Denmark: Muslims beat random couple with bottle and iron chains in the face (graphic photos)

More Christmas-terror. Nanna writes on her Facebook: “The blood is streaming from my mouth, the back of my head and the other wounds. My lip is split in two, all the way up to the nose. … I do not understand.. I am left with a lot of questions. Why? Why us? What is the meaning of this extreme violence? What is happening in the head of those immigrants, when they thrash a couple that is on their way home from Christmas Eve? I am filled with hate, frustration, and sadness. I do not want them in my neighbourhood, my city, or my country.”

The answer for Nanna’s questions is the same answer to why Muslims kill, maim, rape, and persecute non-Muslims everywhere in the word: the Quran orders Muslims to do it. Translated from EB:

“The couple from Vesterbro in Copenhagen was on their way home from Christmas Eve.

The couple was walking along around Enghaveplads (Copenhagen area known for roaming packs of Muslims) when a young guy came cycling. He was only 16-17 years, but seemed very confrontational.

What do you want? Do you have a problem, he asked us several times and got off his bike, Nanna says to Ekstra Bladet.

At one point Mads asks the youth What what do you want‘? and the teenager goes amok.

Nanna describes how the youth hits Mads in the head with a glass bottle.

Suddenly more youths come up from a basement. They are armed with iron chains, the kind that is uses for locking scooters and motorcycles. They attack Mads. He defends himself, while punches and kicks rain down on him, and soon he fall to the ground.

He shouted at me that I should run, but I was afraid that they would kill him. So I intervened,’ says Nanna Woodsman.

She was knocked to the ground and had her face beaten with the iron chains. Thereafter, the youths ran away.

Nanna was hit directly in the face with chains and among other things she has lost a tooth and got a split lip.

Nanna describes the perpetrators as migrant youth.

A: Man, foreigner possible Somali background 16-17 years wearing blue hooded sweatshirt, dark clothes and white sneakers shoes.

B: Male maybe Somali 16-17 years, bald wearing black winter jacket with white hoodie, light jeans and dark shoes.

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    • This is what happens when their numbers are allowed to grow that high. Cocky, arrogant, bold and dangerous. We in the states must not allow their numbers to grow to the proportions the idiotic Europeans have or it can be said that we too are idiotic in allowing our own destruction. Since the governments are letting this type in without restraint, we must find a way to stop this. Somalians, as well, I’m shocked I tell you.

      • don’t talk about muhammad u are who going to the hell i’am muslim and yeah don’t talk about muhmmad okay cuz u make your self just a joke cuz u are talking about person better than u

    • Denmark and all other Scandinavian countries should deport all Muslims especially the Black ones for they’re envious of the beautiful ladies because they are sub human freaks.

      • FUCK ISLAM!!!
        FUCK ALBANIA!!!
        FUCK KOSOVO!!!
        FUCK BOSNIA!!!
        FUCK SODOMY!!!

        Muslims are Sodomites

        Sodomy and Pedophilia was Brought to Europe by the Muslims

        Catholicism is Fake Christianly and It was Brought Up by Muslims to Deform Christianity to Turn Them into Sodomites and Pedophiles

    • Fuck Satan, Fuck your pussiness, I want to kick all their asses now.
      Too many God-Damn Prayer Warriors, nobody wants to fight,
      I’m surrounded by fucking pussies with sand in their pussy.

      • i’am mulime u are who make islam look bad we don’t hate u so why u hate us we don’t do any thing bad to u and who are kill guys is just acting like they are muslims but they are not cuz they want to make islam bad

    • Where is the government who let them in in the first place? And what’s with the ban on obtaining guns for Danes and Swedes protection? This must be placed at the governments door.

  1. Well, anti0whites in a white country attacking white people 馃檪 What is unexpected in it? No muslims, blacks or whatever else other then ethnic danish people has a place in Denmark and that is indeed OK 馃檪 It results in a safer, gentler world. I hope that the couple recovers well, that they and others learn something from the ordeal, and that the perpetrators are caught 馃檪

  2. Wake up Europe, this is not rain, someone is spitting all over you.
    and this time you can’t blame the Jews/

    • Sorry but the jews did that to us by open boarders for them…In the coming years europe can expect big civil war when paki numbers will grow….40-50 years max so jews will still be looking to rob nations which they control….when WE are going to be busy fighting with brow or black nebiour next door !!

      • przemek – You worm…maggot…crawl/slither back in to your hole. You..and your ilk..are like dog sh.t under the civilized man’s shoe. YOU..and those like YOU..are the problem.

        • Idiot. Can’t you see which international ethnic group is behind EU immigration policy? Have you any intelligence? This is by design, and the intended outcome is the implosion of Western (White) Civilisation. It has always been the barrier to this group’s design for complete global hegemony. And you pretend to believe that you are sage? Grow up and see the world for what it is, and not some cultural marxist eden you pretend it to be…

          • What a pair! An idiot Polack and a stupid white trash b.tch.
            Jews have given up on Europe long time ago. How do you like Jew free Euroland with Muslims in their place.

          • Anne, enjoy your muslims next door! The Jews are vacating Europe bc they can no longer live there in safety! In case you didn’t know, Muslims #1 enemy are Jews! You’re so full of it and hope you 1 day meet the SS officers and Hitler who you love so much – you BELONG with them!

        • Frank
          u fukin prick.. read something and learn more, than get some speach u dark hole.. dickhead

      • Przemek, you really are a prick. The Jews did not do that to themselves and nor do they control the world, you anti-Semitic twat.

      • Przemek,

        You are a raging antisemite Nazi! Really, Jews did this? Are you not aware of the fact that Jews all over Europe are leaving in droves (especially in France, where they can no longer walk down the street without getting beaten by Muslims!) The ENTIRE population of Jews in France are expected to be leaving for the U.S. and Israel. Look that up and stop lying, you Nazi!

  3. Dear progressive, multiculti, guilt ridden Scandinavians

    The Muslim scorpion is attacking with it’s deadly sting the friendly, good intentioned frog (EU’s) that offered to carry the scorpion to the other side of the river (The 21’s century)…

    The Muslim chickens have come to roost…

    Wake up from your zombi like, self destructive mental state and deal with the ultra aggressive, ultra hostile, imperialistic civilization/culture that is hell bent on destroying you and conquer your continent/culture

    best wishes and speedy recovery to all innocent Scandinavian citizens that were abandoned by their self hating governments to become pray for barbaric Muslim predators.

    Get rid of the scorpions!!!

    AA from ISRAEL, which also has a big scorpion problem…

    • scorpion? body, you mean cancer.
      only in hebrew we use the same word for both the animal and the disease.
      讛讬讬转讬 诪砖讗讬专 讗转 讛转讙讜讘讜转 讘讗谞讙诇讬转 诇讚讜讘专讬 讛讗谞讙诇讬转

      • 讛讜讗 讚讜拽讗 讻讜转讘 讟讜讘 讜讛讬转讻讜讜谉 诇注拽专讘 注讜拽抓

    • you dont deserve to live like any other sc..m jew…You got problem because you have stolen their land…so foff and buy moon or something for your scummy race!

        • Filip, niestety ale to ty jestes je艂op, a Przemek ma racje; oni zawsze tylko sklocali i macili bo wiedza, ze gdzie dwoch sie bije tam trzeci korzysta. Jesli jestes Polakiem to otworz oczy, a jesli jestem zydem to i tak przegrasz, tak jak zawsze w historii swiata

    • It’s so much easier for them to blame the evil “Joos” then to admit it was their own leaders they elected in and their own EU they made that did it. Shaking my fucking head.

    • przemek – Your stupidity isn’t really shocking..considering ‘what’ you are. You worm..learn history..’who’ stole the ignorant jackal. Roman Emperor Hadrian gave that curse/name to ISRAEL. It never was..nor ever will be ‘palestine’….you idiot. Such a ‘land’ only exists in your low IQ mind…you have a feeble/sick brain. You obviously have a computer in front of you..use it to learn..feed your brain with nutrients/truth..instead of garbage/trash/lies.

  4. Never show a Muslim you fear him.
    Stand strong and firm ! In their mentality they respect whom is strong and show it…. My be now you guys will understand what we have been thru at the Middle East .
    This is how we stand in Israel !
    Now we will see if u can?!?! Good luck!

    • widzisz Przemek, miales racje, przeczytaj dokladnie co napisal Yonatan – tutaj jest odpowiedz na pytanie dlaczego zydzi sprowadzili arabow do Europy – wszystkie sytuacje sa sprowokowane i zmanipulowane przez zydow po to aby europejczycy znienawidzili arabow i zniszczyli (dokladnie to samo dzieje sie w ameryce) – pamietasz, gdzie dwoch sie bije tam trzeci korzysta?

      • Czy wy wogole rozumiecie co wy m贸wicie??? To wszystko muzu艂manie. Oni, wed艂ug swojej “kultury”, bo to nie jest religia tak naprawd臋. Musz臋 jak najwiecej ludzi obr贸ci膰 -to jest ich obowi膮zek. Oni wed艂ug swojej kultury, nie maja prawa postrzegac innego prawa tylko prawo sharia. Ci co przyjezdza do Europejskich kraj贸w to s膮 ludzie bez 偶adnej szko艂y sko艅czonej, nie unia czyta膰 i tylko siedz膮 na utrzymaniu pa艅stwowym co kosztuje te kraje ogromne pieni膮dze. Jak te kraje pozwol膮 by muzu艂ma艅ska liczba wzros艂a zbyt wysoko, to zgubi膮 sw贸j kraj, bo oni zaczn膮 rz膮dzi膰, a nie daj Boze by oni rz膮dzili!!! Bo to s膮 prymitywni zwierz臋ta!!! Lepiej niech Dania, Szwecja. Anglia, Norwegia, Francja, itd., ich wyrzuca zanim te kraje si臋 zrobi膮 Arabskie. My Europejczyki ich przyjmujemy a oni nas morduj膮, gwa艂c膮 dziewczynki i kobiety, i napadaj膮 nas- w naszych krajach!!! Ludzie obud藕cie si臋!!! Je偶eli mamy wyb贸r by rz膮dzili Muzu艂manie lub Rzydzi, mam nadzieje ze bed膮 Rzydzi, przynajmniej nie b臋dzie opresji i strachu ze g艂ow臋 nam utn膮 bo co艣 nie tak si臋 powie czy ukaminiuje kobiet臋 tylko tak to bo m臋偶czyzna tak stwierdzi艂.

  5. Bonnapetite for all of you Scandinavians with the cancer Muslim you entered to your territory.

    Support them in their fight for “freedom” here in Israel – this is what you deserve.

    I wish you great ISIS and el Quaeda regime in Sweden , Norway and Denmark.

    rapes , beheading and death is your destiny.

    We will continue to fight this evil here – you will enjoy this evil in your country.

    Godd Luck !!

  6. The only way to eliminate this , apart from deporting all of them , is to set traps where they attack then beat, kick and shoot the ones that try to run off then wreck their property ect., it will not need to happen often before the messege gets across .

  7. you can thank the left and liberal for destroying the western world. but we are called racist for trying to protect our country. by the time the left wakes up it will be too late

  8. Has anyone been questioned about this or even arrested , prehaps better to let it slide , will be fogotten in a few days , saves all that embarrasmment of having to prosecute these wretches.

  9. I am south korean, living in far-east country.
    Even In korea, I can hear the news that muslim immigrants in europe destroy western country’s social fabric, social safety and trust.
    why western countries let them in? It is suicide. Europe is islamlizing.. It’s so disgusting.

      • We’ve been taught to hate ourselves in the West. We are raised from birth to think we are bad mean and oppressing the world and that we have to give everything to everyone else. This is exactly what we’ve been raised for but we are waking up.

    • Correct : the beginning…of the ‘end’…for the barbarians. We know who/what they are…they plot their own demise.

  10. * Why? Why us? What is the meaning of this extreme violence? What is happening in the head of those immigrants——-*

    Because you are a western , christian blue eyed white person in your own country going about normal activity and that does not equate with their world view and so makes them feel insecure and the quicker your kind are subdued or eliminated the better so they can take over entirely .

  11. Welcome to the world of Islam, The cancer of humankind.
    Sorry for the girl. hope she’s better now.

  12. They wasn’t attacked, they were culturally enriched. stop being so intolerant and raicst


  13. What israel is fighting for the past 40 yrs alone, u in eourope can’t face for 1 yr.
    keep support palestinians, hamas and all of their brothers.
    good luck to u all.

  14. You white people are all the same, intolerant and fearful of foreign culture. Why can’t you be more tolerant and accepting of immigrant social norms? They come to your country and do the jobs you don’t want to do, the least you can do is appropriate your culture to be more like theirs, so they can feel welcome and in the home they have chosen. These people didn’t understand their culture properly. Its obvious they did something racist and Islamophobic to prompt this youth to lash out at them. They deserved to be beaten for their outright discrimination of Muslims.

    • I am a muslim myself, and I know one thing for sure that the Islam is a peace religion. Just because they are of other religion doesn’t give us a right to attack them in such brutal way. If those youngs are muslims as stated then they are just disgrace to Islam. Be it those youngsters, Taliban or ISIS, they don’t represent Islam, not to mention they stain the names of good muslims.

      The link above with the words “the Quran orders muslims to do it” refers you to a site which is obviously an anti-islamic site, all the verses in that site are half-written out of their context which have nothing to do with this case.

      • To prove your claim of “Islam a pease religion”, please provide a list of Muslim religious authorities who have condemned ISIS, Taliban, AND the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, end other Islamic states.
        I know, there is none. You lie.

        • Muslim brought to world to consume, reproduce and destroy all social fabric.
          Jews brought to the world to create, produce, innovate and build.
          Christians were suppose to be the keepers but failed to do it.
          Due to Muslim numeric superiority they will be the victorious and will bring this planet to a miserable end. The normative people of earth (Exclude Muslim) must find a class M planet and relocate, and take frozen DNA of cats and other beautiful animals with them.

          I forget to mention – the last batch should pesticide the atmosphere before leaving.

        • Then why are the “good” Muslims quiet and not speaking out against the saboteurs of their religion?? They obviously afraid and risk beheading as infidels.

          • The myth of the good muslim is just that a myth. Look at the statistics. Vast majorities of them support female genital mutilation, the killing of apostates and gays, holding sharia law to be higher than the constitution, etc etc.

      • Yes Crescent, those of us who can look past the political conjuring and media drama know that the evil in society has its base in the Talmud NOT the Quran. What is happening in European countries is perfectly correlated with a document of hostile intent which is also a covert declaration of war against the rest of humanity.
        That document of intent is titled 鈥淭he Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion鈥. People who live by the Talmud can not ever be trusted. Never! And also, they are all actively participating, in varying degree, in the implementation of the elements defined in that vulgar document of declared hostility and all-out clandestine terrorism.
        It is unfortunate that the actions of little low life rats (as described in this article) are equated to Islam but it is imperative that every one, European and Asian, become aware from where this violence originate.
        Racism is a condition caused by forced ethnic confrontation鈥︹. and all this 鈥渞acial integration鈥 is being driven from the exact same quarters who will then insist that 鈥渢heir territory鈥 remain exclusive to their tribe.

        • How sad that the great Islamic religion
          Has fragmented and now this evil monster, lost to the parent Lives on a lonely island of cruelty and horror. We must do all we can ( people of all faiths and none to facilitate change), particularly amongst the young. I would like to say that I have travelled in Pakistan and been welcomed by so many people.

    • Please, please Quinten, go and kill yourself /have yourself killed somewhere in the idealistic is state…leave the civilised world a. S.a. P

    • Well I suppose your mindset keeps you in a comfort bubble that requires no moral consciense and a completely deluded world view .

    • @ Quentin – “You white people are all the same”???
      NO NO NO Quentin – YOUR KIND are ‘all the same’. Did you ‘pervert’ to that cult..or are you just ‘sympathetic’ to these animals? They’re liars, thieves, murderers..pillagers..following the instructions in their book..given to them by their false prophet. He never ‘prophesied’ any event. Matter-of-fact, not even the Laws..given to Moses at anywhere in that ‘book’.
      You mentioned that ‘cult’s’ social norms…….WHAT NORMS? Beheadings..stonings..torture?
      There is nothing..NOTHING whatsoever that so-called ‘religion-of-peace’.
      Quite honestly, it is not a religion but rather an ideology. That in itself would explain why the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem worked side-by-side with Hitler; ideologies that had a common goal…both ‘evil’.
      In the civilized man’s world; torturing, raping, beheading, impaling, stoning, severing of hands and feet, etc, ARE NOT NORMAL. That is BARBARIC behavior…one that needs to be erased from the face of this earth. When the time is right…it will be. How do I know? Its end can be found in authentic ‘prophecy’. Check for yourself.

      Evaluate your words and position…read and educate yourself…then open your mouth to speak.
      I have read their ‘book’…I know their surahs and hadiths…I know what they ‘condone’ and ‘inflict’. There is no such such thing as a ‘peaceful muslim’. Since its inception, it has been nothing but a thorn-in-the-side of mankind. Everywhere it goes..death and destruction follows.
      Civilization..civil man..will not tolerate much more. THAT….is guaranteed.

    • The Muslim religion encourages the abuse of women. Observers of this religion writhe in the streets for joy, at the sight of a public beheading. Not only do the men of this religion justify the killing of any female family member who was the victim of a rape as a “family honor,” but they actually glorify the perpetrators.

      You have gangs of hoodlums patrolling your streets, calling themselves “Moral Police,” enforcing your ridiculous and subhuman Shariah Law. You deny your females a decent education, thereby preventing them from contributing to society in any way other than to become “baby factories.”

      You desecrate all places of worship other than your own. You assassinate school children for being female and wanting to attain an education. You massacre women, children and innocents – all in the name of your “god.” On top of it all, you think that strapping a suicide bomb onto your eight year old son and having him blow himself up along with any non-believing infidel, will get him into heaven and be served by seventy-two virgins for all eternity.

      You have redefined the meaning of the word “barbarism!”

    • Your a fucking parasitic idiot. Muslims are a parasite that needs to be wiped off of the earth. These people have been inbred for 1400 years. Their mentality is like that of dogs. Fuck anything even other men and boys. These parasites must be eliminated.

  15. I feel sorry for the girl, hope she gets well soon.
    I hope your country gets well soon as well, you people are suffering from the symptoms of the European MultiCulti-Leftist-Losers disease.
    You probably caught it while hugging a Muslim or something.
    Next time, keep the dirt out and take better care of your homeland. You only have one homeland.
    We Jews learned it the hard way…

    • You jews never had a homeland to protect until it was given to you by the UN, but your comments are correct. Sephardic or Khazar?

      • the f(4)ing khazars you refer too it just a myth. Askenazi jews are the same DNA as Sephardi, so joe go f(4) yourself

      • Hi Joe
        I’m sure you know why Jews are called Jews…
        We’re named after our homeland – where we come from – Judea.
        Judea is the desert we now inhabit once again, and we are the only ones to make this desert flourish, 2000 years after our independent Judea was destroyed by the Romans.

        The UN’s decisions are irrelevant, it cannot give people what’s theirs nor take it from them.

        As for me, I’m Israeli, born here in the desert. So forgive me friend, but I’m not wasting my time on European conspiracy theories proven wrong scientifically so save the Khazar bed time stories for your European friends.
        Jews should no longer bother you now, you happily expelled/burned most of them.
        Have a nice life!

        • And now the Europeans have been importing the savage muslims who have become a protected ( and feared) segment of the society with horrendous consequences for its own citizens. Will the European politicians ever stop drinking the Kool-Aid , and if so, will there be any time left to save the continent?

      • Joe – Here’s a hint for next time you won’t sound like an idiot.
        Google – Roman Emperor Hadrian Israel Palestine. The ‘correct’ answer is there.

        My Sincere Condolences,
        Get Well Soon

  16. Why are you voting for this “shitty-multi-culti-kill-white-human” politics all the time? What do you need to wake up?

  17. Denmark, Norway and Sweden, providing Hamas (a terrorist organization) and other Muslim organization with generous funds. They are also providing Palestinians with propaganda and causing Israel a huge problem vs. EU. I feel really sorry for this young girl, I hope she will recover well, and have her teeth fixed. The Danish people must overthrown their leftist government, who bring misery to their own people and to Israel too. I am with you guys, power to the people, get rid of your legitimate government.

    • Yeah? What about you islamic scum go back to your shitty desert? We don’t want you in Europe. We don’t want you in the civilized world. Fuck Allah.

    • If you were in YOUR country, that MAY be relevant. Setting as THEY immigrated to HER country, means THEY’RE RESPONSIBLE to follow the customs of HER country. NOT THEIRS!

      You don’t come to MY country and start dictating and forcing YOUR customs on US! Who do you think you are?

    • Hussein – Your fellow muslims/brethren are in Denmark….NOT in arab land. If your arab women want to cover their But..your ‘brethren’ are pushing ‘their’ ways on to non-muslims. That’s not going to work much longer. Keep your belief system in your HUGE, MASSIVE arab lands.

    • Go fuck yourself Hussein. Maybe if the men were covered head to toe with concrete and thrown in the water it would not have happened.

  18. I’m white EU guy – YEs – I’m not tollerance – so what? – I can be if i want to!
    You con NOT discriminate me about this. God bless you and everyone – White People Will fight on the own ground, his onwn country!

  19. Who ever said that “tolerance” is a virtue? Islam is a death cult and should be treated as such.

  20. Western Europe, wake up, kick out all of these islamic dogs. It’s a worst disease on this planet.

  21. Time is coming people. Time to start fighting back. People who go out at night should start going in large groups. Start carrying a weapon. A gun if you can carry legal. A knife with a very sharp blade.
    I know this is sounding like a scare tactic, but we better start thinking about protecting ourselves and the ones we care for. If I am attacked, I would not hesitate to finish the job and dispose of the remains.

  22. I have tried to find this story on other Danish television and newspapers with no luck, I find it hard to believe this story wasn’t picked up by another news agency, can you provide any links about this story on a different newspaper/tv station?

    • It’s on her facebook, public story. Not too “strange” that mainstream medias haven’t picked it up.

      • The media appear to be either scared, not wanting to know, not wanting people to know or has been taken hostage by you know who.

        We see very few articles about Islam/Muslims. Even fewer we are allowed to comment on. When the powers that be can get away with hiding the truth, occupation will be a complete surprise to the fools who refuse to take information from what they allow us to see.

        Trying to blame the couple for being beaten up by Muslim thugs, shows how twisted and manipulative some people are.

        If Muslims don’t like the culture, laws and other things we in the west have, they are free to go back where they came from. No they like it, now they want the power and you will be a slave, convert or be killed. When they have killed us who inform us selves about Islam and stand up to them, the people who look up/kiss up to Islamists will be the slaves to be used and abused. Females will especially pay a price, being used as sex slaves, guess that’s what these silly na茂ve women look forward to.

        Saying it would be the same if 2 Danish guys beat up 2 other Danish guys, as some other poster wrote is sick and twisted. When Muslims kills westerners it’s chucked up to mental illness. Looks like Islam is a collective mental illness, and they are all sick and twisted.

        Soevndal, a Danish minister once said “Gaa a helvede til” about Muslims in Denmark, where is he now? Under police protection 24/7 like so many others?

        Before anyone get up on their high horse screaming racist, I want you to know Islam is not a race. Islamists/Muslims come are from all races.

  23. The Europeans killed or expelled all the Jews, 70 years ago, just to get back the Muslims.
    meantime, the Jews returned to their homeland and made the USA the superpower it is today.
    Now, Europe is in deep shit with Islamic disease, trying hard to protect itself by keeping the WAR away, in the middle east.
    this is why we have no mercy for you. go ahead with your funds and organizations, keep on hugging HAMAS and HEZBOLLAH, believe in multi(mufti)-culture decadence and have a nice day.
    may god bring fast and full health recovery for that girl.

  24. This is what happens when you allow a govt to disarm you , you have become a nation of victims and muslim scum always pray on the weakest

  25. Hello Everyone!

    It’s terrible!
    Now, migratesupport liberal multikulti twats can see what is when other culture go on your country…
    I’m truckdriver. Since 30 years I travelling to roads on Europian countries. Sometimes i must afraid on the nights who will stealing to expensive goods from my truck while i sleeping… And who will broken my sleepcab lock, and stealing my things from my cab… On the 80’s 90’s years only South-France South-Italy and Balkan was dangerous by moroccoian, and the Balkan by gypsies… But today if i go everywhere in EU countries no safety… Except Germany and Austria. My homeland Hungary is dangerous by gypsies. Every week the young no working gypsies kills or several insult old peoples, who is living alone on home. But the liberalmedia NOT write from this. And if you try protested they says: YOU’RE RACIST…. I think, the biggest problem: This immigrant great percent NOT want work in new country, new home They need only the social net by the government, and bring themselves wild habit from native country. It’s very sad! I wish you Nanna and Mads speedy healing get well soon!
    Greetings from Hungary

  26. Sorry, but you are all on the wrong way….

    This story if it’s real, could happen also with 2 Danish guys against 2 Danish gays. I mean its statistic thing, it happened and it will happen every day such stories in our society but no one speak about this kind of story….here Media speak about it, because the youngs were Muslim and immigrant.
    The title also sounds very poor intellectually, its sounds like they did it because they are Muslim, I mean someone with a minimum head will not write such sentence.

    If you have 1% of stupid people (Muslim, Christian, Jews…when you want) that not means that all are like that, our society need always an enemy to speak about it, like before the soviet and the East Block, now our societies need a new enemy, they find the Muslims…

    • John, your translator program is not the best. The English words are wrong. Also, sorry. This has been picked up by too many independent news agencies to be false. Plus the pictures of the women are hard to argue with.

    • John we are dealing with DID not COULD. What is it about handwringers who insist as soon as muslam is involved do all they can to throw up a smokescreen to protect ignorance. Just LOOK AROUND the world at all the ISOLATED attacks……ALL by mulslamists on anyone they chose. You can bury your head but do not come running to me when they attack you your family or your friends. This ideology is teaching violence yet THERE IS NO DISCUSSION about the cause…. only the marginalization of the effects. What I do not understand is….. is there an agenda in the West for the muslamification of the world. A visitor from another planet would be forgiven for thinking the West is trying to commit collective suicide inviting people from all the worst parts of the world into their countries and paying them money to breed and also handwringing and bending over backwards to shift our society to fit their bankrupt and failed societies and religions. ( one has failed its people constantly)

  27. I’m muslim and i would beat these bastards until they are in coma , muslims are not like that …
    it is not because a dumb ass like this who call himself “muslim” did something like this means that all muslims are like that , i’m muslim and i would never attack any soul ! I make martial sport since 10 years and i would never use it on someone who just walk or whatelse celebrate christmas , jew or christ or i don’t know what i would never hit one of them even if they would agress me , i keep my calm , i wish many people could do this , buy a brain … (sorry for my bad english)

    • I don’t believe a thing any muslim says. If you told me the sky was blue I would not believe you

      • I believe you, but some people just go on judge all Muslims cause of some youths that did wrong.

        Seems some also judging all black cause was black youths, I am white, and I respect everyone,of all skin colors and beliefs, I wonder what those in here would say if it were white that had beat those couples. As saying, there bad and good people of all skin colors and beliefs.

        You others grow up and stop judge all Muslims and all Black for someone else action.

  28. Just cut off all social help for non Europe people and problem be solve. You can be sure that they disappear in less than 2 months.

  29. Here in Poland social almost don’t exist. So for now they don’t try to reach our country so much as western european countries cause here they would be homeless. You know what to do then to solve the problem…

  30. One of the first two photos is reversed. The poor woman’s injuries are on different sides in the different photos – this makes no sense.


    • Hi There
      Muslim are the shiniest ting on eart right now ! No no ! Bin the shiniest ting on earth, for 1400 years . Enough is enough . Retaliate Deport them . Blow oup THER mosks
      Cheres Beno.

  32. Those of us who can look past the political conjuring and media drama know that the evil in society has its roots in the Talmud NOT the Quran. What is happening in European countries is perfectly correlated with a document of hostile intent which is also a covert declaration of war against the rest of humanity.
    That document of intent is titled 鈥淭he Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion鈥.
    People who live by the Talmud can not ever be trusted. Never! And also, they are all actively participating, in varying degree, in the implementation of the elements defined in that vulgar document of declared hostility and all-out clandestine terrorism.
    It is unfortunate that the actions of little low life rats (as described in this article) are equated to Islam but it is imperative that every one, European and Asian, become aware of the actual origins of the current political situations.
    Racism is a condition caused by forced ethnic confrontation鈥︹. and all this 鈥渞acial integration鈥 is being driven from the exact same quarters as those who will then insist that 鈥渢heir holy land鈥 remain exclusive to their tribe.

  33. The real reason why Muslims are such fucking assholes:

    Qur’an 48:29
    “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are harsh.
    to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” (contradicts surah
    5:32, which Muslims like to quote when faced with the truth about their
    evil ideology, surah 5:32 is in reference to Muslim lives only and not
    everyone, like they try to convince people of).

    Qur’an (5:51) –
    “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends;
    they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a
    friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the
    unjust people.”

    Qur’an (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the
    hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and
    strike off every fingertip of them”.
    (The word “Islamophobia”
    literally means a fear of Islam, but since Allah himself “throws terror
    into the hearts of disbelievers” (Quran 8:12) it is used more often in
    reference to the rejection of Islam.)

    Qur’an (48:20) – “Allah
    promised you many acquisitions which you will take, then He hastened on
    this one for you and held back the hands of men from you, and that it
    may be a sign for the believers and that He may guide you on a right
    path.” (Allah promises Muslims that they will profit materially in their
    war against unbelievers. It isn’t stealing when it’s taken from an

    Muslim (1:33) – the Messenger of Allah said: “I
    have been commanded to fight against people till they testify that there
    is no god but Allah, that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah鈥.

  34. For years , the Western world oppressed us . No one wrote about it . Jews are killing our children in Palestine , did anyone talk about it ?

  35. Gee, I guess they forget about their ‘religion of peace’ for a minute there, huh?

  36. We never must to forget, all of this is happen by our “POLITICIANS! fault,they are thew responssible for all of this ,they are allowing muslims to come,they don`t even talk about to solve the problem in its origin,that is to finish IS, HAMAS etc once for all and stop muslims to come to our countries cause “we” the people don`t like muslims,”we” don`t want them here,send them back to the desert.
    which of our politicians or public person (artists,jornalists,tv presenters, etc) have louded their voice against it. DON`T FORGET THE ONES WHO KEPT IN SICENCY.

  37. That looks fake! Where is the police report? Where is the Hospital claim? why did she only post 1 photo? where is the rest? Where is the before and after? First photo the injuries are on the right… and then they are on the left. VERY SHADY!!! SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT!!!!

  38. I feel terrible for my European brothers and sisters. Your cowardly and corrupt politicians have abandoned you to the wolves. It has been said that violence solves nothing, but when you’re being beaten nearly to death, violence is often the only means of survival. Arm yourselves. Protect yourselves, your loved ones, and your countrymen. “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” ~ Winston Churchill

  39. FUCK ISLAM!!!


    70% of Muslims are Fags

    80% of Saudis

    90% of Afghanis

    • Most Violent Rapist Country in Europe is Albania and Kosovo

      Albanians and Bosnians are the Most Violent Creatures in Europe

      In Switzerland Mass Raped and Pedophilia was Lead by Albanians

      Selective Abortion is Highest Among Albanians(Aborting Females)

      Sexual Abuse is Highest in Albania

      Albanians are Abusing Women’s Everyday and Beating them very Violently

      Albanians are 70-80% Muslims are they are the Most Violent Creatures in Europe

  40. FUCK ISLAM!!!

    Muslims are Sodomites

    Sodomy and Pedophilia was Brought to Europe by the Muslims

    Catholicism is Fake Christianly and It was Brought Up by Muslims to Deform Christianity to Turn Them into Sodomites and Pedophiles

  41. This is pure anti-immigrant propaganda, with its platform being anti-muslim, which is is line with the current herd mentality. Firstly, being Somali does not equate to being muslim, so the title gives away the author’s bias. Even if they themselves claimed to be “muslim” you could no more attribute these repulsive actions to Islam than you could attribute a gang drive-by shooting to Christianity if the offenders were wearing a cross on their neck. Nor can you then take it out on anyone you perceive to be muslim anymore than you could take it out on any christian you run into. Even if every immigrant or muslim YOU personally came across displayed any negative behavior, it is only a reflection of who THEY are, not of an entire population. By that kind of false reasoning, you would say since blacks and hispanics make up a large of those commit crimes they are all thugs. We have not yet evolved fully, and now here we are regressing. This is the kind of dangerous rhetoric that will incite hatred, intolerance, and civil unrest. Then, as someone else pointed out here, what is now just something your speaking blindly of will be reality. Disclaimer: This is not an attempt at being politically correct-only correct 馃槢

  42. I am a Muslim and will correct for all that we are not racists and we are not terrorists those who carry out all terrorist operations claim that they are not Muslims, because Islam has forbidden the killing, as well as Lapin we are not racists first Muezzin to prayer us in Islam is the Bilal bin Rabah and is a black skin so please first mischievous in Islam so stop insulting our religion because I respect your religion

  43. 122 angry comments based on an event that had nothing to do with islam. There are scum and criminals in every culture and religion. Attackers just happen to be muslim here. If the attackers were white would u also blame it on christian religion?
    Are u sure normal muslims -not extremists- are more aggressive than christians?

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