Hidden camera discloses imam in Denmark preaching death punishment for women – to women

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  1. Muslim women should rise up as one and castrate these bastards. May the ticks of a thousand swine infest his ball sack. Allah be praised.

  2. Information not meant for infidel ears. Moslems say one thing to your face and the complete opposite behind your back. I will NEVER trust a moslem. They cannot be trusted, their book tells them to not be friends with non moslems. Lefties think they can force moslems on us, they take them in and let others deal with the destructions. Lefties and moslems are partners in crime.

      • Exactly what “race” are moslems? All races of ignorant people subscribe to that rape promoting child molesting belief system. So how can one be “racist” when they know the truth and disagree with it? Inshallah ShaMo

      • Narrated Longus Dicus. Bukephalus 4, 1.While the messenger Mohamed (May he be blessed) was stoning a woman a swelling started in his groin as his famous erection grew (God bless Mohamed’s Erection) which because of its size had given him the name of Donkeydick among the other lads.
        After a vision from the Many-Breasted-Allah he said to his daughter Shaniqua. Put your mouth to my anal canal and suck. She did, she sucked, she inhaled, he farted three times in her mouth, and lo and behold! Not a sound was heard.
        And this is how the Seven-breasted Allah in her wisdom let Mohamed and his daughter learn the secrets of the legendary, soundless farting system of Islam. And why all the daughters of Islam always carry the smell and taste of Mohammed’s anal canal upon their lips and breath.
        Later the secrets in competition with the automatic finger/hand-cutting-machine, and the mechanical self-regulating decapitator should win the Nobel Prize for the best achievement in the Arab world in the whole millennium.

  3. Guys…give up on that Shaniqua.Shes as dense as two planks.Must be the muslim inbreeding .What was it my dear? Your uncle and yr mum perhaps??Look on the bright side…at least you know who your dad was!

  4. I find these mens appearances extremely revolting, the inbreeding makes them beyond ugly. They are ugly on the outside as well as on the inside. Hard not to throw up in my mouth – puke.

  5. @Shaniqua

    Religion = Race = Fallacy of Conflation.
    Criticise Islamic Doctrine = Racist = Ad Hominem Fallacy.
    Accept Islamic Doctrine Without Complaint or Become a Racist = False Dichotomy.

    No fallacious argument can sensibly be considered true. Please think harder next time, Shaniqua.

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