Danes: Immigrants are the “greatest threat” to Denmark, professor claims that “cultural” factors increase crime among certain groups of immigrants

When Danes fear immigrants, it is not because of the average American or Chinese – it is because of the Muslims. Muslim immigration has proven to be a weapon of mass destruction, blowing up the very pillars of society: our economy, cultural cohesion, safety and free speech. No wonder why Danes fear immigration more that the much hyped global warming, economic competitiveness and the all-pervading and very real terror threat. ScreenshotsA�and text translated from SA?ndagsavisenA�(text in bottom):

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(“The threat against Denmark. We asked the Danes: What is the greatest threat against Denmark in the future? 1) Immigrants. 2) Climate change. 3) Competitiveness. 4) Terror.”)
(“Employed or studying: Western immigrants: 60 percent. Non-Western immigrants: 48 percent. Descendants of Western immigrants: 64 percent. Descendants of non-Western immigrants: 52 percent. Danes: 74 percent.”)


(Crime index (100 is average), adjusted to social and economic factors)

“…24A�percent see immigrants as the greatest threat to Denmark in the future. … According to Lars Holmberg, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen, there is no simple explanation for why some ethnic groups are more criminal than others. “There are many factors that come into play. Both the social and cultural background may have something to say. Even if we adjust for social background, certain ethnic groups are still overrepresented,” says Lars Holmberg.”


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