French intelligence: “2015 was nothing … more professional and better-organised terror attacks on a much larger scale in 2016”

Via France24:

“French anti-terrorism experts believe the two major attacks in Paris in 2015 were a a�?dress rehearsala�? for more professional and better-organised terror attacks on a much larger scale in 2016.

The January 2015 attacks on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo a�� which had angered many by publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in 2006 a�� was the first in three days of attacks that claimed a total of 17 lives.

On November 13, gunmen in Paris killed 130 people in a series of coordinated attacks, the deadliest assault on French soil since World War II.

As bad as the carnage was, many experts agree that with the number of attacks on a definite upward swing, the threat will get much worse in the coming year.

“Unfortunately, I think 2015 was nothing,” an unnamed French senior counter-terrorism official told AFP last week. a�?We are moving towards a European 9/11: simultaneous attacks on the same day in several countries, several places. A very coordinated thing. We know the terrorists are working on this.”

The January and November attacks, for all the bloodshed they achieved, were worryingly a�?amateura�?, according to Yves Trotignon, a former member of the French DGSE intelligence service.

a�?The November 13 attacks, from the terroristsa�� point of view, involved a large number of tactical mistakes that they will learn from,a�? he told FRANCE 24. a�?For example, the death toll at the Bataclan [music venue, where 89 people were killed] was limited because the attackers ran out of ammunition.a�? …

According to Brisard, beyond improving domestic security, securing the borders of Europea��s Schengen free-travel zone should be European nationsa�� top priority.”

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    Keep your popcorn ready for the performances.

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