Denmark: Asylum seeker steals baby

(Photo above: asylum seekers at Avnstrup, Denmark – (notice how they stand gender separated))

Translated from Lokalavisen:

“Jeanette Hansen got her baby kidnapped when she was shopping in Viby Saturday. Fortunately, she quickly discovered the abduction and chased the perpetrator down to Viby Station, where he was about to take bus 215 to Avnstrup (asylum center)…

At the station, she sees something resembling a pram. She rushes off and starts screaming when she sees that it really is her pram and her little son standing on the station without her. Surrounded by three people who are obviously waiting for the bus to Avnstrup.

‘The approximately 25-year-old (kidnapper) just stands there staring me cold in the face without moving,’ says Jeanette…”

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