatives is a Ideology of Piss and Hate.

      – Greeting From America.

  9. Michael October 26, 2015 at

    I will do it!! I will be the Public spokesperson!!!!

  10. Steve Taylor January 27, 2016 at

    @Iftikhar Ahmad You are a typical muSLIME hypocrite. Islam invaded the whole of North Africa and spread its cancer throughout the Middle East. You destroyed the Egyptian, Byzantine and Persian Empires. The indigenous Egyptian Copts live in daily fear from rape pillage and murder. Nobody like muSLUMS, you turn everything you touch into ruin. I look at London, it has become a no go zone in some areas for British people, your annoying mosques belting out ear grating noises. your filthy slovenly shops and poor hygiene. If Islam is so great, why do you flock to the west like it is some kind of Mecca. How come Migrants are flocking here, none go to Saudi Arabia, that country sees non Arab muslims as dogs, well they got that right. The great Umma, what a joke, if you are not fighting against the infidel, you are killing each other, which I find beneficial to the west. As soon as you come to our lands, child rapes, drug dealing and assaults sky rocket.

    • dinda March 17, 2016 at


    • Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at

      You’re such a Biggest ConSHITFARTive Hypocrite in the World.



      AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!




      • Marcel Bérubé May 16, 2016 at


  11. richard short January 29, 2016 at

    Geh sterben, ziegenficker.

  12. Mayflower1978 April 15, 2016 at











  13. jj July 11, 2016 at

    Islam is a declaration of war on each one of us,…You are directly or indirectly concerned whether you like it or not, whether you admit it or not…you are put in this war despite yourself , and you have to fight to survive, you have to fight to save your beloved ones….Staying passive means death, if it’s not your death now, it’ll be the death of your children and grandchildren after you…..Learn how to fight, learn how to defend yourself, your country, your people, and your future.
    every patriotic American British and Europe need to make this post go virile! it’s your life and country at risk from theses low life bottom sub-human bottom feeders!pedophiles are not welcome in the sane world GOD fearing world!

    Japan has the right idea. They don’t let them move into their country

    islam is a crime against humanity

    islam is the most racist cult on the planet

    • jj July 11, 2016 at

      islam is pure Evil! islam has been inbreeding since it’s beginnings there DNA will never recover islam is not a religion it is a death cult.everywhere islam plants it’s cancer it destroys all the good around it and leaves death and destruction.they murder their own family members for they rape children they perform FMG on woman.yes and they have the nerve to call all those who will not except this hideous way of life a RACIST!islam will rot in hell from which it came from.

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