Belgium: kindergarten can not get insurance due to “too high” risk of attack

It is not the insurance company’s fault, it is just adjusting to the new European reality. The fault is by the pro-immigration parties.

Via RT:

A Belgian insurance company has refused to renew the policy of a Jewish kindergarten in Brussels. They cited the recent growth of anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish organizations, adding that the risk of insuring the school was too high.

The European Jewish Kindergarten is located in the same Brussels district as the European Union headquarters and it normally enrolls around 20 to 30 children per year. The decision by the Belgian insurance firm not to renew the schoola��s insurance policy was taken in relation to a marked increase in the number of terrorist and anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish institutions over the last few years.

A spokesperson for the European Jewish Association said, a�?The insurance agent contacted us a few days ag A� A�o with the unpleasant news that the insurance company wea��ve worked with up to now is nnot prepared to extend the kindergartena��s insurance policy, in the current situation, due to the high risk entailed by a Jewish institution,a�? according to Haaretz.

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