Danish state tv on German anti-Islam demonstration with 15,000 participants: “Thousands of ordinary Germans. It was the German middle class, who demonstrated today”

This is very good news and excellent that the Danish state tv, Danmarks Radio, truthfully notes that the opposition to Islam comes from the middle of society. The journalist’s claim that Germany is heading for a “Right turn” is not true. Being against Islam has nothing to do with being Right wing. Actually, criticising religions, defending womens’ rights and the right to speak one’s mind no matter how much it may offend of be against public consensus, used to be Left wing. When talking about Left and Right in politics, it concerns how big the state should be (including how high the taxes should be). Left means big state and the state controls a lot of the citizens income through taxes, Right means small state and small taxes. What is also good to know is that botn Nazism – National Socialists – and Fascism are Left wing, since both wants powerful states. Anarcists are actually Right wing.

Video (if I were siding with the sharia or a politician who had helped sharia advance, I would feel a bit nervous…):

From Sueddeutsche:

In Dresden, 15,000 people demonstrated for the movement “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West” (Pegida). The demonstrations against an alleged alienation of the land grows weekly.

According to the police, over 5,600 people joined a counter demonstration, “Dresden for all”.

Chancellor Merkel condemned the “Pegida” actions – Germany has no place for propaganda and slander.

Thanks to Uriasposten for transcription:

Kim BildsA?e Lassen, anchorman: Michael Reiter, you are with me from Dresden. You have been to a demonstration the whole evening. Try to describe to me what kind of people are demonstrating. Is it as the politician here said, mostly neo-Nazis in suits?

Michael Reiter, TV news: Well, I looked very closely, and I saw no suits, I saw a handful of neo-Nazis and German right wing populists, in turn, I saw thousands of ordinary Germans. It was the German middle class, who demonstrated today. It was not a bunch of thugs with swastikas tattooed in the neck, and it is thought provoking that this protest is out of the middle of German society. It has not been seen here in Germany until now. … It can sow the seeds for a German right turn.”

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  1. Dear Author – please question your translation because what you wrote is very ambigious and may give your readers the wrong idea. I suggest rather to translate as in: “this could be the seed to turn things around in Germany”
    PEGIDA has nothing to do with Nazis, nothing to do with right or left wing. Read their agenda, posted on facebook or on their website – I find nothing wrong with what they stand for.
    I am German and I demand the right of freedom of speech – ALSO and especially if I am critisizing someone’s misbehavior on excuse of their religion in my own country. If that someone does not like it, because he/she did not grow up with European culture (ie of freedom), they are free to go back to where ever they came from.

      • The world is waking up too Islam…In Australia we are offended that we have to change our way of life so we do not upset them…. It’s always about changing for them… They should try to fit into our society since they claim they fled theirs for safety.. yet we see they do nothing but bring what they left with them…

  2. If anything the decent, moderate German people have waited too long to finally let the left-leaning Merkel and the rest of the EU-infatuated elites know what they’re really feeling, about the betrayal of a stable, peaceful, prosperous (and generous) society which they (not Merkel) created after the anguish of two world wars (in which they were not the only culprits, but for which the left has pilloried them ever since). In their genuine wish to be seen to ‘make amends’ the German (and Austrian) nations have in my opinion taken tolerance, hospitality and charity to levels far beyond any reasonable expectation … I say this as a regular visitor who has toured many towns and cities during the last 25 years, encountering spontaneous, good-humoured generosity and genuine warmth. I am familiar with many of the great population centres and have noticed with sadness, especially in the last decade, how immigrant-origin families have gradually transformed certain districts, and groups of youths and young men have begun to ‘push the limits’ in terms of anti-social and threatening behaviour. In some cases I have found myself unable to photograph beautiful historical buildings because the steps and facades have been ‘staked out’ all day by groups of arrogant, shiftless, provocative youths or professional beggars. Like media everywhere, the natural first instinct is to ‘pretend it isn’t happening’ … but finally Mr & Mrs Average German have had enough and THEY are not pretending … all strength to you, Damen und Herren, in beautifuk Dresden and all the other centres where you have shown the spirit and courage to stand up to the creeping death threatening REAL European civilisation.

  3. Germans need to be educated on what islam stand for instead of listening to islamaphobia agenda.They may abhor something which is lucrative to their well being

    • You can shove your islam education where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s high time the whole of the west woke up before it’s too late. Take your islam back to whence it came. As for islamophobia, there is no such thing, simply an invention by muslims and their blind appeasers to continue their march across the world and to detract from critisimsm of it by the too politically correct west.

    • And who the hell are you to tell the Germans what they should be educated on? The whole west has listened to the likes of you in a polite fashion for way too long.

      • I used to go to a religious school when I was a kid … it occurred to me half-way through my education that it was all about POWER … I started to resist indoctrination and even though it affected my school references, I never fully accepted the doctrine … as soon as I left school, I junked all the propaganda from my mind. A lot of what is called ‘Education’ is just brain-washing … whenever someone presents you with a version of history, make sure you check all the alternative versions.

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