Germany: Dozens of Muslims sexually attack young women: “I had fingers on every orifice”

It sounds just like Tahrir Square in Egypt, where hundreds of Arab Spring freedom movement celebrators sexually attacked hundreds of women is mass-psychotic group rapes. But it is Germany.

Translated from Rundschau-online:

“Several women was sexually attacked at theA�Cologne Central Station at New Year’s Eve. …

Cologne. AA�happy New Year’s Eve can quickly turn into a nightmare: Outside Cologne Central Station several women were stronglyA�molested and robbed at New Year’s Eve…

Among the victims was also a group of young girls from the Oberbergisches Reichshof. The quintet had celebrated on the dome and then wanted to take the train home. “The the Central Station we were surrounded by a group of at least 30 men,” said a 17-year-old. In the ‘huge grope’, not only bags and valuables were stolen, the girls also molested by the men. “I had fingers on every orifice,” the young woman said.”

Translated from KSTA:

“Many women have been groped and robbed in the New Year’s Eve – more than 30 have complained to the police. The police were obviously overwhelmed, due to lack of officers at Cologne Central Station.

COLOGNE -A�Fear, tears, panic. These words are repeated when you listen to women who talk about their experiences from New Year’s Eve at Cologne Central Station. A 22-year-old tells how they held on to a bottle of champagne on the way to a nightclub in order to be able to defend themselves so that in case of attack.

More than 30 women have now filed a complaint with the police. They all describe how they were groped, threatened, insulted and had been robbed – by a mob out of control young men who are said to have already dug in the area between the old waiting room and the dome smirking, yelling at their victims.

Visibly overwhelmed officials

“I was groped under my dress and on my buttocks,” says the 22-year-old. “When I tried to defend myself, I almost fell down the stairs.” Another woman reported that they had torn her skirt and panties. …

The attackers are described by the victims as young men of North African origin. The numbers vary between 20 and 100.

The Federal Police, which is responsible for security at the train stations, knows the problem (with robberies and theft) very well, but apparently there are too few officers to monitor the situation. …

Many units are used in southern Germany at the borders, in order to channel the flow of refugees. He and his colleagues are also often burdened with additional tasks such as the registration of refugees who are stranded at the railway stations.

Federal police spokeswoman Martina Dressler confirmed the “KA�lner Stadt-Anzeiger” recently that the staffing level “very thin”.

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    • Who is the father of all lies? That is right Shaitan, thus based on the fact that Muhammad (Pedophile be upon his name) was an admitted liar, an admitted pedophile and an admitted murderer he is Shaitan’s FALSE profit… Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences.” There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

      There is NO moderate Muslim… The Schutzstaffel in Germany more commonly known as the SS were considered in Germany to be the ‘Radical Germans”. When they garnered power in Germany they only consisted of roughly 10-20% of the German population . Most Germans sympathized with some aspect of their radical approach but by no means were all Germans considered to be radical. After the “Radicals” gained control of the political institutions of the country they took over every aspect of that country covertly or overtly. When they gained control they resorted to intimidation, threats and violence to maintain control.

      This is the point you are missing, when a “Moderate” is threatened to get on board they will always think about there own welfare and suddenly a “moderate” has just become a radical by admission of radicalization or omission of any dissension against the radicalization of the aggressors. Thus in an environment such as Sharia law in Islam would create there is NO moderate Muslim.

      I understand there are nice people in Islam, those “sheeple”, pun intended, are all the more likely to roll over without even voicing one word of opposition due to their weak constitution. This is a proven historical fact and to not acknowledge the threat that exists in any kind of moderate approach to Islam is sheer ignorance.

      In Germany during the holocaust there were no moderates due to this fact. There were only the overt dissenters and the covert dissenters. The overt dissenters disappeared almost as quickly as the Jews were disappearing. The covert dissenters did a lot of good in such a horrific situation, people like Oskar Schindler represented in the movie Schindler’s list… I’m German so i can say that they were a bunch of pansies and idiots just like the “Moderate” Muslims are today.

    • Completely in compliance with Islamic religious teaching.

      Making these young men good Muslims.

    • Lies????? go f………. your self m……. f…………… piece of shitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  1. All muslims should rounded up and castrated or be sent to Saudi Arabia as they are uncivilized filth they will only weaken and destroy any country they infest end asylum for all muslims and Africans for these women are only the start of what is to come

    • You were silent when the Americans kill other people (they, too, want to live!) – To tolerate other people’s raping you. This is true!

      Your rulers have agreed to the destruction of the Middle East! You agreed to destroy their homes! Now bear tolerate! Yes, my words are harsh. But no more cruel than your actions ………

      You country have become a scourge for the entire world – hatred is not to extinguish!

  2. “Islamophobia”?? WTF. They HATE us, & make no secret of it. They want to DOMINATE us on threat of death. Islam is a CHOICE, & a very poor “choice”, at that. They are Jihadist, welfare-sucking, mega-breeding, totalitarian, barbaric, murderous, decapitating, primitive, rapist, inbred, paedo, female genital mutilating, intolerant, terrorist, acid-chucking, stoning, ultra-sexist, alcohol-banning, destructive, bombing, etc etc etc HELL-BEASTS & we need to get RID OF THEM before THEY do it to US in our OWN COUNTRY. They LOVE death. They say life is to be “endured” until the “glory” of death. SO LET’S GIVE IT TO THE TURDS-ON-LEGS. Plenty of space out in the desert to stick them all under. NO SURRENDER TO THIS FILTH.

      • They getting rested soon they putting a hand on this Muslim fuckers and this Niger pack Africa got well ride off this rapist fuckers so the Africa woman have a rested to be reaped send them back all Muslim s and Niger they don’t following the rules no prisons for them kill this fuckers on the spot they is not a name to call them getting rid off Merkel and this human rights fuckers and the Germany will recover

      • No we are decent and cultured and have social systems at our core, we know how to treat females,we are mindful of other peoples cultures , we have diverse and tolerant societies, people escaping the Iranian peoples Revoloution in 1979 Settled in Britain and the rest of Europe , as did the Vietnamese Boat People , and before them the Ugandan Asians in the early 70s, and many more from all parts of the Globe, all of them assimilated into their host countries and became citizens who played a part in their adopted countries, Britain has many Commonwealth Citizens who choose to come to Britain to work in Education and Health Services, we are welcoming people into Europe that take our kindness for weakness, if you want to keep your outdated attitudes to females and others please travel to the nearest Arabic country where there is more wealth and your ideas are accepted and you will be welcomed.

    • Well said
      I’m from belfast northern ireland
      so far these filth
      have only stole and when caught here
      there homes petrol bombed or them shot in knees

    • European men are emasculated and domesticated to the level of a cat by the feminist and the lefties. That’s what’s wrong.

    • Your men start off the victims of the ideology of tolerance;-)

      Capitalist dictator ship have turned their men in rags. Worse – in chwanzlutscher…

      The generation of slaves.

  3. Wake up Europe!
    You are being betrayed by your leaders. This is all part of a grand plan for the subjugation of the European peoples. Those we consider to be tolerant, enlightened humanitarian beings, are to be replaced by sub-human more submissive populations that will follow the will of the ruling elite. This is all about power, control and privilege for a designated few at the expense of the majority.
    Europe is destined to become a waste land. For a glimpse of your future, look at the Middle East now.
    Read the history of Muslim conquests. East Europeans know what the future holds.

  4. Dear Germans, Please cut all the muslim bastards pennis. They are born to cause problem to society.

  5. The German people should throw that dumb bitch Merkel to the crowd. Let her see how she likes it. Or better yet, hang the bitch for treason. She just gave aid and comfort to the enemy.

  6. So, the police are too busy letting these diaper heads in to their country, pointing them to the direction to go in order to bring their jihad in to the country. Good on ’em, what a wonderful directive they have been given!

    • Your dictators helped the Americans to destroy their state …

      Why do you accuse migrants, but not your dictators?!!

  7. What about majority of native Europeans who abuse local ladies? Are you going to deport them? Those who commits any kind of crime should be punished. Without constant flow of immigrants, European society and economy would bleed to death.

    I can tell you as an English white woman that I’ve never had any issue with Muslim or Asian man, but I get harassed by young white men all the time. 95% of paedophiles are young white males. So all this ‘save the women from refugee crusade’ is bullshit. Not on my behalf mate, using your prejudice to justify sex crimes on women’s behalf. Happens in all races, religions, nationalities & ethnicity. But I can tell you personally as a woman I get treated with far more respect from Asian guys I come across on a daily basis, than the typical English bloke who catcalls & makes degrading comments sexually. Stop hijacking a legitimate cause for your own biased opinions. Dick

    Majority of natives were involved in sexual grooming. A couple of poor migrants just copied what was going on around them on the New Year eve. They just did what they have observed in that situation. Do not blame all the immigrants. Those who have done something wrong, they must be punished along with the majority.

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