EU’s chief for security: “Islam is a victim itself … political Islam should be part of the [European] picture”

Federica Mogherini, Vice President of the European Commission talks on the round table during the G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting in the northern German city of Luebeck on April 15, 2015.

(Photo above: Federica Mogherini)

More bad ideas from the unelected bureaucratic leaders of Europe.A�Federica MogheriniA�is an Italian politician and the current High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission in the Juncker Commission since 1 November 2014.

Mogherini claims that aversion against Islam and Muslim immigrations comes from “fear” and is a sign of “weakness”. And she openly admits that EU “fights” to give space to Islam, political Islam and Muslim immigration not just in Europen but in the whole world. Bad idea.

Here is why I want Denmark out of EU:
a�? EU forces our national borders open to criminals and Islamists.
a�? EU ships houndreds of thousands of Muslims from Africa to Europe, where they via Schengen have free access to most of the continent.
a�? EU forces member nations to take Muslim refugees via socalled “quotas”. We should accommodate them in their own region where we can help many more people for the same amount of money.
a�? EU destroys democracy. More than half of the laws regulating our lives are made by unelected bureaucrates in Brussels.
a�? EU aims to remove national identity, thereby undermining the psychological basis for social coherence and solidarity with fellow citizens. A lack of national identity also makes the psychological step to accept foreign culture – such as Islam and EU’s anti-democratic regime – shorter.
a�? EU takes control of member nations’ economy, lending our money to failed debitors such as Greece. Members of the Euro zone are not able to adjust their own economy to improveA�competitiveness etc.

To make sure that Islam and 1.4 billion Muslims got her invitation, Mogherini also tweeted it in Arabic:


Via, just a few days after jihadis killed and maimed scores of EU citizens in France and Tunesia:

Islam holds a place in our Western societies. Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europea��s history, in our culture, in our food and a�� what matters most a�� in Europea��s present and future. Like it or not, this is the reality.

As Europeans, we should be proud of our diversity. The fear of diversity comes from weakness, not from a strong culture.

I shall be even more clear on that: the very idea of a clash of civilisations is at odds with the most basic values of our European Union a�� let alone with reality. Throughout our European history, many have tried to unify our continent by imposing their own power, their own ideology, their own identity against the identity of someone else. With the European project, after World War II, not only we accepted diversity: we expressed a desire for diversity to be a core feature of our Union. We defined our civilisation through openness and plurality: a mind-set based on blocs does not belong to us.

Some people are now trying to convince us that a Muslim cannot be a good European citizen, that more Muslims in Europe will be the end of Europe. These people are not just mistaken about Muslims: these people are mistaken about Europe a�� that is my core message a�� they have no clue what Europe and the European identity are. a��

This is our common fight: to make this concept accepted both in Europe and beyond Europe.

For Europe and Islam face some common challenges in todaya��s world. The so-called Islamic State is putting forward an unprecedented attempt to pervert Islam for justifying a wicked political and strategic project. a�� Daa��esh is Islama��s worst enemy in todaya��s world. Its victims are first and foremost Muslim people. Islam is a victim itself.

We need to show some humble respect for diversity. Diversity is the core feature of our European history, and it is our strength. But we should also show respect for diversity when we look outside our borders. We need to understand diversity, understand complexity. This is difficult, but maybe a bit less difficult for us Europeans. We know diversity and complexity a�� especially here in Brussels a�� from our own experience.

For this reason I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture.

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