Danish research: Muslim children have radically “less empathy”, poor at handling conflicts

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Translated from Information:

“A five-year child of non-Western (Danish media-slang for Muslims) parents have in average less developed empathy, are less able to cooperate and find it harder to express his feelings than a three-year child of Danish parents.

It is one of the conclusions in the report on Children’s early development and learning, which is published by a research team from the University of Aarhus, University of Southern Denmark and RambA�ll. The newspaper Information has spoken with three of the researchers behind the report, which agree that the results are ‘extremely worrying’:

… On average, the non-Western children are at a level of development that is lower than the a two years younger child of Danish parents. The difference between the two groups remains significantly up to the age of five and a half years, which is the oldest group of children included in the study. There is, according to the report, no evidence to suggest that children of non-Western parents reach the Danish children’s level of competence when getting older.

The children’s social competences have been measured by means of a detailed questionnaire, where the child’s teacher must answer a number of questions. It is questions like: ‘How do the child handle a conflict?’ ‘Does it seek adults’ help or does it give it up?’ ‘Does the child show empaty care for other children if they cry or loses a toy?’ ‘Is the child able to express his feelings? ‘…

Apart from poorer social skills, the report also shows that children of non-Western parents are statistically significantly worse at speaking Danish and have inferior mathematical understanding. It is not so surprising, says Dorthe Bleses. …

Another explanation may be cultural differences, explains Hanne Nielsen: ‘It may be different perceptions of child rearing; for what is good and less good social behavior towards other children. … ‘”

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  1. Moslems are narcissists, children, youths and adults, ALL of them. Only leftie politicians are into them because they to are narcissists.

  2. The lack of empathy is frightening. If we combine the lack of empathy with exposure to domestic violence, within a supremacist ideology, it is a recipe for violent crime.

  3. Look here how a turkish child can act https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs75FjMd1RU
    ant the stupid womans think it is funny….when he is 12 he will beat them really hard…
    ps:an stupid leftwing german woman wrote in the comments that they speak POLISH haha…i think everybody hear thats not Polish.Im sure its turkish or kurdish.

    Also ask an dog seller what inbreed dogs do….they will bite you without a reason…

  4. The only surprise to me is how complacent and immasculated European male culture has become. Why is it that in Europe there is this pathological obsession with appearing ‘cultured’, ‘worldly’ and ‘tolerant’ to the point of giving up your daughters to the very same group of invaders that plagued Europe over a thousand years ago? Is the applause coming from the leftist academic/educated elites so sweet to pay such a heavy and shameful price in silence?
    My descendancy is Portuguese – that country was founded by men who removed muslims from their lands by the sword. I am sorry to say that Portugal has become a beggar state whose people are completely unworthy of it’s great history. Yet they fancy themselves a cosmopolitan culture because they allow themselves to be walked on by every foreigner that jumps off a boat. I hope it can one day reclaim a small piece of that former pride.
    No doubt there are many of you who will call me a fascist for saying all of this. So be it. You are the ones who have been duped by the lazy post war baby boom hippie generation and their effeminate ideals of peace and love and brotherhood – a pathetic fantasy worse than any fairy tale. I would rather be called so and advocate yea even fight for my people than watch another victim fall to these cretins.

  5. @Shaniqua – We’ve all read your inflammatory and extremist comments in these threads. Your character proves the researchers correct.

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