EU: “Islamic State setting up terror training camps in Europe”

Via Telegraph:

“Terror group Isil has set up secret training camps across Europe to prepare fighters to carry out a�?special forces stylea�? attacks in the UK or other EU countries, Europol has warned.

The international police agency said apart from bases in Syria, the barbaric organisation had a�?smaller scale training camps in the EU and Balkan countriesa�?.

They would include survival training and sports activities to help jihadists prepare for a�?combat and interrogation resistancea�?.

And Islamic State in Iraq and Levant could look to recruit refugees who have fled to Europe to launch terror attacks in the countries that have given them shelter, the agency said.”

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  1. As Islam critics said years ago, the Western world is now in peril. Forget all about ”moderates.” A moderate Moslem is a Moslem waiting for the extremist to slaughter the kuffar.
    Reforming Islam would deny the initial “perfection” of Allah’s word and Muhammad. This won’t happen in 10 years. This won’t happen in 10,000 years. Moreover, Muslims suggesting such reformation are guilty of Blasphemy and are promptly executed.
    Emulating Muhammad (the liar, mass murderer, robber, rapist, and pedophile, “the perfect man”) is also mandatory.

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