EU attacks Free Speech in new “hate speech” laws. YouTube, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter suppresses “harmful” information

Here is the amazing Ezra Levant on this scandal, that has been almost completely ignored my the MSM (Main Stream Media).

…and now that you have watched the video, know that you have just been subjected to hatespeech. Because, as you can will see on the video’s YouTube page, there is a small message in yellow telling you that “This video is hidden. Please be considerate, and think twice, before sharing it.”:


And what is so dangerous about this video, that you are warned and better think twice before possibly sharing it? It critizises EUs anti-Free Speech laws! The fact that the video is “hidden” means that you can not google it or find it in any other way, unless you go directly to Ezra Levant’s YouTube channel. Not only does YouTube’s deal with EU suppress political incorrect information, it also harms people like Levant economically, because he lives from donations collected via his videos. And now that you have been watching this video, prepare for YouTube to suggest educative videos for you – instead of related videos – in the future, because that is exactly what EU dictates:

Via Breibart:

“The European Commission has today announced a partnership with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft in order to crack down on what it classes as a�?illegal hate speecha�?…

The move has been branded a�?Orwelliana�? by Members of the European Parliament, and digital freedom groups have already pulled out of any further discussions with the Commission, calling the new policy a�?lamentablea�?.

The unelected, executive branch of the European Union (EU) released a a�?Code of Conducta�? today that a�?includes a series of commitments to combat the spread of illegal hate speech online in Europea�? developed a�?together with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft (a�?the ITcompaniesa��)a�? who have a�?signed upa�?.

The commitments include a�?educat[ing] and rais[ing] awareness with their usersa�? and building a a�?networka�? of a�?trusted reportersa�? to flag unwanted content. Facebook and Twitter are to provide a�?regular training to their staff on current societal developmentsa�? and work more closely with national governments and a�?their law enforcement agenciesa�? to remove content the EU does not favor.

Most alarmingly, however, the platforms have also promised to engage in the active promotion of views and organisations the EU does favour, and the re-education of supposedly hateful users. …

Janice Atkinson MEP told Breitbart London: a�?Ita��s Orwellian. Anyone who has read 1984 sees ita��s very re-enactment live.

a�?The Commission has been itching to shut down free speech in the Parliament and now theya��re attacking social media. We have already seen Facebook a�?policinga�� so-called right-wing postings. …

UKIPa��s Justice and Home Affairs spokeswoman Diane James MEP told Breitbart London:

a�?This legislation is so vague that it is the thin end of the wedge not just curb hate speech but free speech as well. …

Last September, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was overheard confronting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg about a�?hate speecha�?, with Mr. Zuckerberg replying: a�?We need to do some worka�?”

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    • If one person in Europe is racist, that makes every single European racist? Great, just what I needed 🙂 With this logic if one muslim is a terrorist, you all must be terrorists. Thus we need to destroy all terrorists, so I can freely then target any muslim who is a child, woman or man, because I can safely assume they are terrorists (and I am a racist). Thanks for the tip Shaniqua, I will start looking at potential targets now!

  1. this tendency is absolutely going to change the world. we rely too much on the promises of democracy; we forget how weak we are now, and how democracy tripled the power in the hands of the rulers; the idea up there is known: “when they (us) wake-up, all will be already in our hands. it will be too late for them…”.
    imagine a mirror in the middle of the forest, and a monkey comes across it only once in his whole lifetime. when it happens, the monkey looks at himself, scratches his head for a few seconds, arranges his hair, “straightens his tie” and moves on. one minute of his life, this is how long we, the human race, have, to practice all our retrospectives and corrections before we move on to our next destiny. sure tyranny, nothing will be better than this. harshest tyranny ever, since the dawn of the history of organic nature, it’ll be like dogs “re-educating” sheep.

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