Germany: 20-30 Albanians use knives, machetes and iron bars in attack on school children

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Via Gates of Vienna:

They came with knives, machetes and iron bars: Albanians attack German public school and heavily injure students

Eyewitnesses report that on Friday, the 28th of August, 2015, a mob of twenty to thirty Albanians attacked students of the public school a�?HA�rdea�?, just as the students were leaving the front doors of the school.

In the days previous to the attack there were provocations and threats through the Albanian family clan. The police knew of the threats, but for some reason they felt no need to show more presence at the school.

The result of this abandonment is that several students were injured, one student suffering a serious head injury. A police car that coincidentally just happened to be in the neighborhood was able to arrest three men. But the majority of the attackers escaped.

The school has seen repeated attacks on German students at that school in the past week.

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