Denmark: Man knifed on arms, back and stomach for “looking”

This is the type of crime that I would call “dominance crime“. The attacked happened in the infamous Muslim ghettoA�NA?rrebro.

Via Berlingske:

“Tuesday night a young man was attacked with a knife by three men on outer NA?rrebro in Copenhagen, reports Sajjad Haider from the Copenhagen Police. “We go out there with a patrol and see that he has cuts on his arms, back and stomach…”.

The young man was on his way home when a silver Opel Astra passes by. He makes eye contact with the people in the car and they ask why he is looking on them. A discussion starts, and during the discussion the man is pulled down a side street and cut,” said Sajjad Haider. …

“We have examined the crime scene. We briefly had to cordon off the street while we searched it with dogs. In the silver Opel Astra would be three men. Two of Arab background and probably one of Somali background…”

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  1. We need to learn from the example of Buddhists and how they deal with Muslims. Get armed, muslims attack you, shoot them-drive them out of your countries. That is is the only solution. You cannot peacefully co-exist with these fascist monsters.

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