“Citizen Of The Year” in Oslo: “Death to Israel”, “Long live the sharia”

(Photo above: Mohsan Raja and one of his Facebook comments: “What is going on with all those people who have gay colors on their profile photo?? Same sex relationships are illegal according to Islam. NO MORE DISCUSSION! WE Muslims can not show our support to somebody who Allahs strongly dislikes. I think it is wrong. It would almost be the same as saying that I support people who drink alchohol, kills, sells drugs etc.!! Ja, we should respect all people, but we should not respect their actions.. HAVE A GOOD DAY :-)”

The Muslim Mohsan Raja was elected as Citizen Of The Year in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. The election was mainly based on his voluntary work in Nattevaktene (helping people getting lost etc.) and Refugees Welcome. Raja was chosen by the readers of Oslo’s biggest newspaper – but only after the election, the newspaper disclosed certain details about Raja…

Translated from Oslo By:

“‘Bullying and harassment is not freedom of expression, those who do should be prepared for reactions, and people react differently…” he wrote two days after the attack on the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, where twelve people were killed.

In another post written on Facebook this summer, Raja wrote that it is a criminal offense to be gay or lesbian, according to Islam.

In addition, according to Aftenposten, Raja has been convicted several times in the period 2002 – 2010 for drug crime and violence. …

On social media a photo of Raja poses with a pistol is being shared. …

‘- This is a photo from Pakistan, where everyone has a gun in the home. It was taken in 2010 and I posed to look cool.’ According to Raja, he grew up in a tough environment in Groruddalen, with gangsters as role models. …

Abusive tone towards female volunteers
Volunteers in the the group Nattevaktene describe Raja , who has also worked in the group Refugees Welcome to Norway, as controversial …

Several pointed out that Raja especially has had an inappropriate tone towards female volunteers. Aftenposten has seen a dialogue between Raja and a female colleague which must be described as very inappropriate.

Volunteer coordinator Maren-Anne Haslie in Refugees Welcome to Norway (RWTN) do not want to be interviewed about Rajas behavior. But on RWTNs internal forum she describes how Raja tackled the conflicts that arose between the two groups:

‘- The way Mohsan Raja handled the conflict has resulted in many of our female volunteers not wanting to work with Mohsan.’ …

‘- On twitter different users have posted two new Facebook messages that you have written in 2014:

‘Deat to Israel.” andA�”Long live the sharia.”

– Do you still stand by these statements?’

‘- The Sharia comment I can not remember having written. I’m not practicing and do not know the details of Sharia. In questions regarding Sharia I back what the Islamic Council says.’

‘- And the Israel comment?

‘- This is a conflict that has lasted for many years. I support Palestine in this conflict.'”

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  1. Welcome to foolish Norway! When will the Norwegians ever understand that as christians, jews, women, gays, apostats or atheists, they have NOTHING good to expect from muslim migrants and that they will always be hated by them for what they are! Islamic clerics will always take care of that!

    Norway, for the sake of your citizens, do not take in muslims anymore……….

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