Comedian Pat Condell on “The Invasion of Europe”

EU was started, it is said, to protect Europe from future wars because the Union would tie up the member states to closely that they would not be able to attack each other. And here we are standing, with our trousers down the ankles, while the Muslim world invades our continent without firing a single shot. In fact, EU sails them with boats and drives them in trains into the heart of Europe through a string of open borders.

EU is the cause of the coming conflict on European land.

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    • And you’re a parasite. Muslims believe Islam is the truth. But Islam is nothing but man-made nonsense. And sadly, because of your low IQ, you’re too stupid to understand.

      • As Anders said. you can see anything in his statement but he is an infidel. I can just assume that is beacause of your blind believieng islam in compilation with your questionable iq. want you to polemize with my opinion? feel welcome…

    • ” New dictionary entry.
      ISLAMANAUSIA; A ‘cancerous’ death cult.; Objective; The path to Armageddon..
      An evil ideology derived from a war loving murderous paedophile whose prophesy was apparently spewed by Satan himself.
      Death manual the corrupt Quran, for the creation of living ‘zombies’, fodder for false martyrdom, to instil a deluded selfish belief, to murder and destroy to ‘attain’ an eternity of sexual perversion and depravity.
      Spread this word !!!!! “

  1. Almost incredible that European civilisation is allowing itself to be permeated with paganism and barbarity.

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