Denmark: 10-year-old boy sexually abused inside mosque

To understand why, read here: Sexual abuse widespread among Muslims

Translated from JP:

“A 10-year-old boy has been subjected to a sexual assault in a mosque in Copenhagen on Saturday afternoon.

Police have arrested and charged a 47-year-old man for the crime.

In a preliminary hearing Sunday the judge decided to put the man in custody for 15 days. …

The offence allegedly took place in a bathroom. Here, the man pulled down the boy’s pants and made intercourse movements.”

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  1. Well, this is to be expected, if all the girls are already bequeathed and the property of someone else then all that is left to go around is little boys. These mentally-ill tards are left with two choices, rape a white girl from the indigenous population or bugger a 10 year old boy in the safety of their mosque.

    Giving their mentality it’s really a no-brainer for them.

    You will also see that the guy will probably get off with a warning due to his mental ilness.

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