Danish soccer: Whole Muslim team plus fans beat up referee

(Photo above: Fremad Amager soccer team)

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According to the blog Uriasposten the team players are: Mohamed, Mohamed, Abdelkadar, Bekacem, Belmaillah, Lobitzi, Rafique, Sari, Sulaiman, Turan and Jamshidi x4.

The opposing team – CSC – is from the famous free-city Christiania, a part of Copenhagen where hash is sold openly and the whole athmosphere is very pro-multicultural.

Translated from BT:

“A replacement player from Fremad Amager’s bench was according to eyewitness so angered that the referee gave a red card to a co-player, that he chose to enter the field and beat the referee from behind. Players from the CSC team tried to go between the player and the referee to protect him, but this just made the situation escalate. More Fremad Amager players joined the assault on the referee who got more beatings. One of CSC’s players also received blows to the head. …

Suddenly also Fremad Amager’s fans ran into the field and delt out punches and kicks. The referee was threatened …

There were now 40 people inside the field, and the judge alternately fled and was assaulted over a period of 6-7 minutes before he finally managed to escape the assailants when police arrived. The referee was subsequently driven away in an ambulance.”

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