Germany: Muslim gang produce video “We’re coming to take over the entire country”

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  1. It gets better every day. 10 more years and we can remove all infidels.

  2. Wake the fuck up White nations! STOP allowing shitskin muzzy morons into your lands! STOP them NOW at all costs or you WILL be sorry much sooner than later! Bomb each and EVERY single shitskin country and teach them all they are not welcome or wanted! Muzzy’s ARE all retarded weak minded stupid inbred ignorant retarded loser assholes! Too bad if they cant handle the TRUTH! Death to all muzzy’s! Death to ALL rag head muzzy faggits!

  3. Interpreting this pathetic video as Islamic domination of Germany in 10 years is a fallacy of composition. History shows Germany can well and truly take care of herself. @SatanHates – Stop spouting venom – you’re making it look as if islamophobia is an actual thing. @Shaniqua – So are you.

    • Johannes Vice FYI Germany lost both World Wars ( I + II ), how exactly does that show “Germany can well and truly take care of herself”? They are well on the way to losing WWIII, it might be as soon as this or next year, the invaders just keep on coming, no one in Germany is stopping them.

    • Germany can take care of itself? Since when? Losing two world wars when they really WERE warriors doesnt look too good.And the warrior class is long gone, from what I see the modern German is more of a faggot than a fighter. Does enough of the warrior blood remain? I very much doubt it for if it did the muslim scum would have had their arses kicked back to their shit holes long ago and Merkel would have also been taken care of. Wake up European men. Protect your women and children and your heritage. Act soon, tomorow is too late.

  4. FYI, Incanada – it took the combined efforts of much of the world to defeat Germany militarily – vast Russian and Allied armies. Presently, Germany’s national psyche is mired in leftism but in the face of a genuine threat to the body politic, the left will lose power. The situation is challenging, there’s no question of that. My sense is that Islam is not able to moderate its behaviour and in the face of internal terrorism, there’s going to be a massive push-back from the common people. Time will tell.

    • I would say that it appears that the time is about now. Kit up Muzzie Jagers and defend the Fatherland.

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