Sweden: Muslim rapes woman lying on broken glass

Sweden: Muslim rapes woman lying on broken glass

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In another Swedish rape case that took place inside a Muslim ghetto, a female was gang raped; raped until bleeding with a gun; gang raped again. The risk of being raped in Sweden during one’s lifetime is one out of four (including estimated shadow-figures and if every raped woman is only raped once), which is probably equal to the risk of being raped in countries in war, such as Iraq or Syria. When it comes to rape, Islamized Sweden is already in a state of war. Sweden does not publish statistics on immigrant crime. If we want to have a hint about who is committing these tens of thousands rapes and other types of sexual assaults yearly, we can turn to another Scandinavian country, Sweden’s neighbor Norway, the country most similar to Sweden. Here 100 percent of all attack-rapes (rapes where the attacker and the victim did not know each other beforehand) in the last five years in Oslo were committed by immigrants from “non-Western” countries. In Stavanger, a major Norwegian city, 90 percent of rapes are committed by “immigrants.”

Here is the explanation: Nicolai Sennels, psychologist: “Islam: root cause of grooming and rape wave”

Translated from Fria Tider:

The very violent rape took place September 12, 2014. It all began when the Somali man stole the woman’s bicycle. When she followed him to take back the bike, he trapped her in a courtyard.

‘- Now you will die you fucking cunt!,’ the Somali cried as he attacked her.

He kicked and hit his victim in the head with a glass bottle and then raped her in different ways. The woman suffered serious injuries.

According to the court, the rape was “ruthless, brutal and characterized by roughness”.

‘The woman has felt the fear of death, and many times during the rapes she asked him to stop, at one point by resting on knees with her hands clasped. The man … held the woman in a way so she could not breathe. She has been lying on broken glass and he attempted anal intercourse,’ reads the judgment.

Ibrahim Ahmed Dahir, who stated that he does not remember anything of the event, was sentenced to 6 years in prison for aggravated rape and has to pay 164,000 kroner (21,000 USD) in damages to the woman. …

The man is Swedish citizen and can therefore not be deported to Somalia.”

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  1. the cysko kid December 31, 2014 at

    Muslims and blacks are a blight upon the earth

    • ang boyd December 31, 2014 at

      You are speaking of Obama

      • dwayne robinson June 25, 2015 at

        All you prejudice ignorant people who commented on black people and muslims.
        For you racist information. black people do not have anything to do with the sick Isis, boka haram or other sick so called deranged muslim terrorist groups. Secondly I can say all white people since hitler has done far worse. But I am not ignorant like your less than mentality racist beings.
        and as far as rapes is concerned, in the US, the sick individuals who were caught raping and having sex videos of young girls were all white people. So since I am intelligent and do not judge an entire race because of sick individuals. I know you racist people are beyond intelligence, but hopefully your next generation will have some type of intteligence to know that we have to be united to fight the sick and deranged individuals.
        Also to point out, their are white, chinese, british, french muslims also.

        • Ariel August 10, 2015 at

          Have you forgotten the dictators of Africa – Idi Amin for instance was not white and Christian. Blacks and Muslims are a blot on humanity.

          • Cheeky November 2, 2016 at

            There are many that say they are Christian, but are not. One must understand what makes a person a Christian to be able to discern who is and who isn’t.
            I could stand in a garage, but I’d still not be a car.
            Idi Amin was not a Christian.

        • David August 28, 2015 at

          You are right it has nothing to do with race, but saying all white people have done far worse is what “you people” always say. So what about the Chinese and Mao of China? Is that an excuse for white people doing bad things because Mao killed 78 million. Really it was more, but whatever. What about the Moorish empire enslaving millions of Europeans. They were Arabic and Blacks from Africa. What about Africans killing each other. What about Asians killing each other. So, because of Hilter, Stalin, Iraq, Vietnam whites should be forever shamed as “racist” and let our women be raped for eternity? See how DUMB YOU sound? Whites are no different than anyone else. WE are not more evil or more racist. “You people” just use us as an excuse to feel good. Do you think the Native Americans were friendly with each other? Haha, what planet do you live on? (Everyone VS the White Man) Right?

          Islam, like all religions, is a disease. A pathetic disease. The religion is to blame because it is fundamentally taught. Just like Jews… Just like Christians… Really some Eastern Religions are benevolent, but the God of the Middle East is a disease. The FACTS are that the majority of Swedish and Norwegian women are being raped by non Swedish men. DEAL WITH IT! Oh, they have the right to do it because white people deserve it. Right? So, should we all go over to China and just rape and “multicultrualize” the shit out of China because Mao killed 78 million of his own people? Why aren’t Chinese people shamed for eternity for their government killing that many people? Why are whites shamed for what their government did and all piled into one pool? It seems to be okay to stereotype whites these days. I am going to get diamond back rattlesnake venom and sink it into every Islamic guys arm that I see talking to a white woman or girl when I go to Scandinavia.

          • SUZY January 4, 2016 at

            YOU ARE THE BEST DAVID!!!!! RESPECT!!!

          • Frank March 31, 2016 at

            (I know I replied to you David, but this post is for EVERYONE) The problem is not just one race. It’s the Human Species. A majority of humans are good, but every group to ever live has its bad apples. Now I won’t defend the Muslim culture because the facts speak for themselves here, but Muslims are not the only group to have committed terrible acts like this. Don’t even pretend that whatever group you belong to are a group of saints; nobody is 100% innocent.

        • BrainWashedSheeplePeople October 7, 2015 at

          Dwayne, you are sadly mistaken. Look at the number one converts to the muslim religion in America. Blacks. Why do you think Muslims are recruiting in nearly all black prisons across the US. Most (not all) blacks, can’t think for themselves. They are followers. Look at what the majority listen to and promote. Rap music. Music that destroys the very souls of humans and degrades women in EVERY way, shape and form. Sadly, that monkey music is now destroying so many of our white youth today. Blacks are not leaders… they are followers.

          • miguel January 31, 2016 at

            so you are saying .. “so many of our white youth today” can´t think for themselves either?

            I think you´re all missing the point made by Dwayne: He says we should all unite to fight the (multi colour and race-)trash, instead of limiting ourselves to ignorant racism.

        • Vully October 22, 2015 at

          The next generation you hope will be more intelligent,

          haha what’ next generation?

        • Ted October 23, 2015 at

          Ignorant? The statistics on crime in the United States needs to be released based on demographics, instead of this information being smothered by the liberal left. The numbers would be staggering as to how much crime is committed by blacks. Then maybe you will understand how ignorant we are.

        • lee January 13, 2016 at

          What you really hope, is that the next generation will just lie there and take it.

        • susan barnacle February 1, 2016 at

          Snad niggers.

        • Leila March 11, 2016 at

          Then why do you chastise the “racists”, as you call them. Why aren’t you mad at those people who commit murders and rapes? I don’t see you saying anything to condemn those scum bags!

      • Brasss Knutts March 16, 2016 at

        TOO BAD for this girl…whites “colonized” countries and subsequently raped THOUSANDS of colored females for centuries. What is happening now is called KARMA…

        • Jack June 1, 2016 at

          Lol. Imbecile. How do you think Islam expanded initially? The Arab Muslims took over Arabia and then all the surrounding areas, demoting the Christian population to a second-class status and taking the local women as their wives. That is how Islam works.

    • drdarby December 31, 2014 at

      This guy was both

    • ronen January 5, 2015 at

      Islam is a religion and an ideology and thus can and must be criticized. Alternatively, nobody chose his or her skin color. Furthermore, black people, as all other colors, identify with diverse ideologies and lead variable lifestyles. therefore it is a disgrace to generalize all black people this way.

    • Pastor Dennis January 5, 2015 at

      I cannot believe that this is happening in Sweden and Norway. I visited there many times in the 90’s; seemed so peaceful. Beautiful countries! And now the Muslims had to go and ruin it! Every country needs to BAN these people and tear down their mosques! NONE are welcome any longer. I will NOT speak to these non-Christian heathen any longer. I have told our churches NOT to conduct ANY business with any of them! Not to speak to them either~ just what the Bible tells us to do. This is horrifying..

    • Black Cross September 24, 2015 at

      Dont get blacks into this, go to london, paris etc. youl see most blacks are working as taxi drivers, store clerks, cops, restaurant service people, rail way workers, Bus drivers, office workers etc., I even saw black french soldiers protecting the people at the Eiffel Tower, so dont get black people into this, Black Christians are on the side of Europe and America, we live with you, have relations with you, family etc., you see lots of white guys with black girlfriends,wives, mixed kids etc., also with Chinese,Latinas etc. and lots of white women with black, latin,chinese guys etc., how many white christian guys have a head scarf muslima as a girlffriend of wife? my guess virtually none, and those that do probably went through hell because the backward Islamic culture and religion discriminates Christians and forbids muslim women from having relations outside of marriage, and certainly from having relations with non muslim men, whose the Herrenmensch now?,its not mutliculturalism that failed, Islam failed, it failed because it is holding on to values and practices that do not fit into western societies and in generall todays modern world, it failed because Muslims follow a so called prophet who himself was a murderer,rapist and war criminal, and they whish to copy him, and they cant critisize him, which in itself plays into copying him without boundaries, this emulation causes more problems etc. etc., so leave blacks out of this, we didnt destroy any European country and dont plan to, we are concerned for Europe, we love Europe, if or when the Jihad war comes we will be on the side of Europa, and we will win! I would not be surprised if a black man or woman will fire the first shot at the jihadist army to defend Europa whilst whites are too busy calling eachother racist and therefore unable to act to defend Europa. Black people are fed up of European people tolerating this unacceptable behaviour from some of the muslims. It seems whites need a black Geert Wilders in order for you to get up and stop the future jihad war before it can even be possible.

      • Beth December 24, 2015 at

        I agree we in America have lived along side each other so long we are like brothers and sisters. We may fight amongst ourselves but will fight anyone who sticks their nose in our business.
        People think we want war, we want to police other contries. Well the American PEOPLE do not want any of this and we are tired of illegal immigrants of any race. We even need to take a breather on legal immigrants. Let us catch our breath. Our government has kept us so stressed over everything they want, we can’t take a minute break. They try and get blacks and whites warring. Calling whites racist bigots and telling black people whites hate you and want you gone. Guess what we get along better than they think. We are neighbors, friends, and family. We worship together we mourn together and we celebrate together. So kiss our collective buttstock if you don’t like it. God bless from this S.C. women and forever GRITS. LOL

      • Elizabeth Jo January 20, 2016 at

        You are correct, but don’t forget the people Islam has most failed are those in the Middle East, who now are forced to turn their children into bombs. This is a seriously sick religion. It is impossible to understand how any Muslim does not convert to Christianity or something else if they need a religion.

      • miguel January 31, 2016 at

        “A black Geert Wilders” !! Superb!

    • BrainWashedSheeplePeople October 7, 2015 at

      Freaking right about that. Put them all on an island and let them kill each other. Animals.

    • Ronnie January 31, 2016 at

      Jan. 22,2016:White police officer in oklahoma sentenced to 263 years in jail for raping 13 Black American women during his work shifts.

      The evil white man just lost his life and the 13 victims will all become millionaires after the lawsuits, book deals,movie rights and speaking engagements. Justice has been served on this white male blight upon thr earth.

    • bigdaddy pie February 4, 2016 at

      amen. If Hillary is elected, this scum will be allowed in the US by the boatload. Head for Japan folks. TRUMP 2016. Let’s not become like Sweden, Germany, Norway, and all the other countries that have taken in these goat fuckers. They make their own countries shitholes, abuse their women, rape donkeys and goats, behead, rape children…and then we think they’ll change by coming to a 1st world country???What in the holy fucking shit is wrong with people?

    • WisePerson March 14, 2016 at

      I’m sorry you think that way. ‘blacks’? They have been marginalized and treated as slaves because of whites. Whites have killed millions of people. Blacks have done nothing wrong in this world. They didn’t choose to be that color. They didn’t want to be treated like slaves. Its amazing how you think that skin tone can define the roles. they deserve an equal chance and they have that right. Of course, people who are rapists- be white or black- are jailed or in some cases, put to death. So many black women are raped everyday. By whites! Whites, Blacks, Asian, Olive colored, are all the same. Even their thoughts are the same. But somewhere or the other, some religious groups have tapered and that is not acceptable. It is our duty to stop these creeping cancer from spreading everywhere. We should be a part of the solution not the problem. Writing comments on a site is being part of the problem. Remember, we are not like the narrow minded rapists. So why should we lower ourselves down to their level?

  2. Ann Inquirer December 31, 2014 at

    How come Sweden does not get it that their citizens are in mortal danger?

    • Martin December 31, 2014 at

      I Wonder that to Ann.

      There seem to be some political correct mass psychose. Media keeps telling us this is just conspiracies and the Majority of the politicians are the same.

      I think the only way out is that other countries start to question this madness. Cause believe me, we are Many who are very conserned…

      • Terry January 2, 2015 at

        We know what “The Evil One” comes for and we now know who our politicians serve.

    • Tenet December 31, 2014 at

      Why do you speak of a country like one entity? “How come America does not get it that Obama is bad.” Everywhere in the West it’s the same, people are silenced by the Hollywood bosses producing “anti-racist” propaganda in movies and TV shows that people watch every day. Many know the truth but are attacked by the media owners, who in Sweden like in Britain and the U.S. are to a large degree not Whites but Zionists who want to pacify the hated Whitey through mass immigration. Corrupt politicians take control of the political parties because the media help them while attacking the competitors within the parties.

    • dwayne robinson June 25, 2015 at

      you are suppose to be a pastor. lol. first they are not true muslims, just like catholic priest who were caught raping and molesting young children. does that mean, all catholics are evil. because of the color is the only reason why you judge, but if it was a person defined in a white religeon who raped her, you would not have hatred on that entire religeon.
      understand that when you have hatred and racist in your heart. you are losing valuable friends. no wonder why so many young kids go to those sick groups like ISIS. because they don’t want to be around racist people like your

  3. Gary in the US December 31, 2014 at

    Where are the Swedish men? Your women are being brutalized by invaders. Grow a spine an destroy your enemy.

    • Jane January 1, 2015 at

      I keep asking the same question to myself…
      And where are politicians, both men and women, to stand for them… where are those **iots who enable, advocate it and keep putting pressure on the same politics in the future…
      Where are the rights’ activists, where are people saying we have the “responsibility” to save asylum seekers…
      Where’s the only one person from all those bas**rds saying “I’m sorry” to these unbelievably suffering women.

      I’m sick of that.

    • Trav January 3, 2015 at

      You act as if white women in USa are not raped and murdered everyday in by blacks and mehecans

    • james January 3, 2015 at

      The Swedish men have been brought to their knees by SJW’s and feminism. The ones who still have “balls” have given up and only care for themselves. Who can blame them.

    • Paul January 29, 2015 at

      The Swedish authorities position can only be compared to the millions of Jews who walked to the German chambers of death; they think they are doing the right thing. Crazy, but the Left believe in doing right in doing wrong to their own.

    • Jasmine February 25, 2015 at

      nothing at all wrong with that considering whites raped and stole native aboriginal indian lands and not a single white person ever gave a fk about that.what about what whites did to Mexicans same crap. what about whites looting from IndiA in 1498 and 1849??? those were Portuguese and british what about French and british in 1861 looting and invading ChinA during the qings dynasty. what about whites colonizing and invading 90% of the entire globe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate muslims but also do not like whites you both deserve to rot in sh..!

      • Dani January 17, 2016 at

        are we still in 1849? wake up…

      • Elizabeth Jo January 20, 2016 at

        Jasmine there is not a race or tribe alive who is in existence because they have not exterminated some other group. There is NOT one anywhere. C14th Europeans were at their worst in South America, but the people they conquered and ravaged practiced human sacrifice on a large scale, ripping the heats out living children. Even the Australian Aborigines displaced the Tasmanian aborigines form the mainland and were constantly at war with each other. In fact aboriginal war in northern Queensland was probably as bad as anything recorded. The thing with Islam is that they kill their own children.. They teach their own little kids (not a few of them – thousands of them) that suicide and mass murder is the way to practice their religion. Then they tell the rest of us that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a truly counterfeit belief system in which life has no value, not even the lives of their own tribes. Just look at the situation in the Gulf States. If anyone goes to the World Cup, given the number of men killed in the construction of stadia, they should be ashamed. The point is that Islam, as practiced in the Middle East (not Indonesia) is about 1000 years behind the rest of the world in its moral development and European countries should face up to this and the danger it poses for Europe in 2016.

        • Horrified August 3, 2016 at

          They killed their kids back then. Now they humiliate and beat them down for the Law instead. What’s next?

    • Rae August 11, 2015 at

      Dwayne, There are many different races who are catholic or some type of christian based religions.
      The percentage of catholic priests doing what you say is small compared to the utterings of these muslims clerics telling their followers that – women are a lower status than men. women have to cover themselves from head to toe, its ok to beat your wife, its ok to have many wives, and so on. The violence towards women in the muslim religion is unparalleled. Stop defending them!! What is happening around the world at the moment is crazy. When a priest is outed for such disgusting behaviour he is vilified by the community and usually charged and goes to jail. What happens in islam when this happens. NOTHING!!!!!! IT’s OK… Tell me it’s any different. Islamic clerics are racist towards white people, well actually everyone else that is a non-believer. You say you don’t judge but you just called us all racist, but bet you don’t know what colour I am…Guess.???? I just wonder what a world would look like under muslim rule. I will tell you, miserable, torturous, unhappy, angry, suffering, violent, Where the world I live in now, is equal. I own a business and my husband, cooks, cleans, and runs the house. Our world is happy, fun, and most of all we are FREE. – FREE TO DO WHAT WE WANT.

    • Tracy April 22, 2016 at

      I’m a woman and hate to have to answer your question with this: Why should non-Christian Western men care about Western women, who’ve been so brainwashed by feminism that they hate their brothers, who are OK with laws that rape men when it comes to child custody, child support, and alimony, who are completely hysterical and hypocritical l on the topics of rape and domestic abuse, who make the workplace a walking-on-eggshells living Hell, who kill their own unborn babies, who act like whores, etc., etc., ad nauseam (quite literally)?

      Until Christendom is restored, until Catholicism and Orthodoxy are honored in their geographical spheres, and until our economic systems are wrested away from people who hate Christianity (and who, because they control economies have the money to buy up the media and brainwash European and European-derived people into hating themselves, buy politicians, and have an inordinate influence in academia), we’re doomed. Men aren’t going to fight to preserve the “rights” of two homosexuals to “marry” each other, or to keep women who hate them from being sexually abused. Secularism doesn’t inspire; it’s death. To think of Europe, the land of the great cathedrals and universities (invented by Catholics), as it once was before the Protestant “Reformation” and to contrast it with what it’s become — it’s heartbreaking. And nothing but faith (the Faith) and reason will restore it.

  4. ershava December 31, 2014 at

    Congrats Sweden, keep importing them, diversity is great.

  5. Incanada December 31, 2014 at

    After asking a few questions on a Swedish site, one response I got was than 70-80% of Swedes (I think it’s ethnic Swedes) defend and side with people who adhere to Islam. Adults in Sweden, I was told, side with the perpetrator, children in schools are beaten, and teachers, principals and other children go after the person who has ended up on the receiving end of a person believing that Allah is good.
    There is a collective madness going on in Sweden. If the world sit by, and point fingers at the victims who are being abused by admirers of Islam, we are all rooting for the abusers. Is that really how we are? If there is smoke there is usually fire. I also find people always say when a crime is committed, if I had only known, I would have done something..
    In Sweden it looks like no one wants to do anything about criminal immigrants and asylum seekers, rapists, thieves, bullies and all the others who want to run the show, we in the rest of the western world have to start doing something, we cannot sit passively by, if we do, they will soon be doing it to us too. Start telling others what’s going on, stand up for victims. Start paying attention to how people behave in your own area, everywhere there are people who think they are better fit to run the show, by telling others how to do things and point fingers at others, we call them bullies, in Sweden 70-80% are super bullies on steroids. They are trying to beat and threaten 20-30% into submission, let them know we know what’s going on in Sweden, and we are mad as hell.
    Abuse is not acceptable, they call us names, pull the race card and the Nazi card on us when we tell them what they are doing is despicable. Hitler’s gang were merciless doing unspeakable acts to human beings, Allah’s gang and his supporters are doing acts people refuse to believe anyone would do to another human being. As long as people say that it does not happen in their backyard (NIMBY), they think they are fine, give it time and it will be in your neighbourhood. Do we not hear about sleeper cells, do you really think thy are sleeping? They are alive and well, working amongst us, befriending us so we will trust them, that is how they get us. Don’t believe them, don’t trust them, you will pay dearly if you do.
    Let us start the ball rolling by making it a subject to be spoken about out in the open. Abuse is a crime and if we accept it we will be next.
    The rape disclosed here took place in Sweden, that woman will have to live with that horrible memory for the rest of her life. Is she lucky to be alive? If it had taken place in an Islamic country she would have been stoned to death.
    His citizenship should be revoked, and he should be deported, even if he was born in Sweden his background is Somalian, and they have a country so back to Somalia after they have taken iris scans, fingerprints etc. of him. He should never again be admitted into a western country.
    The following is from Google and Wikipedia:
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali —(birthname Ayaan Hirsi Magan Isse Guleid Ali Wai’ays Muhammad Ali Umar Osman Mahamud;) — is a Somali-born American activist, writer and politician. She first lived in Holland and was working on a film with Theo van Gogh, entitled Submission (2004). Critical of Islam, it provoked controversy, and death threats were made against each of the two. Van Gogh was assassinated later that year by a Dutch Muslim. She knows how Islam works and she knows what Somalian men are capable of.
    Money spend on these savages is out of control, they do not appreciate a good stable country when they are born there or by some damn lucky fluke ended up in one. Back to Somalia with him and others from Somalia who commit crimes.

    • Elisabeth September 18, 2015 at

      I would answer this by saying, if Sweden can’t control the immigrant problem and doesn’t punish rapists sufficiently and doesn’t protect its own citizens sufficiently, how will they protect tourists? Because they have allowed these ghettos to form and become hostile places full of hateful people, and because the country is now unsafe for women, don’t they know they will have less tourism and people will stay away? I have no intention of ever visiting Sweden, even though I belong to a Swedish club in the U.S. I would not want to go to Sweden and be raped by one of those immigrants or by one who is now a Swedish citizen. I just don’t believe Sweden is a safe place to visit. Instead of solving a problem, the problem has just been moved to poor Sweden.

    • miguel February 1, 2016 at

      “Ayaan Hirsi Ali”, American now? Friend of Condoleeza Rice?
      Did you also read on Wikipedia that she came to Holland based on “lying”. She got there lying about being a political refugee, only to then work her way up into the right oriented political party and dedicate herself to expelling her own country people (who did not lie about where they came from an maybe really were political refugees). Just to be clear, nothing else.

  6. derfallbright December 31, 2014 at

    I hate to sound like a gun nut, but if we had 25 out of every 100 women raped, I can almost know with certainty that gun sales would go through the roof. Oh….I forgot these countries are more civilized…they don’t let their women have guns. Well maybe when the ratio gets to one out of two they will reconsider.

    • Linus January 3, 2015 at

      We are not even allowed to have a good knife on us, only some crap that wont be able to kill

      • Zee January 5, 2015 at

        We aren’t allowed to carry aknife, period. Dun matter how small or useless nowdays

        • Billy December 30, 2015 at

          get the fuck out of there come to canada we will protect you from those fuckin parasites nobody in Canada and USA will ever sit back and do nothing trust me lots of people like me those fuckin maggots will leave western countries cause were not having it not on my watch i will defend freedom to death and theres millions of people like me ready for them

          • Ken March 18, 2016 at

            don’t be silly, Canada’s new PM is a newly minted moslem, having recited the shahada about to years ago in one of our terrorist recruiting mosques. The standard media tricks of disquising the source of murders, rapes and child sexual slavery are routine with our mainstream media. Don’t expect any mor protection in Canada than you would get in Sweden.
            The only saving grace is that we are only about 10℅ moslem now, it will take 10-20 years to get as bad as sweden., because of the numbers, not the progressive attitude. The progressive infection is far worse in Canada , fatal even, than in the USA.

        • Billy December 30, 2015 at

          Get the fuck out of there come to canada we will protect you from those fuckin parasites nobody in Canada and USA will ever sit back and do nothing trust me lots of people like me those fuckin maggots will leave western countries cause were not having it not on my watch i will defend freedom to death and theres millions of people like me ready for them If they start shit here in Canada i garantee you it will get ugly nobody here cares if our government try to intefere they will go down with them if they try to defend them we will unleash a massive attack on whoever is in the way

          • Uncle sam August 17, 2016 at

            Sure, the U.S. will do everything and Canada will do more!!!!

      • Elisabeth September 18, 2015 at

        How about pepper spray or a taser? Are you allowed a hot pepper spray to put in their eyes?

    • lover of peace and tolerance January 7, 2015 at

      thank you for that, so much agree with you. Citizenship needs to be revoked! Send them back to their country where all of them think the same and than they can destroy themselves!

  7. Mike F. December 31, 2014 at

    Before American commenters criticize Sweden, they need to admit they elected an Islamist to the White House who funds and supports jihad.

    • Todd January 1, 2015 at

      We don’t elect them anymore. They are selected by TPTB!

      • Linda February 20, 2015 at

        We elected s Muslim? In your racist , bullshit world we did. Obama is a fine President. You uneducated who want a corporate puppet in the Oval Office. Can’t stand you i breeds who Always vote against your best interest. Brainless morons!

      • Jasmine February 25, 2015 at

        doesn’t matter really when all you white people are illegal unwanted immigrants who pushed out the indigenous people and up to this day the native still aint governing their lands yet whites are still stealing the natives natural rsources and fracking ruining the environment.lets see british are illegal in Canada (Kanata) since 1775 whites are illegal in America since 1492 and british aided fake jews who are actually Europeans stolen lands in Palestinian lands and the illegal whites in the stolen west approved and recognized Israel as a country on May14,1948. whites and muslims both deserve death! no sympathy from me whatsoever.

        • Rae August 11, 2015 at

          If you don’t like anything the white man has done Jasmine, keep sending smoke signals the old fashioned way, stop using white man technology. Stupid!!!!

    • Tweek January 1, 2015 at

      I didn’t vote for that POS.

      • Jasmine February 25, 2015 at

        resources typo. whites should all be deported out of our planet considering they never were on earth when browns were in the caucas region. muslims should be exterminated as well.

        • Dee April 10, 2015 at

          Low self-esteem?

    • Jane January 1, 2015 at

      Does it make Sweden’s people insanity and their own crime any smaller???

      Sure we ALL have the right to criticize what Swedish “people” allow “asylum seekers and citizens with non-western background” to do to Swedish women! Hundreds of rapes, in such a horrific way that we haven’t heard about anything like that for decades???

      Of course America has it’s own problems and crimes. But what’s happening in Sweden? That’s an absolute loss of humanity, wake up my dear.
      Sweden failed to protect its children and women. There’s no bigger crime of society than that.

      • Linus January 3, 2015 at

        Well we have been systematicly been brainwashed and dumbed-down in sweden, we got no right to bear weapons, not even a knife you could kill with. Even tho it is a tool, to cut fruits or what ever. We are not allowed to defend ourselves in our own homes, if someone breaks into my house i need to let him, if i do more damage to him, than he did to me. Then its me going to jail, and paying his insurance. Me alone cant do much, if i would go out and start bashing heads i would be dead within some days. There is almost no one that would help in a situation where immigrants attacks a swede. Many are afraid of being outcasts of the system, being called racists or what ever. When the ones using the words dont even know what it means, they use it everytime someone criticize their behaviour, was this one time a girl with burka, she wanted to be a hairdresser in sweden, the hairsalone said she could get a job, but she would have to loose the burka so people could see her hair, after all she is going to cut peoples hair, people want to see her hair to see if she got style. No insulting words really, atleast not in a racist way, apart from we are saying we dont like how they behave. But anyway, if a immigrant goes to swedish media, his/her story will immediately come up on the tv and news “swedish racist bla bla bla”

        • Linus January 3, 2015 at

          By the way, the hairsalone got a fine for 5000 euro , for not giving her a job with a burka on.

          • Rae August 11, 2015 at

            White swedes, yes white swedes, You are in grave danger of getting exterminated by your very own politicans. Take back your country with riots and protests. Pretty sad that your politicans are so spineless to stop the rot.

        • Kafiristan January 6, 2015 at

          Hello Swedish fellows, if you cant defend yourself, because it is forbidden. Start demonstrations like PEGIDA in Germany! We have to stand up for our children agains the Socialims-Islamisation of Europe!!!

          Aou Aou Aou (Spartans Call)

  8. Maat January 1, 2015 at

    ONLY 6 YEARS??????

    He should be in for life…..this proves that the Judges are corrupt everywhere…….

    • Linus January 3, 2015 at

      You can maximum get 15 years, that is life-time in sweden :p

    • lover of peace and tolerance January 7, 2015 at

      Excellent Kafiristan, go demonstrate, do it by the masses! And do it now. The time is NOW!!!
      Don’t be afraid Swedes.

    • Ariel August 10, 2015 at

      On release from prison, some good Swede must put a bullet into his head. End of story and justice would have been done.

  9. john doe January 1, 2015 at

    swedes are a bunch of girls defend yoursevles

  10. Mattie January 1, 2015 at

    The minimum punishment should be life imprisonment!!! The punishment should suit the crime…

  11. Caesar January 2, 2015 at

    That’s why, I will never visit a country that has muslim majority. (growing process)

  12. bill3542 January 2, 2015 at

    when is Europe going to realize these 12th century goat humping savages from the religion of the insane are not your friends…I know what my Germanic/Nordic ancestors would have done with this vermin…none of them would be left alive.

    those of you in Sweden….get a backbone and grow so balls, these sub humans want you dead.

    • Linus January 3, 2015 at

      We that do want to do something, are pretty scattered around, and we are so few that care. Most are in a state of “as long as it wont happen to me, then im fine” , but what they dont realize is that they let it happen to them since they let it happen to someone else… I know what you mean, and well we are trying some of us atleast, but few in numbers, low on influence, and maybee even require much from others, people need to understand that if they want to be free, they need to defend that freedom, even if you need to die for it.

      • Jasmine February 25, 2015 at

        everyone wants you whites dead and there are allot of people that I know want whites and muslims to kill each other off because you both are a serious nuissance to humanity.you also are both crooks and pests that don’t seem to want to stay out of other races lands.you also both want to change the way other races live in their own lifestyle and try to bring muslim extremist to force conversion no different then Christian missionaries di the exact same thing forcing your false ideology’s onto other countries.whites and muslims should both be placed on a island and atomic bombed 8 times over in the same vicinity

        • Rae August 11, 2015 at

          So what planet do you come from Jasmine?? Why is it ok for people to use what happened hundreds of years ago to defend what is happening now. In my catholic faith, i am treated equal as a woman, with love, we live and laugh, and if I want to conscienceless y uncouple from my religion, no one is going to take me out the back and beat me, and kill me like we know goes on in islam. Islaic fathers are doing it to their children. What hope has the world got when this is going on.

  13. bill3542 January 2, 2015 at

    and yes…as a so called ( gun nut ) with concealed carry in the U.S had I seen this happen over here the muslim POS would have assumed room temperature with some .45 ACP holes in his body.

    wake up people, the crusades need to start again…this time will use nukes and a lingering nerve gas…just to make sure.

    • Jasmine February 25, 2015 at

      did typo. anyways I hope we watch two birds get killed off by one stone. and you british should definitely be NukeD you are the pink bastards that have a crosshair on your forehead by everyone.

      • Jim March 17, 2016 at

        Don’t worry honey. After the illegals we’ll make sure you get a one way ticket to africa so you don’t have to deal with the racist whites.

  14. Brian January 2, 2015 at

    People asking where are the men?

    The sad reality is the jew-run governments will go after any white people who defend themselves.

    For the muslim/african invaders, they get a slap on the wrist and released back into the country.

    • Euro Lev January 4, 2015 at

      THANK YOU.

      People keep asking ‘Why do they allow this?’ THEY DON’T!!

      The JEW does.

      The Jew runs the show, don’t you see?? Open your eyes! Why the FUCK do you think Hitler tried to kick them out???

    • Zee January 5, 2015 at

      The so-called “men” are to afraid to be called “rasist” to do anything.

      And unfortunately those that do have the balls to do something end up being beaten/harassed or even killed by immigrant gangs or thrown in jail for “hate-crimes” when they beat some trash up to protect a Swedish victim.

      According to Swedish law an ethnic swede can’t be the victim of hate-crimes (unless they identify themselves as LGBT or are muslims or jews) they also can’t be the victim of ethnic or religious discrimination (only minorities can), the same way the Swedish hate-speech law only protects minorities (it’s perfectly legal for a Muslim to call a swedish girl “svennehora” (“swede-whore”) or call swedes “svennefitta” (“Swede-pussy”) and such, but if a swede calls a Muslim “blattejävel” (Blatte is a derogatory term originally used mainly for young men/teen immigrants from the balkan area with an attitude problem, but nowdays applied to most darkskinned immigrants, “jävel” pretty much means bastard/F!-er) it’s illegal, hate-crime/hate-speech and ofc Rasist…

  15. Cenator January 2, 2015 at

    Those like Tenet or Brian above, who imply that pro-Islam attitudes in the West are due to Jews pulling the strings, really need mental treatment. Jews know that Islam is their mortal enemy, so they’re not going to favor it. On the contrary, they are the first to warn us, if only we read what they write, e. g. on Dhimmitude.

    To go back to the main topic: under Islamic law and culture, not only are women inferior to men, as Sennels exposes very well (see link above), but in addition, dhimmis (that is, non-Muslims) do not have the right to defend themselves against Muslims (as this poor woman tried to do), neither physically, nor before a law court.

    • Euro Lev January 4, 2015 at

      By importing more Shitskins into White countries, they are turning us against them. The Jew is also writing our laws for us. Can’t you see? It’s so glaringly obvious.


  16. Swede January 2, 2015 at

    I´m a Swedish woman and really worried about my country, like so many others. It´s pure madness over here. For real. Our politic has not worked for years, all thanks to the 100% blindfolds that the politicians and the people posesse. All though, many of us see the truth and what lies behind it. News like this one above, will most likely be unheard of. Everyone tries to shut everyone up if it gets out that a “nonSwede” was the badguy. All hell break loose if it will reach the media. But luckily, the media is as corrupt and fucked up as the politicians so it never gets out anyway. Yay, lucky us Swedes..
    Those who now are sick of all this shit that we put up with from the politicians and media, are beeing under harsh pressure. There is only one way or the highway! Rasist is nowadays the most common word in Sweden. The world needs so badly to help us out before Sweden is no longer Sweden, only a warfield leftover for criminal foreigners..
    I´m a mother and truly worried for my children that is groing up amongst all of this, that apparenly 70-80% of Sweden wants and strives for. Open your eyes for Swedens sake!

    • Linus January 3, 2015 at

      Could not agree more, but more are starting to opening their eyes i think atleast. But many still blind.

  17. Beth January 2, 2015 at

    This is why I have my conceal carry permit and why I will never give up my guns. 6 year and $21,000? That won’t even cover living expenses while she recovers, if she ever recovers, mentally.
    Another case of political correctness run amok. That man’s punishment was a joke.

  18. katko January 2, 2015 at


    Wake up, white man!

  19. jewhader January 2, 2015 at

    You can thank the jews for ykur DIEversity (White Genocide)

    They LOVE stories like this.

    It means their plan is working.

    • Euro Lev January 4, 2015 at


  20. Awesome January 5, 2015 at

    Enjoy the multiculturalization……

  21. Carlos January 6, 2015 at

    I can read so much race/religious hate arising from every side. The act perpetrated is despicable and this animal should be put to death in SWEDEN, NOT DEPORTED. Change the stupid law for good and get rid of these animals, no matter what race or religion they belong to.

    I can recall AUSTRALIA gently told the ARABS that if they do not like the culture of Australia as it is, the same way they were welcome to come, they are welcome to leave. In the process of building a new country every side must be willing to adapt (and sacrifice a part of their original culture) in order to generate a new and better culture/country.

  22. mjazz January 7, 2015 at

    Change the law so that their citizenship can be revoked and sent back to their country of origin.

  23. Jennifer January 8, 2015 at

    Life in Sweden sounds deplorable. I am sorry for your loss of freedom.

  24. Kev Hawkins January 24, 2015 at

    I must say it has been SUCH a DEPRESSING year. From those loser boko haram terrorizing people to douche-or rather daesh ***-holes massacering and enslaving innocents and children and now stumbling upon just how bad MANY european countries have made it for themselves right now.
    I am STUNNED sweden and norway have destroyed themselves
    collective white-guilt from ww2 has turned those govt’s into back-bending self-nihilists
    w/ those terrorist groups it’s as if the nazi’s are back. how in this day and age is that possible?
    Does ANYONE know who are or were some of the leaders that have led sweden into this mess and are still maintaining this insanity?? Just curious, cuz they need to be stopped. this entire self-destructive mentality needs to be reversed. thanks

  25. Kev Hawkins January 24, 2015 at

    6 years? What, is it really gonna be less for good behaivor? 4?3? or whatever accomodation the swedish system wants to give that poor, poor misunderstood somalian

  26. Lee February 5, 2015 at

    Where is your Viking spirit? Swedish men, get off your sofas, buy ball bats and unite against this menace. If women can not rely on their men to protect them, they will turn to the invader and become his whore.
    Unite and fight!

  27. Per Jesper February 23, 2015 at

    I think in future a bullet is cheaper than health/ administrative/ human costs of housing this sort of person.

    Africans/ Muslims are usually malnourished from birth and brain-damaged from being beaten as children.

    The death penalty is the way to go in future for these brain-damaged and failed individuals. I’ll vote for it in the EU and Sweden. I’ll be waiting for you in hell.

  28. Les Thorpe March 7, 2015 at

    The incident as reported is disgraceful. I rarely hear of Sweden in the media (I live in South Africa), but this incident caught my attention. I’m shocked to learn that an advanced, developed country such as Sweden tolerates these crimes against their female citizens. I am of the opinion that the sentence imposed is disrespectful to the victim.
    We have a Muslin community (several million) in South Africa who are both peaceful, respectful and law abiding. However I can see that the time will come when the European citizens will rise up against the gradual Islamification of Europe and “all hell will be let loose”. France and Germany will probably take the lead. My country of birth, Great Britain, doe snot have the guts to do anything about it.

  29. Mary J March 10, 2015 at

    What is wrong with you people? You are all just sitting idly by whilst your beautiful Country is being over-run and terrorised by these medieval animals. Like the U.K. and other European Countries, you will wake up when it is far too late. Why would you welcome people whose only purpose is to take over and instill their backward way of life and beliefs?. If you are too weak to do it for yourselves, you must think of your children and their children and rise up.

  30. Gabriel March 28, 2015 at

    What is stopping the swedes from enacting a law that abolishes citizenship rights for immigrants who were earlier promoted to being a swedish citizen??
    These subhumans has to be eliminated at least from your countries !!

  31. Martin March 29, 2015 at

    I feel like President Obama is raping the United States Constitution.

  32. […] – Sweden: Muslim rapes woman lying on broken glass – Horror night in Swedish Muslim ghetto: gang raped, raped until bleeding with a gun, gang raped again – Nicolai Sennels, psychologist: “Islam: root cause of grooming and rape wave” – UK report: Muslim men 200 times more prone to rape children than non-Muslims… – UK: Paedophile (Muslim) rape gangs may have assaulted “up to a million” children […]

  33. Dee April 10, 2015 at

    Anyone can be deported .. to hell.

  34. Handsome Jack September 15, 2015 at

    6 years?! And a measly 21K? For long-term psychological and physical damage that probably ruined the woman’s life and outlook forever? Death is the only punishment her deserves,

  35. Hiding in the Open October 7, 2015 at

    In the US, this issue gets worse but we have no hope. In Sweden and the other Nordic countries, you have one opportunity to expel these barbarians. Sorry, any culture so backwards as the Muslims may as well be modern day barbarians. They don’t understand compassion, peace or freedom. Their definition of life is fearful patriarchism. They fear and hate women more than anything and have such low, brutal mindsets that, naturally, given the chance many will express that openly in the form of rape and violence against women. Cowards.

    But see, you KNOW who are committing these crimes- why deny it? Whose benefit is it to pretend these people value the same things you do?

    In America, we aren’t so lucky. We can’t say ‘all blacks’ because then we’re ‘racists’. And, to be fair, ‘all blacks’ aren’t terrible or violent- many are very good people. But enough of them revel in destroying anything good, peaceful, and civil in our culture. They are loud, hate the language, lazy, impulsive, and can never seem to believe any black person could commit a crime against a white… ever… even if the paper, witnesses and a mountain of evidence clearly point otherwise.

    There is so much unspoken hatred and fear between races in America, but it’s fair to say it’s because one race causes so much trouble for everyone else. Most every other race assimilates peacefully, but blacks never will. They have to ‘make it their own’. You can make one President, give one her own talkshow, let them slide by with lowered standards and it’s still never enough. They won’t be happy until they own America and when they do (when the liberals hand it over through completely undeserved guilt), it’s certain blacks will completely f*ck it up and beg for whites to help… just as they have in Detroit.

    I know all that sounds ‘racist’… perhaps it is, but there’s a huge difference between racism and fascism. Funny how one day people began intermingling the two terms and using them as weapons.

  36. Hiding in the Open October 7, 2015 at


    Your comments are an absolutely common black weapon against modern Americans. You chastise people today for what was done by people long dead and gone. You’re absolutely no different than the hijackers who flew into the twin towers. They punished complete innocent strangers as a way to hit ‘America’.

    Blacks have to account for their modern day behavior. In modern times, white do not colonize, nor enslave, nor give pox to the Indians (or ‘natives’, if you prefer). Modern day whites are not even the slightest bit guilty for the history they inherited.

    And, if you’ve ever read history, you’ll also acknowledge that it was black Africans who SOLD other black Africans into slavery. How long did this go on? Until roughly 2004 when it was FINALLY legally abolished in Western Africa.

    So, America abolishes in the 1860’s, parts of Africa in the early 2000’s… and you think America is the problem.

    Let’s just add a little fuel to the fire. The blacks who sold others into slavery were taught the practice through Muslims- an increasing religion in Africa.

    Good stuff coming out of ‘mother Africa’. Seriously, if whites really did migrate from there eons back, that was the smartest and most fortunate thing that could have happened. No black with any means in America wants to migrate back- it doesn’t take much to understand why.

  37. irelands wall November 5, 2015 at


  38. David November 19, 2015 at

    It is an example of a real rape. What I hate is the trend to call rape many other not really serious or somewhat understandable offenses.

  39. HeathNo December 1, 2015 at

    It is unbelievable to me that Sweden has thrown its women under the bus. The stupid PM the other day was CRYING because …..she conceded, perhaps, feasibly it might be a good idea NOT TO LET EVERYBODY from around the world in. And make no mistake about it: this is NOT because she realizes that the very population her and others like her have let in are perpetrating rape on an epic scale, no big deal, those bi***es were racist for even reporting it, right? Something is seriously messed up in Sweden and across Europe. Nowhere is the tendency towards flock-like sheep behavior more clear than in contemporary Europe, where political correctness and white/collective European guilt has taken over common sense. I’d say this was shocking, but the Europeans don’t have an awesome track record of anybody standing up, or being able to stand up, to express a dissenting viewpoint. Then we all wonder how we got the point of 1) a mass rape epidemic; 2) all our Jews disappearing; 3)_________________(fill in the blank). I’d love to say I told you so, but it’s no laughing matter with folks dying. But I told you so, Nigel Farage and Marie LePen who are far more conservative than I am also said it. But hey, being protectionist (although I’m a left leaning socialist) must mean I’m racist, right? Or…..does….it…..make some sense? Lefties need to wrap their mind around the REALITy that NOT EVERYBODY wants peace in this world and that checkbook diplomacy, or moving all the world’s immigrants into a higher standard of living, DOES NOT FIX what’s wrong withe mentality. Middle East is Middle East for a reason. Duh.

  40. HeathNo December 1, 2015 at

    Oh and my Turkish friends report that they have started carrying knives on the metro in Stockholm and in Finland because it is no longer safe. As they aptly put it, “if I wanted to live like an animal, be stalked all the time and worry about my personal safety, I would have moved to Syria or Iraq, not Scandinavia.” Well done Greenies and SPD/CDU dweebs. Not everybody deserves a space in democratic societies. Hard to swallow, but it’s a fact.

  41. ian December 11, 2015 at

    All I have to say is I would ship every fucking muslim back to where ever they came from end of story

  42. ian December 11, 2015 at

    All I have to say is I would ship every fucking muslim back to where ever they came from end of story.

  43. Khrishna G December 15, 2015 at

    This makes your heart and stomach crunch and there is a very very wide hole in the pit of your stomach. My heart goes out to this young lady. ANYONE who does this sort of crime should be punished severely. 6 years …. no way this needs to be life imprisonment, he is a HUGE THREAT to society. When he gets out is he going to commit again ! YES!!! This is HATE at its worst.
    I remember stories when India was invaded, They took all the prettiest Hindu girls and raped them that is why there were these child marriages cause when they saw the red mark on the heads they would leave those, saying that they are already married. In my generation I do not hate ANYONE, HOWEVER WHEN THIS IS DONE THERE IS NOWAY THAT I WILL CONDONE THAT. I AM A WOMAN AND THAT AS I SAID BEFORE LEAVES YOU WITH SUCH AN EMPTY FEELING YOU CANNOT DESCRIBE THAT. MY FEELINGS ARE SO HURT EVEN THOUGH I DO NOT KNOW HER . SHE WILL TAKE A LIFETIME TO GET OVER THIS AND HIM ONLY 6 YEARS … NOT FAIR!!! NO WAY.

  44. Seamus the Black December 20, 2015 at

    You asked for it, Sweden. Your feminists devalued your men to trash, then you aggressively invited violent ideologues into your country. What, pray, did you think was going to happen to your formerly-happy society?

  45. Prabin January 18, 2016 at

    I can’t believe Swedes n Norweigns cant protect their own citizens! And just 6 years fir such a horrific and cowardly crime???? What do you have to do to get executed or at least lifetime jail?? Wake up people before it’s too damn late!

  46. Vivek January 18, 2016 at

    Sweden & Norway are Stupid Countries, coz they allowed this M….fuckers in. When this basterd were living in their war fked Countries they were crying and now they are arguing on how correct their Religion is, Shame on you beggars.
    Now they are out of danger, now they are in comfort zone, Now they are getting free Food, Free Roof and now they will make a group of robbers, group of Rapist, and some years later they will ask Separate Country with help of Gulf countries, same like this SOB done in Kashmir.

    Guys dont wait for Govt. to act, take a gun shot right away, one who will dare to touch your women.

  47. Ajinkya Gokhale March 3, 2016 at

    After seeing Muslims do this shit, Christianity and Hinduism sound much better. I am happy and proud that I am a Hindu.

  48. Concerned March 7, 2016 at

    Blonde western women are usually gawked at every time they visit the Middle East or Africa. But nobody in Scandinavia or Europe gawks at Middle Eastern or African women. Is this because European women are much more attractive? The Muslims and Africans must feel that they went to heaven when they got to immigrate to Europe. But what does Europe get from this?

    A very interesting video to watch:


    • kevin April 25, 2016 at

      europe gets nothing, islam has absolutely nothing to aport to the civilized world, if europe wanted to import knowdledge and wisdom they invited the wrong people, wisdom is found in japan and china, not the middle east.

  49. Boyd By God March 25, 2016 at

    Muslims are cunt infidels! Fucking cowards! Lololol!

  50. UMAR March 31, 2016 at

    You are liar ..

  51. Daniel April 9, 2016 at

    Those who are so quick to scream racist or to blame someone or a whole race of people solely based on the color of their skin tend to be racists them selves! Anyone so fast to excuse the behavior that many migrant men have done by raping others. May need to have their own mentality check out. This world needs to bring back death to all child rapists. And child killers. And physical castration to all rapists.

  52. kevin April 25, 2016 at

    6 years!! are you kidding me?!! WTF, are the autorities stupid? give him 50 years.

  53. ax wi June 18, 2016 at

    You harvest what you plant, europe. Enjoy islam and black fxcker. LOL

  54. Alexander July 13, 2016 at

    Fucking asshole, I hope he fucking burns alive and suffer just like this poor girl did!!

  55. Horrified August 3, 2016 at

    It feels hopeless when a bunch of smokers who are driven by Islamic forces argue and hate. They question females integrity all the time, and suggest what a female should be doing. Females become bullies and want to be worse than a man, and join men in this problem. Some females are well protected and don’t suffer these problems and think it’s a natural process because it’s been worse in the past. I don’t want to suffer for a bunch of women who hate, and a bunch of men who like rape or think that’s the way to be. I know better and my life is hard. It’s difficult for me to get by despite awareness. Why can’t the Middle Eastern and other people who know they are only a problem stop producing babies or go to a war and finish up what they started? Those bloodlines are real. I’m tired of being attacked by war thirsty street people who yell at me for any reason to push for war and fights and anger.

  56. gareth November 4, 2016 at

    The odds of being raped in New Zealand are 1:4 and 1:100 rapists are ever prosecuted

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