Documentary: How easy weapons are sold in Europe

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  1. At 5:50, the alleged authority called the featured AK 47 variant an “AR 15.” AR stands for Armalite, NOT “Assault rifle”. There is no such weapon as an assault rifle. This is a nonsense term invented by a biased media’s anti-gun, anti-free people, anti-Second Amendment agenda to demonize guns and gun owners in a gullible public’s mind. Any weapon can be used to “assault” an enemy position or opposing group or disarmed, voiceless citizens.

    Armalite is merely a brand name. The AR 15 is a rifle designed from the ground up as a CIVILIAN ONLY hunting and sports rifle. One of it’s most common calibers is .22, a typical small caliber used for hunting, and never in a military rifle. It just USES similar design features to the military ONLY M4 platform, which can fire three shot bursts or full automatic. The AR 15 CANNOT fire full automatic. It is a semi-auto meaning one shot per trigger pull.

    The AR15 looks the ‘scary’ way it does because it’s practical application for modifications, add on’s via rail systems, ruggedness, costs and that this is how modern hybrid personalized weapons are done.

    The AK 47 was designed as a full-auto military only weapon ad is AGAIN, an entirely different weapon designed in RUSSIA [K denotes the designer Kalashnikov while the 47 denotes the year of the design being 1947] while the AR 15 was designed in America, for American civilian use.

  2. Police sayed once in a german Docu.
    Its normal to find guns or greandes in cars from the Balcan…

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