Dr. Bill Warner explains “Why we are afraid, a 1,400 year secret”

Together with videos like The Third Jihad and Obsession. Radical Islam’s War Against The West, this classical, famous video by Dr. Bill Warner is among the handful of must-watch videos for all Freedom Lovers. Grab some popcorns, pop a beer, lean back, press play and get your education on the history of Islamic jihad:

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  1. islam is the worst religion ever invented. it is HORRIBLE and DISGUSTING. The sooner this cult is destroyed the better. It is a religion that encourages EVERY criminal act imagineable. allah can’t be god, at least a good god. allah fits a criminal instead. mohammed was not a prophet. he was just a common criminal who got uncommonly lucky. i’m shocked why any normal person would follow such a man. he was a thief, a liar, a paedophile and virtually every other bad thing one can imagine. i rank stalin, jim jones, pol pot, saddam huissein, count marqui de sade and ted bundy infinitely morally superior to this so called ‘prophet’

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