Denmark: Elite soldiers patrol Copenhagen in full combat gear

(Photo above: Danish elite soldiers patrolling a Muslim ghetto on February 14th)

Not many details have been released about the use of the Danish military’s elite combat troops against the jihad attack in Copenhagen on February 14th. But it is a fact that the Danish state has used soldiers against its own citizens inside its own territory. This is absolutely a milestone in modern Danish history.

Translated from EB:

“The country’s absolute toughest combat troops from several military units were at the weekend called in to join the fight against terrorism … Called in to work on Saturday night: The country’s toughest fighting soldiers.”

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  1. The thing is are these elite combat fighting unit there to protect muslims from islamaphobia or are they there to combat all the muzrats that are actually damaging the place with their fires and violence against the indigenous population.

  2. Moslems trying to play the victim card. Treat moslems well and they turn the table on you. Danes STOP being fools!!!!

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