French police: Migrants attack and highjack cars on highways every day

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Eyewitness report, translated from Uriasposten:

“It’s the new reality we live in. It has been a deeply frightening, sensational and violent experience.

Christian Halberg, Christian Ruaro and I’m about to make an event in London at the V Festival. The trip to England was done in two vans filled with gear. We drove from Denmark Sunday and spent some time in the queue on the Autobahn.

16 hours later we arrive at the final stretch, 2 km before Calais there is a que. But this time it has nothing to do with the traffic.

Refugees have blocked the highway with trees, 50 meters in front of us. We have no idea what happens to start with, but suddenly when a flood of men aged 15-30 are throwing themselves at 3 trucks in front of us. It is obvious that the refugees are in the process of highjack trucksA�and cars.

The trucks escapes with smashed windows, dented coolers, but a large group now begin to march towards our cars and we begin to drive forward quietly. We soon realize that there is a lot of aggression in the air and we speed up. We must turn left and right through the group of young boys who are frantically pulling our door handles.

During their attempt they beat and kick the on the cars and they managed to smash one side window with a large piece of wood. Christian Ruaro sat in the passenger seat, right where the glass shattered. I speed up and follow my friend Halberg who is alone in the car in front of us.

There’s glass all over and I’m close to hitting a few of the refugees on my way. Halberg manage to get around the tree on the highway and I follow suit. We were in shock and shaken, while we kept cool. Covered in glass we drove on the highway with thoughts on the family cars that were behind us in the queue.

The police stopped us shortly after as they probably think we seemed suspicious, but when we got out of the car with blood on arms and legs and covered in broken glass the police changed their tone totally and told us that unfortunately such incidents happens daily in Calais. It takes place even during the day and the inhabitants of Calais are beginning to seek new homes elsewhere.

The cars are dented from crowbars, bats, kicks and punches. We have small wounds in the arms and legs. After an hour of sleep and a lot talk with the French police we continued to England…”

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  1. I guess the old saying that “the wogs start in Calais” is truer now than ever.

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