Erdogan brings Turkey into the game: Victory to Muslims … fight to regain control of Jerusalem

Under no circumstances should Turkey ever become a member of the EU. With Erdogan and his likes at the steering wheel, Turkey is an islamised state working to rebuild the Ottoman empire and dreaming of leading the Muslim umma in its struggle for world dominance.

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  1. Islam is a murderous, fascist, supremacist, misogynistic. totalitarian ideology with a veneer of religion, founded by a mass murderer and mass rapist that every Muslim is exhorted to emulate.

  2. And they come to the west, not to free themselves of islam; no, they are here to enslave us using our freedoms and that poison political correctness and multiculturalism, a toxic mix. Drink up!

  3. Turkey has obviously disqualified itself from both the EEC and NATO but why are the Europeans so silent – this is blatant treachery. Also all the talk about about recognizing Palestine as a sovereign state is just to ease the nuclear annihilation of Israel by separating it geographically – anyone here doesn’t understand the cunning plot ?

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