Denmark: Free Speech under attack

1) Fined two years afterA�burning the Quran:

“A man from Jutland has burned a copy of the Koran in his garten. After having shared a video recording of the session, accompanied by the text “Think of your neighbor. It stinks when it burns.” on his Facebook profile the man was reported to the police by two people with foreign names. Police has interrogated the man and subsequently fined him 1000 kroner for racism. The man has no intention of paying the fine and awaits for the case goes to court.

On the background of burning the Quran the man on Facebook:

‘Burned the Quran to prevent others from reading it.”

2) Imam preached war against Jews before terror attack against synagogue: Not convicted

“The day before the 22-year-old Omar El-Hussein committed terrorist attacks against Lars Vilks Committee (a Free Speech event) meeting in KrudttA?nden and the Jewish synagogue in Krystalgade in Copenhagen, Imam Nihad Said El-Sayed told the listeners to go into direct war against the Jews.

Nihad Said El-Sayed’s sermon took place Friday, February 13, 2015, in the mosque Masjid Al-Faruq in Heimdalsgade in NA?rrebro – about a hundred meters from MjA?lnerparken where the terrorist Omar El-Hussein hid between the attacks on KrudttA?nden and the synagogue. …

The Imam also stresses that those who prefer human laws above the law of Allah, shall be considered as animals …

General Prosecutor Lise-Lotte Nilas writes … “I do not see proof that the imam committed a crime under the Criminal Code A� 266b (racism). I further conclude that any further investigation will not be able to provide such evidence that could lead to a charge.'”

3) Absurd: Victim of Islamic assasination attempt charged for mentioning attacker’s name:

“The man charged for trying to kill the former chairman of the Free Speech Society, Lars Hedegaard, shall continue to be protected from having his name mentioned in public. …

Lars Hedegaard is charged for publicly mentioning the attacker’s name.”

4) Charged for disturbing public order for putting up ironic stickers about terrorists:

“In April, Uwe Max Jensen (Islamic critical artist) is going to court for having violated public order by having put up a posters with the text ‘Terrorists Welcome – Bring your Weapons’.”


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