Germany: 12-year-old planned nail bomb against Christmas market

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“A 12-year-old German-Iraqi apparently tried to carry out a nail bomb attack on the Christmas market in Ludwigshafen at the Rhine. Focus reports this in its latest edition, referring to legal and security authorities. According to the investigators, the a�?highly religiously radicalizeda�? boy might have been a�?incited or instructeda�? by an a�?unknown membera�? of the terror militia Islamic State (IS). Only because the charger did not ignite was there no detonation. …

According to Focus, the boy placed a backpack with a self-made charger in a bush near the town hall. A few days previously, on November 26, he had, according to Focus, attempted to ignite the bomb at the Christmas market. In the backpack was a can with a hole drilled in it, and a wire leading through the hole. It was filled with explosive material. The outside was sealed with tape and packed with nails.

After an alert passer-by informed the police about the backpack, specialists detonated part of the volatile compound.”

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