Danish Captain on working with Afghan soldiers: homo-sex, drugs, masturbates in front of Western soldiers

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Translated from JP:

“Cultural clashes have hampered the work of the Danish soldiers, since a battalion of the Afghan National Army (ANA) in May this year were accommodated in military camps in the Danish action.

‘The Afghan soldiers had a different view of how to eat and sleep. They could not understand that they should not defecate in the baths. Some simply left when they were guarding the place. Others would not go on patrol,’ said Captain Thomas Damkjær, commander of Bravo company on Team 9 which returned home in August 2010.

‘Some of the Afghan soldiers were taking drugs, which is unacceptable when dealing with weapons. And on Thursdays some of the Afghan soldiers had sex with the teenagers and young men who were traveling with them,’ he said. …

‘The cultural differences are huge. They were smoking cannabis in the guard towers and masturbated in front of the Danish soldiers,’ he said.””

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