48 stains of semen found after refugee gang rape mother of two

48 stains of semen found after refugee gang rape mother of two

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(Photo above: Rafi Bahaduri, translator for the Swedish state and one of the accused gang rapists)

Translated from Fria Tider:

The Swedish mother of two was gang-raped to the sound of laughter and joyful shouts by at least nine refugees at a refugee camp in Småland Mariannelund, Sweden. The woman was almost apathetic after the rape and still feels that she has something stuffed in the genital area. Today, the prosecutor presented the evidence, consisting of semen probes, against nine men, of whom several defends their actions against the woman.
‘She is a whore,’ says the Swedish Migration Board interpreter Bahaduri Rafi, 25, who is one of the defendants. …

Prosecutor Gunnar Brodin disclosed that forensic scientists found 48 semen stains in the refugee apartment where the gang rape took place. Inside the victim’s rectum and farther up the digestive system was recovered sperm from at least four people. In total, nine men are connected to the rape.

Besides the sadistic gang rape, which was committed by Afghan refugees, the mother of two was close to death because her airways was clogged during the rape, stated courtroom clerk Charlotte Bokelund during the trial. …

The mother of two, who have chosen to follow the trial, repeatedly felt so bad that she had to leave the courtroom to vomit.

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  1. Shaniqua mohamed December 31, 2016 at

    More infidellies.

    • L. December 31, 2016 at

      Deus Vult, Saracen, there will be vengeance.

      • Verk January 3, 2017 at

        Hopefully, and may it be brutal.

    • Hoos December 31, 2016 at

      Mohammed is a homosexual.

      • Arne Strand. January 2, 2017 at

        I doubt it.

        Arne Strand.Sweden.

      • Jimmy the Infidel January 2, 2017 at

        That’s a little silly, isn’t it? Everyone knows that Mohammed is actually a goat-screwing, penis-puffing, homosexual son of a syphilitic whore and her best-looking camel.

      • Karma January 3, 2017 at

        he will bea homosexual after the gangs get him.
        he will be lucky to give his boyfriend oral esx.

    • kathleen mosley January 1, 2017 at

      That poor women and they called her a whore dirty dirty pigs nothing less

      • Steve Buending January 2, 2017 at

        So are nearly all the muslim males in satan’s religion.

        • Silva Bruna Rigutti January 2, 2017 at

          Please do not insult the pigs, they are very clean in their environment. What these Muslems did, was to humiliate the “Western Womankind”. Tha this what they are taught to do by their Book.

      • Carol January 2, 2017 at

        Actually, Mohamed was a homosexual. He was also a rapist, murdering pediphile. And so are all of his followers. These men should have the same thing done to them. Their so called religion doesn’t give them the right to disrespect others. They are the scum of the earth. To find out more about this faux religious cult go to: prophetofdoom.net.

        • Kaz January 3, 2017 at

          Not really if you were litterate i would have recommended you read the quran

          • Clint Eastwood January 3, 2017 at

            If the Koran was available to read very hard to find an original one unless youare also a goat humper

          • Karen January 3, 2017 at

            Kaz learn to spell – the word is LITERATE – this is the level of intelligence of readers of the quran, can’t even spell!!!!

          • Thomas. Anderson March 22, 2017 at

            Mahommet was a pedophile .a barbarian.
            Islam was created by satan .
            Vatican is satan creation
            Rotschild is satan creation
            Islam is satan. Creation

            Hopefully marine le pen will be french president . and she will send to saudi or quatar. The 30 % of french muslims who thinks thzt Sharia laws should be implemented in france .
            The same in every western country. In muslims countrys. 70 % are for sharia laws.

      • Anti January 2, 2017 at

        Maybe he is just a fucking cunt then.

    • Carrie January 1, 2017 at

      Remove these Muslim scum from this earth🐖

      • wapo the man January 2, 2017 at

        are you retard? american are rappist to… even they are the worst terrorist in this planet! get the f&@@ck out of here with your brainwashed info about muslim , you racist!

        • Anne Healy January 2, 2017 at

          You are a pig.

          • Ann January 4, 2017 at

            Disgrace to humanity. I’d burn the lot of them and let them rot in hell

        • Rosemarie January 2, 2017 at

          The filthy,inbred moslim scourge of the planet types……”are you retard?american a rappist to”……….and he,himself,is SO RETARDED he doesn’t even know how mind numbingly RETARDED he is!! hahahaha


          That other piece of shit called Barack will no longer be able to help you disgusting cowards and America’s ‘worst terrorists’ are coming for you!!…..Maybe he will let you lick his filthy balls when you join him there~wrapped in hide of hog to burn until the end of time!! Tick,Tock

        • Mo Ham Head January 2, 2017 at

          You goat shagging paedo worshipping Muslim scum crawl back up your mothers arse where you can from

        • Eagle Hawk January 2, 2017 at

          Islam is a tyrannical, violence-ridden, misogynistic, socio-political ideology masquerading as a religion. These vile, inbred, brainwashed welfare benefit scroungers should all be named and shamed, then lined up against a wall and shot in the privates and left to bleed to death in agony.

          All Moslems must be forcibly removed from all westernised nations, as they do not deserve to breath the same air as civilised people, disgusting, filthy creatures.

        • Mohammad is a whore January 2, 2017 at

          Shut the Fuch up you muslim pig 🐷 basstard.

        • Lynne January 2, 2017 at

          Get your facts straight. Racist refers means offensive behaviour towards someone for their nationality, NOT their religion……

        • Mohammadfuksboys January 2, 2017 at

          Here we go, pulling the race card as usual. Islam is not a race you goat fucker it’s a cult based on lies from a homosexual pedophile. Give away your western made technology and head back to your cave

        • Ted Jaeger January 3, 2017 at

          You are a man? Can’t even spell! I agree, Americans are the best rappers, and Muzzas like you are rapists and uneducated goat fuckers!

        • Craigmoon February 22, 2017 at

          ILLITERATE douche bag muzzie scum..Rosemarie is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about this fucktard..DEATH TO ALL ISLAM..

    • Dan Sweeney January 1, 2017 at

      A short sentence will follow and then they will be issued with Swedish citizenship on release. Women, and only women, sacrificed on the alter of Political Correctness promoted by delude wet liberal politicians.

      • Dr. Sucharita Nanivadekar January 2, 2017 at

        You are absolutely right. Women have been brutalised by these barbarians from 600 AD. India has suffered the worst Hellish torments at their hands. Giving you a link. Please read. themuslimissue.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/isl…..

        • Ingrid January 2, 2017 at

          It is true, India ( and Indian women) is one of the countries that suffered the most from Islamic conquering and occupation….untold hundred’s of millions murdered, in Isis fashion, traditional Islamic warfare methods. But never forget, they eventually, with great courage got rid of them!!! It CAN AND WILL BE DONE…Till there is not one of these demon spawn of Satan left anywhere in the world………Mecca was prophesied millennia ago as being blown off the face of the earth by what the ancients called ‘a flying scroll’….which is a nuke missile…It would appear as a flying scroll to them…Bring it on.

  2. the thought offender December 31, 2016 at

    Complete expulsion is the only remedy. There should be no Muslims permitted outside the OIC.

    • Edward Spader January 1, 2017 at

      Total eradication of the entire religion is the only cure!

      • Shaniqua mohamed January 1, 2017 at

        You people are racists.

        • mohammedisapedo January 1, 2017 at


          • Graham Wilkins January 1, 2017 at

            Islam isn’t a race

          • Yvonne Tierney January 1, 2017 at

            Raping a woman or a child is not allowed in our countries. So you think it’s ok to Rape a woman. It might be in your Culture but it’s not in ours!!! Go back to the HE’LL HOLE YOU CAME FROM AND TAKE ALL YOUR RAPISTS FRIENDS WITH YOU!!!!

          • Thor January 2, 2017 at

            And what’s your fucking point??

        • Mark Griffin January 1, 2017 at

          Says the Muslim….

        • JunieB January 1, 2017 at

          Islam is not a race. It’s a religion. Ergo, not racist. Anti-Islamic sure. But not racist. Nice try though.

          • Rosemarie January 2, 2017 at

            JunieB~It is NOT a ‘religion’ it is a totalitarian political ideology or better yet~a psychotic cult of horror,submission and death!! A scourge upon the entire world that must be blown off the face of the earth and back into the depths of the wickedest Hell from which it escaped!! REUNITE THEM W/THEIR BAT-SHIT CRAZY,PEDOPHILE FALSE PROPHET FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL!!

        • PK January 1, 2017 at

          We are racists because we don’t think like you? This is an act of perversion and no one deserves to be treated this way! They should all be castrated!

          • Joe Blezo January 1, 2017 at

            Hell, Islam isn’t even a religion, it’s a political ideology. And yes, I will be exterminated. Insh-allah!

          • micky January 2, 2017 at

            in my state we will castrated and their genetils stuffed in their mouths, and fed to the Hogs!
            Yes I am racist! I even wear a Tshirt that says so, and its engraved on the top slide on my 1911A’s

        • Ralphus January 1, 2017 at

          Pusslam isnt a race u lying muzzlim pig!!

        • CrankyWW January 1, 2017 at

          Islam isn’t a race.

        • Your a terrorist January 1, 2017 at

          Racist because they are condeming rape and your condoning it?

        • Jay January 1, 2017 at

          Fuck you and your sadistic death cult.

        • skm January 1, 2017 at

          because we abhor what they did, and say so, we are racists. right..

        • Steve Buending January 2, 2017 at

          No your satanic forefathers and children are the lowest on species. Can’t even call you human.

        • reyol January 2, 2017 at

          What race is Islam?

        • Ingrid January 2, 2017 at

          Filthy scum, not racists, REALISTS…..Islam is the most racist ideology ever…You filth think blacks are 3rd rate…its in your writings…You don’t believe in equality so how dare you call us racists…You have 28 million slaves at this minute in your stinking scum muslim homes…We will get every ONE of you, down to the last demon spawn baby……You threaten our children,we women will kill you fearlessly like the tigress in the wild does protecting her young…We have no fear…filthy stinking scum…children of the Jinn. I have read much of your writings and most filthy scum haven’t. YOU ARE ALL DEAD PEOPLE WALKING………….You know Ghengis Ghan left a message for the people of the future, he said to kill every muslim…He tried to but failed but we have much better weapons now… the reason he said to kill you all was because he said you were all pure evil…He sent 200 trade ambassadors to the Islam central of the day, with gifts and friendship to talk trade and you people, you devil’s spawn, tortured and killed them all.. Ghengis saw red and enacted a terrible revenge, his aim to kill you ALL…He said you are the most untrustworthy, slimy, perverted scum ever and must be removed so the world can survive…He almost got you all….but he will finish what he started, do as he said, kill you all, with nukes….Dead people walking…

          • Rosemarie January 2, 2017 at

            AMEN INGRID!!

        • Clint January 2, 2017 at

          Hey lol dont know if stupidity is hereditary but Disliking Islam isn’t Racist as islam isnt a race its an ideology and a violent one at that.

        • Mohammad is a whore January 2, 2017 at

          So are you, pig 🐷

        • Mohammadfuksboys January 2, 2017 at

          And you are retarded

        • Verk February 5, 2017 at

          Go suck momo’s dick, you stupid inbred cunt.

      • L.Davis January 2, 2017 at

        It’s not the religion that’s the problem here. It’s those vile creatures that did this to her!

        • Dr. Sucharita Nanivadekar January 2, 2017 at


        • Ingrid January 2, 2017 at

          Don’t be a moron….READ THE DAMN TEACHINGS…YOU WONT BE ABLE TO BELIEVE IT…..Here’s a v mild example…Koran 9.2 30 ‘The Jews and Christians are perverts, kill them…that ideology is drenched in hatred….It teaches that females are as ‘your valued stock, treat them accordingly’…Allah doesn’t like them, they cannot achieve heaven, no matter how good they are, unless they suicide bomb, but even then its a ‘lessor heaven’…because Allah doesn’t want them interfering with the non stop sex orgy with the endless virgins..I think they get to wash the virgins underwear….
          How’s this one????Koran 22.19…’punish unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water, melt their skin and bellies’…
          There are 328000 words of horrific hate and violence in all their writings AND ALL OF IT ABOUT USING HORRIFIC VIOLENCE UNTIL THE WHOLE WORLD IS KILLED, CONVERTED, ENSLAVED AND ENFORCED….as against 31000 ( Islam is 297000 horrific words ahead) in the WHOLE Old Testament, which is historical reporting of methods used to conquer. As in Joshua taking Jericho…AT NO TIME IS IT SAID VIOLENCE MUST BE KEPT UP UNTIL THE WHOLE WORLD BELIEVES INTHE JEWISH GOD.. In fact its the opposite, a ‘live and let live’ philosophy. Don’t be a moron…what’s the matter with you??? You have swallowed too much left propaganda….ITS ONLY ABOUT SO CALLED RELIGION….God some people…Don’t YOU DARE SAY SUCH IGNORANCE WHEN YOU HAVEN’T READ ONE WORD OF THEIR TEACHINGS…moron……………….. Koran 4.35.. ‘Men stand superior to women in that Allah has shown men more favour, those whose perverseness ye fear, ( ie women’s perverseness, this is from the Chapter of Women) admonish them, remove them into bedchambers and beat them, but if they submit, then do not move against them…Islam is the only ideology which has a Chapter just for females because females are considered v lowly, like animals, your ‘valued stock’..they are only sex objects provided by Allah for his fave sex…The burqa proves FULLY they are only sex objects…NOT the opposite as muslims lying tayqquia ( trickery jihad) as filled the empty heads of morons like YOU….WE will count as one of them when the time comes….

        • Ingrid January 2, 2017 at

          And then idiot, read the sexual permissions in THE TAHRIROLVASYLEH…by the Ayatollah Khomeni, written in1979…About how sex with babies is permitted, to ‘sate a mans lust’…but only anally, how a woman cannot ask for divorce just ‘because’ her husband is having sex with their sons!!! The nerve of her…A woman cant get a divorce in Islam anyhow, she needs 4 male witnesses and no scum male will do it. The Ayatollah also says a man can have sex with a wife or sex slave up to 6 hours after her death….that’s just the beginning…How’s your stomach sweetheart??? And your one brain cell??? Don’t believe me??? You got the books title…look it up…Soooooooooooo, males brought up like this will rape anything…oh forgot, the good Ayatollah says a man can ‘sate his lust with an animal but he must kill it afterward’…this is why many pet horses have been found violated and murdered in Europe and England sweetie………………….LEARNING ANYTHING ABOUT THE FILTHY MALES OF THIS IDEOLOGY YET?????????????????????????????????? Don’t forget, we will count you as one of them, stupidity is no excuse…

        • Ingrid January 2, 2017 at

          Perhaps Sam Solomon can tell your one brain cell something…ex sharia judge turned Christian…..He explains all the hate and inequality in Islam and it’s murderous intent…he ought to know…ex Islamic scholar..who was nearly executed for his conversion.. people like you are so infuriating in your simple minded ignorance, vomiting up verbatim, the left brainwashing…Cant think for yourself…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKyWbzeO6rQ

        • Ingrid January 2, 2017 at

          Here is education, the whole short lecture, from the TRUE meaning of the word Islam to the lack of love in their writings…by an ex Sharia judge and Islamic scholar…This man Sam, is phenomenal to see in the flesh, he came to my country in 2013, with a slightly different lecture for secular audiences, he exudes that something intangible such people like him possess…Its no matter whether you believe in any religion, he’s now a devout and v courageous ex muslim Christian convert, what he is revealing is the1st layer of instruction into the real horror of Islam.

    • micky January 2, 2017 at

      deport/expulsion??? in America he would not even spent jail time much less a courthouse, we wouldn’t even call the police!! Armed men would find him and anyone that looks like him then drag them by the ankles tied to our bumpers on our Harleys or cars or trucks and drug 4 miles to the huge hog farm and would be fed to the hogs while they are still alive! All muslims read the same koran and they are all guilty if ine little girl or woman or child is harmed in any way! they will wish they were dead and our bullets are filled with hogs blood! I will send as many to hell as I can!

      • Dr. Sucharita Nanivadekar January 2, 2017 at

        Most Approprate treatment to be given to these barbarians. Bury their remnants if any in pigskin. Russia does that to Muslim terrorists.

      • Rosemarie January 2, 2017 at

        Blessings from south Georgia~Americans WILL NOT STAND for the filth spread by these evil monsters!! That pos mohammad is nothing but a lying psychotic PIG!! The false-prophet who will burn in Hell for eternity!! The moslim usurper that has invaded our country has scheduled 1001 of these repulsive abominations for my great state alone by the end of February~but his tricks have not worked,We will shove their jihad straight up their inbred asses and send them straight to hell…..18 days boys,we are waiting!!

    • Arne Strand. January 2, 2017 at

      According to a Muslim Prophesy,
      Meckas inhavbitants will be Murdered bu the comingShia Islamic Al-Mahdi from Irak.

      Arne Strand.Sweden.

  3. Mandy January 1, 2017 at

    Absolutely disgusting type of vermen. I hope they get death penalty. Or sent back to the hole in hell. Fucking Muslim bastards .

  4. Jay January 1, 2017 at

    If those men are not executed, Sweden is an a$$hole.

  5. Miss Ogyny January 1, 2017 at

    I typically have mixed feelings about the death penalty. However in this case, the rapists should be shot in their d!cks and have their throats slit. Or skulls bashed in, whichever is slowest and more painful.

    • Gh January 1, 2017 at

      I agree with dicks cut off and one digit from each hand/foot.

  6. Rags T. Tyger January 1, 2017 at

    Whose fault is worse, the disgusting rapists, or the Swedish authorities, who consistently fail to protect the people they are responsible for protecting? As for the rapists, Sweden should apply the Islamic legal remedy and cut off their dicks. But, they’ll probably just receive a slap on the wrist and a brochure on how Swedish men date.

  7. Joyce January 1, 2017 at

    Of course no Swedish or any other European heard of this evil atrocity…all hidden in case we offend “the Muslim community”

  8. Lmcg January 1, 2017 at

    was she native Swedish? how did she end up in the apartment?

    • Tracey Cain January 1, 2017 at

      Yes I was wondering that? Not that that excuses the Muslim scum who did this who aren’t fit to eat Sweden’s shit.

      You’re politicians may be in love with these sub-human filth Sweden. But there’s a change coming and it will be led by the people who have to endure this. So enjoy Europe’s stupidity while you can you Muslim filth. Your days are numbered…

  9. Bob January 1, 2017 at

    Death to traitors.

  10. God Almighty January 1, 2017 at

    Expunge the East.

  11. Carmine DAmbrosio January 1, 2017 at

    Do not let these Animals get away with that, Not a normal race.

  12. Nonya January 1, 2017 at


    • Shaniqua mohamed January 1, 2017 at

      Lies and more lies.

      • God Almighty January 1, 2017 at

        Semen is all the proof you need.

      • skm January 1, 2017 at

        if this happened to you, or a female relative, or a male relative, would you feel the same? just curious

      • William Mason January 2, 2017 at

        I take it you have had it done to you loads of times and loved it you sick fuck 🖕

      • Carol January 2, 2017 at

        Shaniqua, Go to: prophetofdoom.net. if you want to find out about your death cult of a religion. Mohamed was an illiterate pedophile, rapist murderer. He hired Hebrew scribes to write the Koran because he couldn’t write or read. Educate yourself. Why do you think that Islam is so close to the Jewish religion. They worship on the same day, they don’t have anything to do with anything that comes from a pig. and on and on. They treat women like the scum that they are. Wise Up before it’s too late!

  13. 2nd ammendment patriot January 1, 2017 at

    If this had happened to my wife, there would be a house full of dead terrorists.

  14. Julie January 1, 2017 at

    Religion or race has nothing to do with their behavior . They simply sex offenders and should be treated just so jailed but preferably painfully castrated. I personally blame the government’s that allow the huge numbers of migrants in in the first place.

    • DownWithIslamoFascists January 1, 2017 at

      If religion and race had nothing to do with it, how come the woman lived in Sweden all her life without getting gang raped til now?

    • E. March 13, 2017 at

      Julie, if these are simply sex offenders and their religion and race has nothing to do with this crime, why blame the government for letting him large numbers of them?

  15. seamy largey January 1, 2017 at

    Cut the balls of all nine so called men,

  16. NYC Bill January 1, 2017 at

    a tuff guy with an attitude now.
    After sentencing he will be crying for mommy.
    He may find love in jail there are not any sheep.

  17. Gar de leon January 1, 2017 at

    Filthy vermin . These backwards inbred fucks need extermination not asylum or refuge . Scum

  18. Jeannie January 1, 2017 at

    So, what was the outcome????
    Were they found guilty and prosecuted???

  19. skm January 1, 2017 at

    so, if t his happened to Shaniqua, would this person feel the same? Whoever shaniqua is, he or she is the racist not we who protest the scumbags who raped this woman

  20. Bruno January 2, 2017 at

    It sounds to me that this guy was framed just to make muslims be seen as monsters. In united states a proud pornstar can swallow more semen and she can be pounded, tortured in mud, but the thing is in north america this is valid because pornstars are like soldiers. They make the country proud

    • Andrew January 3, 2017 at

      Stupid Muslim, Bruno. Maybe we should hire a group of guys to shoot some semen in your ass, and then torture and rape you to where you could never walk again.

  21. Linda Kirol January 2, 2017 at

    Bruno, i think you deserve the same punishment you retard! She was nobdamn prn star & there certainly was no homor in what was forced on her! “Forced” is the key word here asshole!

  22. YourRudeAwakening January 2, 2017 at

    Holy Jebus the amount of uneducated comments in this thread is astounding.

    First off, of at some point you reading this and had either suggested this is blamed by Muslims or that this was written to make them look bad you should go back to school…. or even better yet?! Wiki afganistan and read up on the culture that is mostly populated there or which culture has the most influence there. After that delete your comment and get your life together.. or Kill yourself

    • Em January 2, 2017 at


      • Steve patterson January 2, 2017 at

        i did as you suggested, and it say 90 % Muslim culture so whats your point

        your calling others uneducated but your not making your point

  23. William Mason January 2, 2017 at

    I would cut their balls off and slit their throats for what they done.


  24. Georgie January 2, 2017 at

    Bastard inbred pigs.
    I hope they stinking scum die.

  25. Mike Sidman January 2, 2017 at

    What the HELL is the major malfunction with you Swedish MEN? Maybe we need to send some Apache or Comanche braves from the reservations, as well as some mean-ass Appalachian “hellbillies” to remind you of your VIKING ancestry. You simply catch the perps, then bring them to a remote forest 50-75 miles away, where OUR BOYS will be WAITING… with Buck Pathfinder knives, circular saws, big-ass bags of salt, several pairs of rubber gloves, and plenty of rope to string up the perps by their wrists. Our Warrior-class Native American and Snake-mean “Hellbilly” boys will re-educate you wimps, they’ll show you how it was DONE in your forefathers time, the good ol’ “BLOOD EAGLE”

  26. brian January 2, 2017 at

    Scumbag dirty animals

  27. Wyatt.Mann January 2, 2017 at

    Thanks Jews.

  28. Stephen January 2, 2017 at

    The penalty for these mutants should be shredding alive and then fed to the pigs.

  29. Rick January 2, 2017 at

    Call me what you want but there are more issues with Muslims than any other race they need to be kept in Their own country if they don’t like it then they should fight for their country

  30. Steve patterson January 2, 2017 at

    i think all sex crimes are abhorrent especially when you have been so kind to open your country to those who were in need , not only that to give them money accommodation a new life

    this is how they say thank you .

    1st of all you need to be aware of who organises this mass migration of immigrants
    jews yep jews who else they dont want a strong europe so there doing there best to screw it

    also in the jewish telmud it permits sex with children aged 3 did you know why the jews have been banned over 200 times from different countries blood libel , killing children for there young blood around passover its true youtube it
    the muslim has been sent as a distraction as the jew robs your country and kills our children
    then the jews bribes politicians ( as they own all central banks ) with just paper
    thats why europe is in such as mess thank fuck we brits got brexit

    your so politically correct as a country , your fucked sweden ps there was a massive paedophile
    raid clampdown in your neighbouring Norway top politicians judges etc etc do you think Sweden
    is complicit ?????????????
    my love tears n sympathy for the women raped no women should suffer what she did

  31. randy Settenbrino January 2, 2017 at

    Common Thread = Jihad
    Islamism armed ideology compels society to comply w/ Sharia
    Mass immigration & multiculturalism a subterfuge for penetration of West.
    Repudiates modernity idolizes devastation & glorifies martyrdom against infidels.

  32. DEV VRAT January 3, 2017 at

    The Swedes are paying very heavy and extremely humiliating price and will continue paying until the Swedes wake , turn on their women and kick every bastard Mullahs and katullahs out of the country. Muhammed was wild , barbaric and a savage and so are his followers.
    adpot Israel’s treatment of these infidels . Keep the under your control until you have the courage to get every barbarian out of your once peaceful country. Forget the United Nations , forget the laws and courts. You are laws and you are courts and you the Swedes mete out punishment by throwing them out of your country. These bastards don’t spare their own mothers , sisters and daughters. Incest is in their blood . To save your country, its way of life and its dignity throw these bastards out- sooner the better or conthue suffering indefinitely. COME ON YOU BLOODY SWEDISH ! BE REAL HE-MAN AND ACT. YOU WILL BE COMMITTING NO CRIME BUT DOING YOURSELF AND THE WORLD A GREAT FAVOUR.

  33. DEV VRAT January 3, 2017 at

    These so called the refugees everywhere in the world are creating the Reign of Terror and the world has to stop them or they overrun each and every country soon. They must be stopped and very soon. stop taking any refugees from the Middle East or for tha matter from all Muslim country. Let them chase Muhammed, Allah, Islam , Quran and their Camels and Goats in the deserts.

  34. ElPolacko January 3, 2017 at

    Girls…every time you leave your Jazzersize class, the Mall or finish jogging and don’t get raped and murdered you should thank GOD that Donald Trump was elected President. Hillary would have brought in millions more in her first term.

  35. usafsam January 3, 2017 at

    These sick twisted scum bags should all be hung upside down in public, their whole package cut from their bodies with dull knives and shoved in their mouths, their mouth sewn shut a d broadcast across the planet until all are dead from bleeding out or choking to death. Let it be a warning to the rest of that sick twisted cult that we are coming for them as well until every moslem on the planet is dead. Burn every koran and make it illegal to ever produce another one!

    islime is not a race nor is it a religion. It is a militant totalitarian political ideology that seeks to enslave or kill all of mankind. It was started by a jealous power hungry sadistic pedophile as a get rich quick scheme and like nazism should be eradicated from the planet. Any one will tell you that if not for the apostasy clause it would have been ended upon that pervert mohamhead’s death. If not for murder, torture, rape and inbreeding it would have never spread nor lasted this long. The whole scam was reliant on people being kept dumb and illiterate. The same can be said of the DNC in the USA… They created the KKK to murder torture and rape as threats to make blacks vote for them and it worked… the majority of them still vote Dem to this day and are too ignorant to know why.

  36. Sean January 3, 2017 at

    This Muslim needs to have his balls cut off and fed to a hear of pigs. Perhaps he could have a guy bang him in the a-s and leave him walking bow-legged. These guys should all be castrated and given the same treatment.

  37. realist January 4, 2017 at

    I’m surprised how every one here acts so outraged about this Swedish woman being brutalised. What was she doing in the refugee camp? This was her choice,she chose to ignore all warnings that are out there. Surely by now every westerner knows the threat that islam poses . They choose to ignore it at their own peril. She walked into a pit of vipers and got bitten…that’s expected surely?

    • E. March 13, 2017 at

      @realist, Other articles have only a little more details but this was an apartment for refugees. It sounds like the Afghan translator who worked for the government invited her over to have some drinks. Whether or not that was a wise decision, I doubt he mentioned 9 of his buddies would be there and they planned to attack her and rape her almost to death. But yeah, you’re right, she’s so stupid she totally deserved it. 🙄

  38. Deedz January 6, 2017 at

    Can anyone find any mainstream media reporting on this? It’s newsworthy surely, but I can’t find anything on it at all.

    • Marco February 28, 2017 at

      Actually the Swedish media buries this stuff and many Swedes not only don’t know it’s happening but are dumbfounded if you tell them because their own govt hides this info from them.

  39. tony cavallo January 6, 2017 at

    Time to eradicate this rasg head problem – with extreme prejudice

  40. Conrado February 15, 2017 at

    This is only a test

  41. Marco February 28, 2017 at

    Satanic behavior perpetrated by satans deluded, inbred minions.

  42. E. March 13, 2017 at

    One of the rapists works as a translator for the government (the full article has more details if you translate it to English).

    It seems that at least one is free and should be deported but Afghanistan won’t take him back, so he’s just walking the streets of Sweden after this crime. Think he is afraid to do it again?

    They need to be shot if their countries won’t take them back.


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