Danish Muslim ghetto: Masked thieves storm out of church in front of churchgoers with jackets, bags

(Photo: “‘Youths’ stoning public transport in Bispehaven”

From Uriasposten:

“The City Church in Bispehaven in Aarhus, has long been plagued by thefts, both from parked cars and inside the church. Tuesday night there was Christmas concert with Aarhus Gospel Singers, and it was, according to one participant, interesting in several ways.

Initially, the churchgoers was told that they should not leave valuables in their cars, and although the City Church had hired three guards it turned out that there had been theft from several cars. The source also says that the concert had just started when three masked men ran through the church with their arms full of coats from the wardrope.

The organizers said later that two bags were found in the parking lot, presumably left by thieves.”

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  1. it is racist to complain about muslims destroying your country (even though islam is not a race)

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