Denmark: Arab-looking robber breaks 15-year-old girl’s skull in Muslim dominated area

Translated fromA�EB:

“A 15-year-old girl remains hospitalized with a fractured skull after a serious assault in GrA?ndalsparken at Flintholm station, where she was knocked down from behind by two bag robbers.

She was beaten in the back of the head with a blunt object and in the face with a fist blow, police said. …

The girl had been to football training … she was listening to music withA�her earphones …

The robbers only took the girl’s bag, not her mobile phone. There were few valuables in the red bag. …

The 15-year-old has only been able to give a description of one of thr robbers. He was 15-20 years old, Middle Eastern or North African in appearance …”

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  1. In germany 2 youths beat a pregnant woman to hospital and robbed her…don`t know if they are muslims,one newspaper write only MIGRANT Background….the other wrote nothing….

  2. Muslims are like having starved feral dog packs on the loose in your streets. Actually i love dogs and they would only behave badly if they are starving. Muslims just behave this way as a matter of course.

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