Denmark: 160 percent increase in reported “honor violence” in 5 years

When will the feminists stand up and speak out for their suppressed, beaten Muslim sisters?

Translated from EB:

“A large number of women of immigrant origin in Denmark are exposed to honor-related violence, strict social control and threats to their lives because their families or acquaintances do not believe they live up to some fixed cultural norms.

New figures from the National Organization of Women’s Crisis Centre (LOKK) reveals that the number of cases of honor-related conflicts has more than doubled over the past five years. In 2009, there were 440 requests, while 1183 reported being victim in honor-related conflict in 2014. …

It is very violent what is happening to them. Someone has for example been subjected to very severe violence…”

If you have the nerves, you can watch raw video here of a man beating and stomping his wife for singingĀ here.

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  1. These same battered women will help their spouses behead you in the name of their satanic ideology, islam and will hold their own daughters down while the husband cuts her throat.

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