Danish soldiers threatened near Muslim ghetto, patroling beduin photografed near planned veteran home

(Photo above: this Muslim beduin in military uniform was photografed 300 meters from the new home for military veterans)

There is something rotten in the state of Denmark, when returning soldiers has to live in fear from the enemy in their own country. In fact, it ought to be the opposite. In this case a fund wants to build a home for veterans a few houndred meters from the Muslim ghetto GellerupA�and the infamous GrimhA?j Mosque, where soldiers – including the National Guard – have been threatened.

Translated from Uriasposten:

Journalist, TV2 East Jutland: Danish war veterans are protesting that a coming home for veterans are planned to be located in Gellerup. The veterans fear that some of the home’s future neighbors (Muslims) will react negatively to the presence of former soldiers who have been deployed in war zones.

Kasper Wilkenschildt Skipper, TV2 East Jutland: Three former soldiers are looking at what may be a new veteran home in Aarhus.

‘Pierre’, war veteran: Could it not be in HA?jbjerg or Aabyhoej, it would have been much better.

Kasper Wilkenschildt Skipper: The problem is that nobody will use it.

‘Per’, veteran soldiers: They will not use it. I do not think that they will.

Kasper Wilkenschildt Skipper: One reason is that the GrimhA?j Mosque (famous for recruiting Islamic State warriors) is located two hundred meters away.

‘Pierre’: The problem is that we have seen that the National Guard has been threatened when getting close to the GrimhA?j Mosque…

‘Per’: The veterans will experience harasment on their way to and from the veteran home because of their former employment in the military…

Benjamin O. Yeh, spokesman for Danish veteran soldiers: “Like all soldiers, veterans and relatives may know, our new Veteran Home in Aarhus will be located 400 meters from the GrimshA?j Mosque and right next to the Gellerup ghetto where a lot of Isis warriors live. … It should be added that TV2 has been out there today to report about these news. While they stood there together with veterans some extremists from the neighborhood/local area came. The crazies (Muslims) said that it is not allowed to record tv in the area. They have introduced Sharia in the area.

Pierre Skovgaard, veteran: “The Veteran Home should be a safe haven for all veterans. Therefore it surprises me strongly that the Fund unanimously choose to place it near Gellerup where: Uniformed authorities are wildly hunted, the National Guard has been subjected to vandalism and threats, bus routes and local sports clubs have been closed due to violence. And the list is even longer!”

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