Germany: Prison for criticising migrants on Facebook

Via Breibart:

A German couple were taken to court and sentenced after they created a Facebook group that criticised migrants and the governmenta��s mass migration policy. …

According to the court, the page, which has been taken down, in its first post stated: a�?The war and economic refugees are flooding our country. They bring terror, fear, sorrow. They rape our women and put our children at risk,a�? which along with a German flag as theA�groupsA�profile photo, was enough to bring the couple to court for hate speech. …

The judge in the case was unforgiving in his verdict on the site saying thatA�a�?theA�descriptionA�of the group is a series of generalisations with a clear right-wing backgrounda�?. After sentencing Peter M. to a nine month suspended prison sentence and his wife to a fine of a��1,200 the judge said: a�?I hope you understand theA�seriousnessA�of the situation. If you sit in front of me again, you will end up in jail.a�?

Via Breibart:

The German Justice Minister Heiko Maas claims that social media sites dona��t do enough to combat hate speech online and has threatened sites with further European Union (EU) regulation. …

The task force that the Justice MinisterA�refers to was set up last year in order to combat a�?hate speecha�?, which can range from the promotion of Nazi ideology all the way to mere criticism of the German governmenta��s migrant policy.

Mr. Maas and the task forceA�have been largely criticised after it was revealed that one of the organisations set up to help with the taskA�force was headed by Anette Kahane, a former informant of the notorious east German domestic spy agency, the Stasi.

Via Breibart:

Police in Germany have started carrying out raids in peoples homes in an attempt to prosecute people for inciting a�?hate speecha�? on Facebook.
A press release from Germanya��s federal police agency confirmed that around 60 homes were searched this week as a result of people posting messages deemed as extreme by the German authorities.

a�?The action carried out today shows that the authorities are acting firmly against hate on the internet, which has grown considerably in the wake of the refugee situation,a�? said Holger MA?nch, head of the BKA, said in the statement.

a�?Attacks on refugees are often the result of radicalization, which begins on social networks. These words should not poison the social climate,a�? he continued.

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  1. “Attacks on refugees are often the result of radicalization, which begins on social networks. These words should not poison the social climate,” he continued. So that was the reason for 1400 years of jihad against all other civilisations. Social media.

    What was it before social media, news papers.? And before that, the town crier?

    “Oh yea, Oh yea, here ye this. Islam is not the Religion of Peace, verily..!”

    “~Killith not ye messenger”.

    • What the hell is wrong with you people? Wake up! What this couple said is true, and they are being punished?

  2. It’s easier to harass and lock up non-muslims, since non-muslims are generally non-violent, and pretty much in state of shock over the refugee problem over the last couple years. They should be locking up, deporting muslims, but they know they can’t control them. Avoiding a fight at all costs is what will be the end of Europe.

    • Of course you do, where else can you get away with rape, mass murder and given an all expenses paid life.

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