“Get ready: Spain warns 800 Islamists ‘ready to strike’ across Europe”

Via Breibart:

There are around 800 Islamist extremists across Europe who have returned from Iraq and Syria and are ready to strike at any moment, Spanish counter-terror sources have warned.

Speaking after Moroccan gunman Ayoub El Khazzani was overpowered on a train from Amsterdam to Paris, the officers said that hundreds of other people similar to Khazzani are also ready to launch attacks. …

They added that around 800 others across Europe had recently returned from the warzone and were a�?awaiting instructionsa�? to carry out a terror attack.

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  1. This is again the result of ruling Europe by idiots. Those few Spanish young men who helped defenders of Donbass were arrested in Spain. But thousands European Muslims who killed and beheaded people in Iraq and Syria return to Europe without any charges. They rest, feed and go back to continue to kill. By that Europe firstly demonstrates once again that the life of Arab costs nothing if killed by European. Secondly, that Europe is absolutely helpless and defenseless. Europe is capable to deport gypsy girl who were raised 8 years in Europe but it is helpless in deporting illegal immigrants.

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