France: “Radical” shoots policeman in the head

(Photo above is from the aftermath of the shoot out. “Police officers search for evidence in a street in Ile-Saint-Denis, northern suburb of Paris search for evidence after the shoot-out.”)

We will have to wait and see if this was actually terrorism or just the usual brutallity that characterize Muslim criminals. Some would claim it all depends whether the attacker shouted something related to his religion (such as “Allahu akhbar”) while committing his act.

Via The Local:

Francea��s Justice Minister Christiane Taubira came under fire on Tuesday after a radicalized inmate on the run after not returning to prison following temporary leave shot a policemen in the head during a botched robbery and car chase.

Police unions reacted angrily on Tuesday after a radicalized prisoner shot a policeman, leaving him in a critical condition.

The inmate, who had been on the run since being allowed temporary leave in May, was killed in the shoot-out after succumbing to his injuries.

The injured officer, aged 36, is in hospital with the interior minister describing his condition as a�?desperatea�?.

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