EU president Juncker: “We need to lie”

Jean-Claude Juncker, is not a fan of democracy or truth. This is probably why he was chosen to be president of the EU.

Translated from BT (article is from 2014 – Juncker for sure made many more controversial statements since then):

“Juncker about EU economic policy:

“I am ready to be accused of not being democratic enough, but I want to be serious. I’m for secret debates.”

About Britain’s discussion of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty:

“Of course there will be a transfer of sovereignty. But would it be wise to draw people’s attention to it?”

In the French referendum on the EU Constitution:

“If it’s a yes, we say that we are on. If it is a no, we say that we continue.”

About the introduction of the euro:

“We decide something, and then we wait quietly, and see what happens. If no one responds, because most still do not understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.”

About the euro-zone’s economic policy and democracy:

“We all know what we should do. We just do not know how to get re-elected once we have done it.”

And the latest gossip:

Former French PM: Merkel’s Germany runs the EU:

RT: Germany and France plan to take over the EU:

Muslim migrant: Brexit is bad news for us:

Junckers reaction when asked if Brexit means the end of the EU (“no” – and leaves abruptly):

a�?EU Depresseda��: Brussels Insiders Report Jean-Claude Juncker a�?Fraila�� And a�?Depresseda��:

“European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is reported to be in an a�?EU Depresseda�? mood following the failure of the continenta��s migration policy, and a potential break-up of the European Union under his tenure following a Brexit vote according to Brussels insiders. …

Europea��s Politico describes a Commission notionally led by Jean-Claude Juncker, the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg often characterised as a�?Drunckera�� for his famous love of alcohol as having lurched from crisis to crisis with no clear direction. Now the president, despite his planned grand-standing on Britaina��s membership of the European Union is described as having been a�?sidelineda�? within his own Commission, a�?politically paralyzeda�?, and with worsening health.

Officials close to Mr. Juncker report his optimism about the European Project to be fading, as his mood a�?darkeneda�?. One a�?senior EU officiala�� said: a�?He is less and less positive about the EU and the abilities of the member states in particulara�?.”

UKIP’s Nigel Farage’s first speech in the EU parliament after Brexit (its a joy):

Juncker walks free of tax scandal, the people who exposed the crime are sent to prison for 12 months:

“Two former PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) employees, who were instrumental in exposing controversial tax practices in Luxembourg in 2014, have been sentenced to jail after being found guilty of theft and violation of Luxembourg’s professional secrecy laws.

Antoine Deltour and Raphael Halet received 12 and nine months sentences, respectively, while a journalist who reported the leaks has been acquitted by the Luxembourg court.

About 30,000 documents of the accountancy firm were leaked in November 2014 reportedly showing tax arrangements in the country that allegedly helped companies including Apple, Ikea and Pepsi evade taxes. President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, who was the prime minister of Luxembourg at the time, was also embroiled in the scandal.”

Juncker helped Amazon with the taxes…:

“Amazon’s former head of tax has said the European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker “helped solve problems” for the retail giant when Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Bob Comfort said Juncker behaved like “a business partner” to the company, comments which place the new president under further pressure.

“The Luxembourg government presents itself as business partner, and I think it’s an accurate description: it helps to solve problems,” Comfort told LA�tzebuerger Land, a newspaper in Luxembourg.

Comfort revealed the instrumental role Juncker had in bringing Amazon to the Grand Duchy, outlining the cosy relationship enjoyed between Juncker and Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO.

He said: “We also met the Prime Minister once or twice. His message was: ‘If you have a problem that you think you cannot solve, return to me. I will try to help you.’ Jeff Bezos has met Jean-Claude Juncker few years later, after the establishment of the seat. It was actually a simple courtesy visit, but was told that Jeff was surprised by the lack of formality and humour of the Prime Minister.

Comfort admitted that “taxation has played a significant role” in the relocation of Amazon to Luxembourg, but denied that it was the sole factor.”

British citizens vote for Brexit leaving EU just to stop Muslim invaders:

Geert Wilders on Brexit:

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