Hidden camera: “Life in Raqqa under the Islamic State”

Europe’s future if Generation Jihad gets it their way:

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  1. That’s the kind of life that’s in store for westerners, as western leftist politicians think this is the way to go. Left wingers stumble about in their never ending drunken stupor, unable to see through their loveloren haze of these animals.

  2. Incanada, gum up so that you can smoke check them and then sleep well at night.

  3. @Shaniqua, I don’t think you are paying attention. It ALREADY is this way for muslims outside the secular west. Yes, that’s right. Tormented, threatened, victimised, belittled – stepping into the toilet with the left foot and always living in fear of the rage of Allah! These sad sacks waiting in Raqqa for the ‘Roman Army’ are all muslim. How are you finding that mental prison you live in, Shaniqua? Comfy yet, dear?

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