Belgium: Six Iraqis dance and sing during gang rape af unconscious girl

Via Daily Mail:

Belgian police have seized a video which reportedly shows an unconscious girl being gang-raped by a group of Iraqi migrants.

Officers investigating the radicalisation of a 14-year-old boy in Ostend discovered the footage on his mobile phone.

The video is believed to show him and six other attackers laughing, singing and dancing around the victim who has passed out drunk at a party.

The suspects then pull down the 17-year-old’s knickers before groping and raping her.

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  1. A man who picks up a drunk woman in a bar is an ugly man.

    A guy who beat someone else because of his religious feelings is a bigot.

    Several guys ganging up on an unconscious young woman and raping her are cowards. Worse than a rabid wolf. Undeserving of life.

    • Muhammad al-Bukhari, I think it was, claimed that Mohammed loved his ladies during their periods, if you know what I mean.

  2. You got to laugh at that trolls standard muslim response to any thing they dont like!So poor little Aisha was a lie..that would infer that the Koran is a lie, and so that makes its author a liar.Huh..they are their own worst enemy!

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