Denmark: 16-year-old girl avoid gang rape by five immigrants by biting

“Different ethnic background than Danish” is Danish media slang for Muslims.

Translated from JP:

“By biting a man in the hand and scream for help a girl of 16 years managed Saturday night to avoid being raped in Herning. …

As she walked along shortly before 23 o’clock, she was seized from behind by two men.

The men held her arms and held her mouth hard, hile they forced her into yard.

One of the men took her jacket off and also tried to unbutton her, police said Sunday night.

Three young men stood and watched as the two men assaulted the 16-year-old.

But the assault was stopped. The girl bit one man in the hand and screamed – prompting the men to run away. …

All five men have a different ethnic background than Danish …”

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  1. Biting’s good, but also try spitting, urinating and just generally acting like a crazy woman. Keep a demonic look on your face. Don’t bother to beg them. That will never work.

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