Germany: 208,000 registred crimes by migrants in 2015

German video, no subs:

Transcript, excerpts:

“The police has registred 208,000 crimes committed by migrants in 2015. … Out of these are 36,000 cases of robbery and violence and 1,700 sexual attacks, including 460 rapes.”

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  1. See American Thinker for some helpful insights. For example:

    “Therefore, what Angela Merkel recently did, in the eyes of the invading ‘refugees,’ [colonists] is to signal tribal surrender to an essentially primitive war cult.”

    “Islam has simply incorporated the tactics of ancient tribal warfare into its holy books.”

    “…we are seeing a resurgent jihadist Islam today, after seventy years of modernism. It is another reactionary fallback to the tribal past.”

    The Madness of Frau Merkel
    January 24, 2016
    By James Lewis

    Note that the author accepts the claim that “Muhammad” was a real person more or less as described in Hadith.

  2. Here’s another helpful one by the same guy, and the message is clear: Europe’s political class is manufacturing another tremendous bloodbath.

    February 2, 2016
    European Pathology Hasn’t Changed
    By James Lewis

    Now, if you know about the rabid Americaphobia among the bien pensants of Europe, it’s not too difficult to figure out why the EU leadership is behaving as it is. Of course, the Muslims and other third world savages might not cooperate with the plan to keep the present political class of the EU in power. Even if the colonists do cooperate, however, America could prevent a much greater catastrophe—and its own destruction—by nuking Brussels, Paris, and Berlin immediately.

    • Why doo yoo beeleave dat? Is the problem of Islamic Kolonisten worse than suggested by police statistics??

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