Denmark: Convicted terror preacher (unemployed since 1992…) sexually attacked 12 year old girl

(Photo above: Said Mansour)

What kind of “man” gropes a 12 year old girl on her “breasts”…? I can not think of anything more disgusting than paedophile terrorists. And Islam produces these hate-beard growing, pyjamas and funny hat wearing, inbred, head banging, sharia-enslaved, Quran-quoting, Mohammed-the-paedophile copy cats, child raping, terror-sympathizing lowlives on industrial scale. A third of Pakistani men think that raping small boys is “not even a bad thing to do” and Bacha bazi – sexually exploiting young boys dressed as girls – is widespread in Afghanistan. In England, “Muslims are 154 times likelier to be perpetrators of” raping and trafficking young girls.A�Read why here:A�Sennels: “Psychological Consequences of Islama��s Views on WomenA�and Sennels: “Islam: root cause of grooming and rape wave”.

Translated from EB:

“Mansour was convicted for terror paragraph for having praised terror and called for the killing of Jews and infidels on Facebook. …

Quite remarkable is that among the former verdicts listed by the prosecutor include terrorist activities, theft, violence and possession of illegal weapons, and a judgment by the High Court in 2002, where Mansour was found guilty of having assaulted a 12-year-old whom Mansour pulled away from a playground and groped her breasts.

Mansour, who in court dressed in a white robe and wearing the distinctive hat over his black hair, take the situation quietly.

However, it is not the case for several of the Islamists who have showed up in court, and who refuse to stand up for the judge. They seem dismayed at Mansour’s previous convictions, but they direct their frustrations against the prosecutor. They wisper ‘pig’ to the prosecutor. …

Mansour has reportedly not been working since 1992. He has added many convictions to his criminal record, many of them for illegal possession of weapons – everything from machetes and knives to guns, gas spray and rifle cartridges.”

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