Germany rising: thousands join weekly demonstrations against Islam

Germany has been slow and until now no EU critical, Islam critical, immigration critical party has made its way into parliament. But something is changing: The Germans are starting to realize that demanding that Islam reform and limiting its power and Muslim immigration is not about racism or Nazism – that it is just pure survival and about compassion for present and future generations of non-Muslims and freedom-longing, secular Muslims forced to live under the Sharia – the tide will turn. Germany is the most powerful country in the EU: only with the Germans’ help can we cancel EU’s policy on open borders and endless Muslim immigration. Whoever starts similar demonstrations in other countries are true, historical heros.

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Worthwhile Canadian Sun News clip about the PEGIDA-demonstrations:

From Die Welt:

PEGIDA demonstrations are taking to the streets of Dresden every week to protest against the “Islamization” of Europe. Their aims may be muddled but they shouldn’t be ignored, says at least one political analyst.

“Some Dresdeners have updated an old East German tradition: The “Monday demos” that used to gather to protest against the Communist regime before 1989. In the past few weeks they been revived in the growing “PEGIDA” demonstrations against Islam. PEGIDA stands for “Patriotische EuropA´┐Żer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes” or “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West,” and associated demonstrations have sprung up in several cities around Germany – “Kagida” in Kassel, “WA?gida” in WA?rzburg, “Bogida” in Bonn, and “DA?gida” in DA?sseldorf.

But nowhere have they been as successful as in Dresden, capital of the state of Saxony, where 10,000 people gathered last Monday (08.12.2014), along with an almost equal number of counter-demonstrators. As an organization, PEGIDA’s online statements are benign: “EVERY human being, regardless of nationality or religion, is welcome!!!” the Facebook page reads, or “We want to preserve our free-thinking, our free and open lifestyle for ALL people living in Europe!”

Meanwhile, the statements about Islam are aimed squarely at extremist groups: “We will not accept any ‘activities’ of IS, PKK, al Qaeda, or whatever they’re all called.” That statement is odd not only because the PKK is a Kurdish separatist group whose ideology is not Islamist but leftist, but also because membership in any of these groups is already illegal in Germany, although they are active here.

More demands
While the initial demonstrations were against what PEGIDA called “religious wars” being carried out in Germany – after isolated fights between Kurds and Sunni Muslims were reported in some cities – the demonstrations have turned out to be about much more than “Islamization.” Asylum abuse, the mainstream press, the preservation of German identity, and even the “early sexualization of children,” have been favorite themes among the protesters.

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  1. In August, 1914 Europe suffered the consequences of decades of inept leadership and ruinous security agreements between European nations. An entire generation European young were slaughtered.

    Now, in 2014 Europe stands poised to reap the consequences of decades of equally inept leadership and ruinous immigration and so-called ‘human rights’ agreements between European nations. The issue is the relentless and unchecked immigration into the streets and communities of Europe of millions of devotees of the toxic and lethal political ideology of Islam .

    Multiculturalism is a temporary political fad that cannot endure when under assault by an alien ideology of conquest, occupation and violent subjugation of all competing ideologies. The EU is deliberately approaching a state where the choice will be social chaos, or surrender of the European people and their values to an alien and hostile ideology.

  2. “Gemeinsam ohne Gewalt”?

    Who would write that if not a hypocrite or a doormat? Well, maybe it’s bait for Muhammadans or the totalitarian left, but I doubt it. Whatever the case, smarter people would adopt a slogan like ‘Gemeinsam ohne Ungerechtigkeit’ and come prepared to deal appropriately with grandstanding politicians and leftist vermin such as Nazis.

    Yes, Nazis should be counted as leftists, even when the leftist mob throws temper tantrums in protest against this truth about left wing collectivism.

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