Holland: Dutch soldier who defected to Islamic State is of Turkish descent

A recent, leaked report from UK concludes that “Muslim officers are more likely to become corrupt“. Handing over responsibility for security to people who are raised with a religion that wants to destroy democracy and human rights and install barbaric, religious laws, is not always a good idea.

Translated from NOS:

“Soldier who defected to Islamic State is of Turkish descent

The sergeant in the Royal Air Force who joined terrorist group Islamic State (IS) is of Turkish origin. He is 26 years old and had access to information on the computer systems of the Apache attack helicopters, says RTL Nieuws.

So far, the Air Force has given little information about the defected sergeant. According to sources of RTL Nieuws, after it became clear that the man was gone, the Ministry of Defence immediately encrypted the information on the helicopter systems. Because of those measures, the sergeant should not be able to access the data anymore.

Earlier this month it became clear that a Dutch soldier from the Netherlands went to Syria to join the Islamic State. The only information the Ministry of Defence gave at the time was that the man is a Muslim.

As far as we know, this is the first time that an actively serving Dutch soldier has left to join armed Jihad.

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